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  1. Have checked and other gauges work fine, though aware voltage reg can cause problems too. Now sorted replacement gauge (and will just swap over the single item within the dash cluster). V8 died, along with front end of the car, so being rebuilt/reincarnated with a V6 and new MSUK log book, giving 10 years validity for rallying in new spec, as V8 won't be permitted in future years. Centre air vents are for air. I do have a panel below that which I had put other gauges into before. Thanks
  2. The temperature gauge in my Manta doesn't work, so anyone got a replacement gauge, or a full instrument cluster I can dismantle and use? Sourced what I need, thanks
  3. Thanks again for helpful offers, appreciated. Glad to see the skirts did sell, given I chose not to follow up on those. Now decided against fitting them, mostly as they are just something else to get broken or hold onto dirt (this is on my rally car, btw)
  4. Thanks for comments guys. For once I didn't check on ebay lately as hadn't seen any when looking a while ago. Not sure if waiting a couple of weeks is so handy for me, though don't trust delivery services too much with larger and potentially fragile parts. Will think on that and could take you up on your offers.
  5. Anyone have a set of side skirts from a GTE available? Ideally in Berks/Surrey/Hants area so I can collect. Regards, John
  6. Have seen some steering arm changes to deal with bump steer that use a rose joint instead of a track rod end, which would still need some from of drop link to it but could be simpler if steering arm drilled out and no longer using a taper. If that makes any sense at all. Thing being, mods I've seen are for smaller changes in geometry whereas I know you need to allow for a greater change in rack height.
  7. I picked up some quad lamps that have (rusty) metal backplates, though now unlikely to use those. Will have to take some pics and add them here if of any interest to thread OP Guessing the problem trying to be solved in most cases is the nest and the adjusters, plus however they are attached to the bulb. Don't know if any of the parts from this supplier would be of any use? http://www.s-v-c.co.uk/product/5-75--rim--pair-/
  8. Got a very broken car at the moment  - new front end required :-(

  9. Is there any way to see what is in the club shop? There is a 'regalia' section in the forum but is there a main shop site?
  10. I've broken my rally car. I will get it fixed

  11. Sorry no updates on this for a long time. Car got an axle with higher ratio / lower-geared 3.9 diff and an lsd unit fitted into it. Also Astra rear disc conversion (from Retropower) with balance-bar pedal box (ditched the servo) Various odds and sods as is common with competition cars, nothing too major. Different set of stiffer front springs on the car, new bushes for front lower wishbone Then I went and pushed a straw bale out of the way on a rally this weekend :-( A big, wet, straw bale weighing well over two tonnes. Front brakes failed as I approached a tight 90 left, so knocked off very little speed from initial 80mph. The bale was punted quite a way from the road. At some cost to the front of the car... Early exit from this rally Got a bit of work to do on the car now. Cut off front end and fit a new one, new wings, bonnet, anti-roll bar, headlamps, radiator, oil cooler, remote filter, alternator bracket and so on. Not even found out if subframe, engine mounts or any other serious parts broken yet And cause of failed brakes to be sorted out too. Whilst at it, replace doors (both have rust, one has dent from being t-boned in a rally earlier this year), new poly door windows, rusty rear arches to be replaced, 400 bootlid and spoiler. And the list goes on!
  12. Aha, good point. Was not aware club shop had that.
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