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  1. biffy1984. thanks
  2. Kent A

    Rear axle part

    I bought a set in Germany
  3. Where did you buy Daytona Check Fabric
  4. I'm missing this part. Are there anyone who has one in good condition I can buy
  5. New it is almost a year since I last looked at the manta. We were so unlucky that our daily car was totally injured in a rear-end collision. So we had to buy a new model. So the opel manta savings was unfortunately used on that. But now the is money in mine pocket again. So the next couple of months should go to clean up the workshop. Put ceiling plates up and paint walls. Then the manta must be cleaned of tectyl so that the rust work can be started
  6. This is okay welding for car welding https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/welder-MIG-MAG-gas-without-gas-Metalworks-MIG150/172112068557?hash=item2812adbfcd:g:xfsAAOSwll1WzI4B Plus a co2 bottle from your local dealer. I have a very very very old luna migatronic 120 amp. Which has been converted to a 160amp. Good all-round machine. Migatronic is a Danish welding brand.
  7. It's impressing projects you are in. It's a shame you do not have a good welding machine. This type of welder is not meant to be welded in cars at all.
  8. The body is really good. only driven 125,000km. However, they have normal places. rails. Jack point. many small holes. so I expect about 40 hours of rust work
  9. Now I've got the car stripped down to body. Now soundproofing and tektyl just have to be scrapped off, think it's a good job for my wife
  10. Today I have spent some hours removing a lot of small parts from the body and removing the doors
  11. Preparation for clean engine bay and wiring to door
  12. I've been doing some manta today. I started removing the original dash stiffening. Then I made astra dash to fit the manta. but I do not really think it's right. So now i have dropped the idea. I mount a vectra a / Cavalier mrk 3 this evening. I think it is much better and it also suits the car better than astra dash
  13. vectra mrk 2 is unfortunately 8cm too wide. so it's hard to put in. I just put the dash loose in. it requires a lot of customization in the depth an some in the height. Perhaps the gear shifts should be mounted longer behind.
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