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  1. Thanks. I am also very happy with the workshop. It's heated so I could almost live out there.
  2. my youtube channel is a bit behind. but I'm trying to fix that for the next couple of weeks.
  3. It was sent to the painters
  4. the car should be ready in a year as we have a party in the family where it will be used. When painted it must be assembled. The engine must be made ready for turbo, intercoler and oil cooler. A Garrett t25. ECUMaster with ecu master adu 7 dash. 8x17 rims.
  5. anthracite brown metallic.
  6. just waiting for the painter to have time to paint.
  7. I've been trying a little bit with something called nitromors. I sand the paint mat with sandpaper and lay a layer of 2-3mm nitromors. Wrap it in plastic and leave it to work for the next day. It seems to work just fine.
  8. I have to remove all the paint on my car where it should be painted. What kind of paint stripper should I use
  9. I have welded a lot of new parts in the manta the last time. There are a few small rust holes and closed some holes that need no more. so it comes close to go to the paintshop.
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