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  1. Yes dave. I'm looking for a later car..I wouldn't mind hatchback or coupe. Wheelybin22 emailed me. I can't email him back for some reason. if you eek this wheelybin22 get in touch
  2. Looking for a late manta. Low mileage Solid and standard. Engine upgrade OK. Budget up to 10k
  3. http://www.jonniejumble.co.uk/classic_car_events_and_shows/Scottish_Ford_Day.shtml
  4. Got it back last month Brian, was always keeping an eye on it... had some interesting car inbetween.
  5. Old pic dave lol. It's still on it. It's my fault. I'll get it of when I strip the car back at some point.
  6. Hi, Joined March 2103, sold my car....had lots of cars....got my old car back.....rejoined as full member. NGA 789V Low mileage SR Berlinetta is back in Glasgow area. At Least Kenny Chisholm got the car to Billing last year. Kenny Dock
  7. Whilst waiting for my next manta ive Bought this bad boy!!! basic but cool couldnt say no! got it cheap. http://www.newoldcar.co.uk/index.php/component/content/article/98-featured-cars/vauxhall/1655-featured-cars-vauxhall-cavalier-1982-vauxhall-cavalier-1-6l-5-door-ref-97 kenny dock
  8. Yep seen that. Thanks Neil much appreciated. Seems to have been sold 3 times but only done 400 miles??
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