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  1. Hi all, Im looking for a steering rack - hi ratio - believe the exclusive may be higher than std. Also looking for the link and u/js for the connector between rack and column. Im also after a set of window, door, boot rubbers for a 2dr Ascona B Thx
  2. Hi Paul, I have an alloy safety devices coupe cage, not eligible for rallying but perfect for track days etc, any use for you?
  3. Hi Peter I have a very good spec engine from my rally car very tractable and would suit fast road car upwards, only for sale as I have gone 2.4. It's £4.5k if interested send me your e mail and I will give full detail. Cheers Simon
  4. Hi all, thx for the responses. For some reason I'm not getting any heads up on your replies? Anyone know why? Anyway I have sourced some from Jon Ballinger And car is back up and running. Thx again Cheers Simon
  5. Hi all I'm in urgent need of the above Its the rubber (1of 2) that sits either side of the rad and holds it to the steel valancecontact me asap on simon.crook@biffa.co.uk or via OMOC cheers
  6. Hi Malcolm I'm currently running a 400 hybrid ( check out Crookboys manta etc) it's a 400 copy built by Gerry Johnstone in 1986 but now runs a redtop thru ford 4 speed box to FF atlas. It's on 400 links at rear and conventional front end. I'm in staffs but you are welcome to visit Cheers Simon
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