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  1. The manta ones are of the shelf
  2. Best to buy a new set chum. I just got a set from revolution wheels uk, 4 wheels 8 front 9 rear in 15 inch delivered for £618.. if you buy a second hand set at £300 then spend £200 plus to get them refurbished it's just a cheap to get a new set
  3. Looking a new or good second hand manta b coupe rear fog lamp. The one that bolts to the back panel just in case there is different ones.. thanks....
  4. As per title, looking a set of fitted floor mats for my manta, new if possible and black, 400 writen on them would be the dogs balls.. Even a point in the right direction would be good..
  5. Jesus can't remember now lol. Retro power will point you in the right direction tho..
  6. The rear arches are probably one of those thing that there is no real set way of doing it, what might work for me might not work for you..
  7. Mine fitted quite good, but had to sand a few bits of the arch down to fit and fill a few bits up. I just let the q panel sit the way it was and welded it up..
  8. My first car show today with the manta..
  9. hi, as most of you will know I have recently built a manta 400 rep. But having a problem with the steering, it's not returning to centre. It's a standard steering rack and has the Corsa b elc power steering.. Anyone else have this problem..
  10. Got her threw the mot last night, just to get her taxed
  11. Had another one, so just changed it..
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