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  1. Very nice they look well in black
  2. Yes Ray it was me that had the black ascona I sold it a few years ago to a lad from Cork there picture ot it
  3. Very nice I like the colour really suits it
  4. Thanks for the replys lads The wheels are bbs 16x9 on the back and 16x8 on the front Yes I build it myself that my my project last winter
  5. Took the ascona 400r out and give it a bit of a clean it was in shed since september last year http://
  6. Thanks good to know as it dosnt look to bad on the pictures
  7. Some great looking pictures who ownes the orange manta I pasted it on the m6 on Monday behind a campervan looked very nice
  8. Car looking great love the wheels what size are they and what offset are they
  9. U lads are gifted that's some work of art keep the pctures coming
  10. Looking good not be long now till the finish paint goes on
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