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  1. how far are you going. I know its not exactly legal but a rope with a experienced driver still works fine on the manta.
  2. well done for finnishing the project, it looks amazing but i agree with mantaman keep the lights off, they are a bit show off ish (unless your going on a rally). now you all can get 13 weeks worth of sleep.
  3. its comming along very nicely. its amazing what you have all managed to do in a short period of time. keep it up.
  4. what about stainless if you can't do ally.
  5. a saxo is a bit far, its not a classic.
  6. i voted yes because in my eyes it is a classic car and they all need recignition. the only issue us if you get too many, one or two is fine but any more is a bit silly because this is a opel manta forum.
  7. depends i gess on how hard you are going to drive it. if you are braking and cornering hard then i know i would.
  8. for me two issues with that one i don't have a manta on the road and two i have aready made plans for this show. i know it has been setup by the rsoc but as i said before all makes can come, they have re-named the show classic & performance southwest. i only put it on here because i thought it would be good if somone could put up a good name for opel mantas/asconas.
  9. The engernering and attention to detail is astounding and you guys should stand back and be proud of what you have achived so far because it is amazing. keep up the good work. will be good to see the finnished product.
  10. i saw basically that this sunday just gone, it was a silhouette mini(there was actually 2) with a LET on twin 40s on the manifold your on about. the manifold was a bit short for optimal power but these little things shot of the line like a rocket, put it this way there was a mitsubishi evo (not 100% sure which one but i think it was a 4 or 5) and that with its 4 wheel drive left the line at half the speed/acceleration of the mini. so it definatly works but you would realy want a longer mainifold if you have the room.
  11. i have some more up to date info on this event, the address is: Lttle Bodieve Holiday park,Wadebridge,Cornwall,PL27 6EG.
  12. As said above I saw a A series manta at the motorsport show in Newton abbot on sunday, it was a very clean car and the first A series manta i have seen in the flesh, they look better in close up than they do in pictures. just wondering wether any one on here owned it, I never looked at the reg but it was the only one there.
  13. as wayne has said make sure that you do not drive the car too gently during this period otherwise you will glaze the bores. a friend of mine works on rally cars including 1 manta and 1 ascona 400 a he said that when they run engines in the first 500-600 miles are fairly gental and then after the first oil change at that time, they then drive the car quite hard for example a max of 5000-5500rpm until about 1000 miles and then after that give it the full throttle. i did this on my car after the engine rebuild and never had a issue.
  14. that is seriously shiny and deep red and i have seen some nice red paint i my time, the only red that tops that is candy apple red.well done on those lights very ingenious.
  15. i don't know weather they would be too brittle,they should not be as long as the clutch springs should releve pressure of shock on the bolts as well as the dowls should take the strain. but the old way of solving power/torque transfer is by adding more dowls in the flywheel and as long as they are balanced then it should be ok. but hopefully someone will have already either found out by doing it or working it out.
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