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  1. Hi, all!

    I am new (very new) on the forum. I just bought a Commodore A coupe from Germany. I need back panel left and right and front panel (wings) left and right. From can I bought them? 
    I saw that Stonymanta had new back panels for his Commodore! 

    From where did he bought them? 

    Can anybody help me?

    Please contact me at edmondnicola32@yahoo.com

  2. Hi, 

    I am Edmond Nicola from Romania. I just bought an Commodore A coupe 71, from Germany, and I need some parts. Can you help me? Can you end me an e-mail and to talk to mail? 


    Thank you!

  3. Been a long time since I posted on this thread but thought I'd give you an update. I've been back to Holland again last September to the Big Opels meet, its an excellent show. Whilst I was there I spoke with Eric Romijn who is Mr Commodore in Holland. I had shown him the issues I was having with starting and he too was confused why. I said we would visit him on our last day in Holland as I wanted to see the Steinmetz Commodore A Coupe he was restoring. So on the day when we arrived it was p*ssing down and eric waved me into the main workshop and asked me to lift the bonnet.... well i was suprised but he worked most of the day on it and there were a few things wrong. No power to the cold start injector, a duff relay and the dizzy shaft bearing was badly worn. Eric replaced the dizzy with new condenser and points. He is the man on these cars and it was starting on the button... so all sorted we left with 15 mins to spare. It wasnt expected but boy was I a happy man when we left.
  4. That's just Fabulous work - its no wonder you're always in demand. Best welding I've seen ever !
  5. Hope to soon. Was hoping it would be finished for 40th, but not sure now as work commitments might cause further delay(!)
  6. Opel Commodore A GS/E Coupe : Hope you like it. If you have any questions fire away... Cheers, Simon.
  7. Yeah all nice n dry - all welding was primed with zinc based primer too before we stopped work. So all should be well.
  8. Hi All, Very long time since a post on this topic (!). Been busy away working and also working on my Commodore. Here's where she sits today : Hoping to get her out to my unit and get cracking again....
  9. Looking really good there - keep it up
  10. Hi All, Some pics from Holland in 2014 for your interest : Did ok in 2014 too - best Commdore A :
  11. Hi Lewis - how's this coming along - no posts for a while(ditto me too ;-))?
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