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  1. For what it's worth, I wouldn't bother at all. When I bought my GTE it was covered with sound proof material (under bonnet, inner wings, boot) everywhere. It made no real difference and it looked terrible. Took an age to get off before a respray. Completely unnecessary in my opinion with a standard engine.
  2. I had a discussion last year with Gary about covers and we both decided on the Halfords one. It did keep the rain out when mine was outside in the Autumn. One thing I did notice ( and this is probably the same with all the covers), on mornings when there was a heavy mist/very damp conditions, I pulled the cover back and the glass was quite damp and water had beaded a bit. Anybody else experience this??
  3. Does anyone know who can supply a decent completely waterproof car cover for Manta b coupe? I bought one 2 years ago but it is failing and letting water through. Also anyone know where the fuel pump relay is earthed on the b? The cables all go into the large loom and disappear?
  4. Hi Steve, Good to have another returning member. Like you I had a break from the club (about 20 years to be exact) and joined a couple of years ago. I restored a GTE coupe when I joined. Where are you? My advise is patience, patience, patience. If you rely on others to do some of the work remember 'it will be ready in 2 weeks' often means 'it'll be ready in 4 months' Take advice from the many talented members in the club. Visit Billing in July if you can and get feel for what can be achieved and how it might look. Regards. Blake
  5. Last Sunday of the month, 12pm at the Royal Oak, Copanthorpe, Nr York.
  6. Hello Phil. whereabouts are you in the north east? There are a few of us down in Yorkshire that meet up once a month to discuss one of the best looking cars of the 70's and 80's (the Manta of course). Restoring one will put 10 years on you but when you drive it every minute spent on it will be paid back! Regards.
  7. Thanks but got one from an outlet in Blackpool at the beginning of the year. Right length etc. Cheers.
  8. I know a bloke in Bradford who's a very good upholsterer. He's done work on both my front recaros and has been in the trade for years. He works from home and I can give his details by pm if you need him.
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