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  1. toj28

    400 kit

    I' looking for a manta 400 passenger rear side for the fibreglass rear spoiler
  2. Hi and welcome soz not been on much as you im in the middle off doing my manta
  3. I have a full set of manta a glass if needed
  4. Thanks,

    i have done a bit of research and rolloverjigs.com do a flat pack jig for the manta at £165 which I thought was not too bad, they come with instructions and just need to be welded then good to go. 

    If im stuck I will get back in touch thanks again.

    1. toj28


      No problem  at all

  5. there was 1 for sale while back in Aberdeen it was on ebay guy had it sitting on his drive in the pics grey /blue I think with after market alloys
  6. sorry for a late response I replaced both doors boot made box sills to match skirts nose cone replaced wiper panel cut and repaired rear quarter was cut from a manta hatch at the rear corner off the roof piller and the coupe 1 cut out andreplaced and shaped with the hatch 1 ill try sort more pics as not looked at the manta for a bit but will get bk into it soon
  7. nice work so far cant wait to see it done
  8. I sold the wheels I had on it ill have to look at the paper work on the alloys ill put a link on here where I got the wheels and wing spits https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100008445490039&fref=ts this guy done the wing spits https://www.facebook.com/Revolution-Wheels-Ireland-709613575766865/?fref=ts wheels I got from here
  9. I had the wind spits made I can get the guy that made them contact details wheels came from Ireland the rad I bought from ebay its for a ford escort I had the top hose pipe changed to fit the manta alloys are 15 x8inch as tyres are better to get hold off rather than 9 inch on the rear ive got 8 all round
  10. http://s876.photobucket.com/user/69tussy/slideshow/400r%20rebuild pics not in order
  11. im looking for a manta carpet in black or grey pm me what you have thanks
  12. I have a c20xe metal sump think its the same
  13. thanks still a lot to get done and boxes to look through as it was 80% missing when I got it
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