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  1. Hi,and thanks for your interest, I have actually sourced one from another member on here, so i am sorted. Thanks again Regards
  2. That'll do me just fine thanks. I'll wait on the photo, then sort payment etc. Cheers
  3. Good news about the matrix. How much is the recon one delivered to Perth? Cheers
  4. Thanks, How much do you want for it?
  5. Great thanks, how much do you want for it....i am in Perth Scotland.
  6. Hi all, Has anybody got a spare heater matrix for an Ascona A/ Manta A that they are prepared to part with? I also need a set of under bonnet hoses. An Ascona A workshop manual. A nearside complete inertia reel seatbelt Any help in locating these will be greatly appreciated. Cheers Alan. 07725 422167
  7. Hi all, Has anyone got a spare heater matrix they are prepared to part with? I could also do with a full set of under bonnet hoses. A nearside inertia reel seatbelt complete as well. Lastly, an Ascona A workshop manual? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Tyhanks. Alan. 07725 422167
  8. Hi Paul, Have you still got the washer bottle with the built in pump? Call me if you have and we can sort out the details. Cheers Alan - 07725 422167
  9. I've just bought this wheel foro Ebay-Germany - less boss. Ihave an Opel Momo bos, which i thought would fit, but the screw holes are different. I have searched online for a Raid supplier but no joy. Can anyone help with a boss and blitz horn push for an Ascona A. Cheers Alan. 07725 422167
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