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  1. D234 BNV Unfortunately not mate, I make what i can and just try to purchase any used sections if it's a large section. Second hand if need be
  2. Been and viewed this car lastnight and purchased it to make a good one from my 2 ., it's far from completely rotten and is in much better shape than the white one I bought last month. It does need a lot of work but only in the usual places. Swan necks, chassis rails, jacking points, inner wings, scuttle panel, lower rear quarters, floors above jacking points, A posts, front panel. Nothing out of the ordinary imo. The white one I have needs 5x the amount of work so this may be the one I end up restoring out of the 2
  3. Thanks all. Will get it on jig and go from there. I have 2x rear half of mantas here for cuts inner arch etc... also have managed to source a passenger rear quarter and a rear panel. I must also admit I jumped the gun a little and have purchased another shell as a worst case scenario. Although I'm confident now that this can be saved.
  4. So just acquired this D reg irmscher built dolphin grey exclusive coupe. Some of you may have seen it in another section. I'm hoping I can save this one but it's in a bit of a bad way after having a little glance over it . Although door gaps are good, roof is not buckled and C posts are un damaged so theres hope yet. Can it be saved? Well let's find out and give it a go. 🙂 Quick pull with stacker has pulled it a lot. However there wasnt much to pull on as the rear panel and lower rear quarters are detached from the car. Hopefully it will be on the jig in the next few days to see what we can do with it
  5. My first ever attempt at brazing. Its bloody harder than it look 😂 it's not perfect, but not bad for a first attempt. Think it go over it all again to make sure its nice and solid and neat. Trying to keep that factory look on this one.
  6. Couple more pics of the roof replacement for future reference Couple more pics of the roof replacement for future reference
  7. Not going on the car herman dont worry. 🤣 Thanks mate. Yep going really well this one, not much welding left to do now its nearing the end of the welding stage
  8. The roof was from a friend/fellow manta owner/restorer. Was very happy to find it, as you say they are hens teeth to get hold of.
  9. Thanks jess, I was beginning to think everyone had left lol. These projects threads are dead at the min, seems everyone's lost interest. Another day on E45 SFK roof repairs. Replacment skin removed from old frame, frame on the car cleaned, treated and painted before the roof goes on. A&C Posts trimmed back to reveal the joggled edge for the replacement skin to sit flush onto. Sunroof tray pulled back and all foam crap removed to prevent future moisture trap. Skin placed on car and ready for welding up tomorrow. 🙂
  10. Roof frame, cleaned, treated and painted. Now to prep the replacement skin ready for installation
  11. Today I got on with the roof repair, and managed to remove the skin from the car, using my brothers techniques as seen on hes cossie build. Tomorrow should see the replacement skin unpicked from the replacement roof and get it all prepped and ready to fit the replacment to the car. 🙂
  12. Still on the look out for one. No great panic but I will need one eventually
  13. Yes plus he wanted £280 shipping 😳
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