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  1. Thanks, I'd seen the adverts. Im more interested in its past, who drive it, who built it, specs etc...
  2. Seems it's an unknown car then, with the lack of any replys or info ?
  3. I have a nice coupe for sale on here in the cars for sale section. Still needs work, but is probley as good of shell as you'll find for a project car. And I've priced it to sell.
  4. Doubt it's your one mate it was built over 25 years ago
  5. It was originally up at 5k then on car and classic for 3k, I'm currently in talks with it's owner with a veiw to buy it 🤔 It's certainly had a lot of cash chucked at it in its past.
  6. Yeah there certainly something about it. Seems strange, that no-one seems to know anything about the car, and it's been used on stages in the early days apparently. Would love to know more about it's past and it's build etc...
  7. Interesting 400r V8 rally car popped up for sale the on omoc facebook page . Does anyone recognise the car or know any of its history ? Or any info on the company/chap that built it ? Looks a real time warp. Apparently been locked away for 23 years !
  8. Looks a nice project, and that's some garage you have, and by the looks of it full of treasures too 👍 would love a dig in there 🤣🤣
  9. Not a 400 kit unfortunately. The arches have been cut. Pulled and badly filled. I was interested at one point.
  10. Looking very nice mate 👌
  11. There's a GTE engine currently for sale on omoc Facebook fan page. He is based in Doncaster
  12. Not sure if they are availbe new to be honest. But I have piles of them lol Thanks herman, there's always those elusive parts that simply vanish in the workshop too, that seem to take an age to find again 😂 Does anyone know the colour code to the exclusive wheels ? Is it just anthracite ?
  13. more done today. Got all the satin black trim that I painted yesterday fitted. All sections of each door trim cleaned up and fitted, kick panels fitted, sill tred plates fitted, sunroof seal fitted, rear grab handles fitted, seat belts fitted, seat runners, skid plates, and recaro seat bases in, rear quarter cars in, rear quarter window seals cleaned and fitted, doesn't sound much. But this is one of the most time consuming parts of the build for us, everything has to go on in a particular order, or it all has to come out again 😂
  14. Yes mate was a nos part. Bit of progress made last few days. Got roof liner out, laid it over top of the roof of another manta, and gave it a light bit of heat with heat gun, to work out some creases from being storage. Made a few repairs to the stitching, gave it a clean, and got it installed to the car. Got all the aluminium trim together, i prepped and repainted it all under a heat lamp. Wiper arms, prepped and painted satin. Also got seat runners out and seat bases, prepped and painted them, and painted the satin black bits on the car that blend into the trim. Hopefully more progress to come tomorrow
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