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  1. This for sale topic may not yet available be for your usergroup
  2. I had one dropped at a haulage company in Ireland and loaded onto the back on a artic trailer. Came over in back of trailer on ferry and dropped off at my yard lol. Cost me £250
  3. Erm no 😅 got pile to get through yet. To be honest I'm not sure if I've got another full resto left in me 😴 will have to see how I feel in a few months, may be a few sold on yet if I can't be bothered to do them. Got kevs cars to do yet to.
  4. First time its driven out under its own steam and its first wash
  5. Thanks mate I've tried going in all camera settings it makes no difference. I have a small crack in the camera lense that causes hazing too. New phone due lol
  6. Only waited just short of 4 months so far 😂 ordered a set from elsewhere as a backup but now being told they should be here from the club by the end of the week. Fingers crossed 🤞
  7. It's got to be one of. Can't wait to get out and about in it and hopfully it will be at VBOA sywell if it goes ahead 🤞
  8. Tyres fitted and wheels fitted back on the car 😎 waiting for the stickers to come then I can give it a few coats of wax. Few issues still to work through. Battery light not going out, reverse lights not working and a few other bits but I'm on the home straight with it 🙌 camera is knackered on my phone so keeps making the car look pink. All oils replaced again. Used a cheap one as flush.
  9. I've not had tyres fitted yet mate. Sealed them up today so waiting for it to fully set now
  10. Wheels refurbed and built back up just require sealing then tyres can go on once the sealer is cured
  11. Never get any of that mate I just post my stuff and see no interest so assumed everyone bar a few had left the site
  12. I was doing it for my own reference as well as helping out others with tech info and fabrication stuff. However I have all the projects saved on my own devices now so not as much for myself. Just seems a pointless task as no one seems to bother om here anymore and don't get any interest in the build so doesn't seem like anyone is benefitting from it and feels a waste of time. There is search bars on Facebook pages including my page where info can be found. Im not doing it for likes but seems there's no one here anymore so why bother was my opinion.
  13. If this is what we call thriving mate that's alarming 😂
  14. My restoration are all detailed on my YouTube channel too for my own future reference. Just seems a pointless task detailing things here now for the odd one or 2. Sad times but true. These types of forums are dead. I have tried to drive traffic here from Facebook, and detailed all my builds here but seems a lost cause unfortunately I have all my restoration detailed on my own devices for my own reference. Here it's now just for the benefit of others that need tech info etc... theres just no interest here and there's no motivation to post anything here any longer unfortunately.
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