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  1. Thanks, it's not a like for like replacement. But it's rust free, solid. And fixed 😀
  2. Looking great 😎👍
  3. Thanks ian, The plan was just do a couple of hours 🙂 then the poker came out and I had to stay till I at least got the passenger side sill on 😂
  4. Had a good productive day on this today. Got a solid 9 hours on it. So what started out as a small (ish) hole in the rear section of passenger side sill, resulted in me pokeing and tapping, which then escalated quite quickly 😀 i ended up removing the full passenger sill. Good job I did as once I got it off I found the rear inner totally rotten out. Managed to cut out all the rot, make a few patches for the inner section, weld them in and fit a new sill. There is still some fine fettleing to do to the welds, but I ran out of time so bashed some primer and satin black on to prevent flash rust. While the sill was off I gave everything I could access a good treating with built hamber and paint. Passenger side rear arch is the next mission 😀
  5. Couldn't help but put a few bits on this morning before I went off to work for the day 😀
  6. Few more bits prepped, primered and painted orange. Decided to 're do the rocker cover as it had a little bit of reaction. Probley a little oil residue bown out whilst painting. Also because I like to be different, and like the low, fat, sleek, euro look I've decided to ditch the 3 peice and go with the smaller GTE spoiler. Body work is taking forever. The kit needs a lot of work, a it's very rippled being fibreglass. Also had to sand off most of the paint. Because it's previously been painted In cellulose so am not going to risk it cracking/reacting with the 2k primer and top coat I'll be using.
  7. Nooooo defo not chrome. Not fan fan of it 😀
  8. Do I leave the inlet manifolds silver. Or paint orange or black ? 🤔
  9. Starter motor, prepped, primered and painted. Alternator. Cleaned up, I got lucky with this as it's fairly new 😀 after what Jess said earlier it got me thinking about more orange. So bottom pully, irmscher inlet manifolds for the webbers, starter and alt brackets are all going in orange 😀
  10. 2 poster going 😀 hence the extra height 😎 I have thought all this through Julian 😂 I have a beer fridge ready to go in. Not sure about the kettle though 😀
  11. It's been a long time coming this bloody garage 😂 it's only getting built once so I've gone as big as I could lol
  12. I was considering doing pump and bottom pully in orange, but I think it may be a but to much 😀
  13. Fitted the rocker cover tempory for now, as I need to torque the head down once engine is in the car. I can't get a propper purchase on the bolts while the engine is on the stand.also fitted the water pump. And on another note it's new home is almost ready. Once body work is done and it's in paint I can then take it home to put it all back together 😎
  14. Great to see the acid at work, this is something I've been thinking on myself for a while now. Heard mixed reports on it. How much did it cost if you don't mind me asking ? It will be interesting to see if the acid and protection made it to all the hard to reach areas once you start to cut out the previous repairs to reveal behind them. I've head about air traps in chassis etc stopping acid/protector getting to some areas. Not sure how true this is. Good luck with the build. Looking forward to seeing your progress.
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