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  1. I'd try and swap the ecu. Remember the problems we had with one of ours we spent endless hours, changed everything even down to the cam. We ended up trying 5 or 6 different ecu's untill we finally found one that worked. It seems ecu's are now of an age where they are causing problems, just to add our car did run. But very lumpy and wouldn't rev the build is in the projects section C reg non sunroof coupe restoration.
  2. Got a bit more done over the past few days. We managed to source some much needed parts thanks to Dan and Carl, And then cracked on with prepping and painting cross member, rear axle and engine block. The head has been removed ready to recon and refit with new gasket set. The rear axle has had new cylinders, shoes and brake pipes, new discs, pads and callipers fitted and now body work will begin. 😎
  3. Bump have these seats really become this rare ?????
  4. Love those chassis rails great work well done 😎
  5. Ok so bit of an update on this, we have now got back onto this car A post has been repaired, we cut the swan necks out so we know it's solid inside the chassis and replaced with new. Put it on the spit and under body protection has been done. I will continue to update this as we go along 😊
  6. Hi , I'm after a drivers side A post outer skin. I know there available in Germany etc.... but the waiting time is around 1 month. I'm in need Asap, so if anyone has one they would be willing to sell please get in touch. Thanks
  7. I think the irmscher exclusives came with orange pipeing later ones were red
  8. I'm after a red piped exclusive interior in good condition for a project we are on with mainly after seats but will buy door cards and quarter card too 👍
  9. We agree it's to low there's a few alterations to be made when it gets back from MH the good news is it made the 3 and half hour trip there without missing a beat 👍
  10. Only 7 days between the 2 pictures that was a real hard push for the VBOA weekend
  11. It's now back in the workshop let the fun begin
  12. Ready for a lashing of fresh paint in the morning 😊
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