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  1. Bit more done today. Rear end bult up, some sound deadening put down and a quick clean up in the engine bay
  2. Looking awesome in fuck me red ;)Β top work as always mate

  3. Managed to squeeze a couple of hours in this afternoon on the red rocket... got it dug out of the dusty body shop side of the workshop where it was sat since it got painted the other week, and into the other side of the garage obviously to the front of the queue πŸ˜€ Quick dusting off and a wipe over. Next steps will be to get the roof lining in then start on the interior and glass. Hope I'm doing the 2 legends proud up there. If you know you know πŸ’™
  4. Have a chat with Antonio Lommano at A&M conversions. He really knows he's stuff and is well clued up on the opels
  5. The Red Rocket is officially red again 😎 although it looks a bit pink on the pics its actually carmine Red 🀣
  6. Red rocket got a bit of work over the past week. Shell prepped and in primer, boot prepped, treated and painted. Hopefully in paint tomorrow 🀞
  7. Inner wings replaced, front end replaced, A post replaced, A post closing panel replaced, kick panels replaced, just waiting on my nos LHD battery tray coming back as I've bored it out to be copied so should be available for people to buy soon. Will update with more pics tomorrow.
  8. I can't remember exactly where it was cracked ot was a couple of years ago when it was tested Thanks mate
  9. Yep had me a fair few times too πŸ‘€
  10. Bit of mocking up done today after I removed the parts from the doner front end I had. I have a mint pair if wings and a mint bonnet to go on it these are just for mock up. Also have a Nos LHD battery tray for it and a Nos LHD scuttle for it too 😎
  11. Thanks for info I've had a lead on a local firm so will contact them tomorrow see what they say first
  12. Hi I'm looking for a company in the northwest that can repair a cracked CIH head. I have a fantastic head yhats had some very very nice port work done to it and huge valves etc... looks a real nice head but unfortunately after having it tested its cracked so need to find if it can be fixed or be a real Shame to scrap it.
  13. does anyone have or know of a 4 branch CIH manifold available ? I have a martelius one but it's LHD so won't clear in my car and don't want to start chopping it. I think the one I currently have fitted isn't fat enough and could be choking the car and contributing to the lack of power issues I've been having with my i240r
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