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  1. Thanks, yes an ally one came on the car when I got it so that will be going back on once ice cleaned it up
  2. Few bits done today. Re underseal all underside, painted the axle and cross member etc... painted callipers, fitted new mudflaps. Just need to tidy up the tatty looking interior now. Not gone mad underneath as it'll only get battered lol
  3. Lots done on this one since last update, dash in, engine running, brakes done, cluck cable fitted, runs drives etc.. interior all in, doors on, bonet on, seals etc... fitted, side skirts fitted, glass in, lovers in, wheels painted and ready for new tyres, exhaust fitted etc .. etc...
  4. Been plodding on with this one inbetween all the other stuff little by little. Welding nearly done, only small patch in bolt floor left to do. then it's off to it's new owner, and I get my garage back 🙂
  5. The others hit the wing on lock ro lock, so needs must with the fronts. But still 235 on the front is a fair width lol Hmm not sure about the wheels In white. I do like white when on a manta, but not theses i dont think.
  6. 300k would get you a serious house around me 😳
  7. I could be interested in these, if you could pm me some info. Thanks
  8. Inner A posts are not available as far as I know. Never seen new ones. Theres some pics of them on my build thread linked above
  9. This is with 235 on the fronts. Going to get a smaller profile. This is for test fit
  10. It's the fronts I'm more concerned about mate. Didn't really want to go as wide as 255 on front. But I think 235 will be stretched
  11. Was hoping for 235/40 on the fronts and 285/40 on the rears but looking at the specs here, it dont look like that's an option. Anyone got 10j Rim's fitted ? What tyre sizes are you running on them ?
  12. Well the wheels arrived today out if the blue. Still no contact made by the seller,he didn't even mark them as dispatched. Strange way of doing business to say the least, but atleast they have arrived. They are now in the tyre shop for some new boots. 235 fronts and 285 rears 😳
  13. Will have to look into it further in due course. Ebay wont allow me to open a case till the 10th. I'm gutted, they would have been perfect for it
  14. Paid for the wheels last Wednesday on ebay. The seller has not been intouch since regarding postage of them. I've messaged 3 times with no reply, so I may have been scammed. Time will tell
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