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  1. This for sale topic may not yet available be for your usergroup
  2. This for sale topic may not yet available be for your usergroup
  3. Pretty much all the welding done on this now, minus the small triangle section in the rear quarter window. Got both doors built back up after replacing them. All fuel pipes replaced, carbs stripped, cleaned and put back together. Tom's done some panel beating on the roof to get the dents out. And fired a first coat of filler primer on. Next he will guide coat the roof then re prime it. Once we are happy with the roof we will move on to the rest of the car, as the roof was the worst of it really. Again not going mad. It's only going to be a track car.
  4. Bored today, so beginning the passenger side swan neck removal on this one. Chassis rail looked ok, but as I have a pair here thought I may as well just take the lot out. Got rail off and some of the swan neck. Started to fabricate the new inner and I'll work my way forward, further up the swan neck.
  5. Not going to lie, I'm gutted I've got this built so quickly to begin using it and get the engine run in only for this virus to kick off, and be unable to get out on it. We can only hope this is over before the summer and shows can commence. Stay safe everyone and wish members all the best.
  6. Decided to start on the mancona engine rebuild this weekend. Pulled the spare XE out of storage and got it stripped. Going to send the bare block off to be honed and blasted to bare steel, ready for a nice coat of paint. Im also considering to ditch the webbbers and putting it back on injection. 🤔
  7. This build is mega. I need to do the same axle work to my starmist black shell, that I'm going to 400
  8. Thanks Ian. Hope you well mate, and nice to see you back online. Not been on much myself last couple of weeks.
  9. Good luck Carl, I really hope you can save this one. Be great to see it back as in the pic above.
  10. The more people that tell me the lights don't look right on it, just confirms to me I've made the right decision. As I like to be different and stand out in a field full of manta 😂 Regarding the wheels I really liked them until I put them on the car, but something about them just doesn't sit right with me. Maybe I should paint them grey or white and see how they look with spacers fitted and lowered ? I'm not going mad on wheels at the moment as I'm 5 stud this later on in the year once show season is out the way. I've purchased front 5 stud hubs from TJM just need to figure the rear out now. I've still got to complete the v8 400 track car and rebuild the engine on the mancona before sywell as I'm wanting to get them all there this year. May even get a mate to take the commodore too 🤔 so with so much to do. My time is limited on this, hence the super fast build to this point 👍
  11. Thanks jess 😂 So today, I got all the brake pipes in and brakes bleed up. P clipped all fuel and brake pipes, permanently fitted cibbie brackets. Had to remove the bloody door cards again to strip the handles and locks of for my mate to fit the decals, so decals on and gave it its first quick run up our yard. Spoiler now painted today, as I've been waiting on some products to arrive to stop it cracking, so I can fit that tomorrow now. Nearing the end at last 😝
  12. Never found it so hard to find wheels to suit a car, as I have this one lol
  13. Got the prop shaft on, fuel line run and connected both ends, pressure reg pipes up with filter, wiring loom pulled back out RE wrapped and fitted for the final time, clutch cable fitted and pivot point set to where I felt happy with it, hand brake cable fitted and modded to suit rear calipers as its got rear disk, filled with coolant and fuel, turned it over a little on the starter and soon realised had no oil pressure, and nothing was getting to the head. Pulled the updated pump off, and fitted a standard new old stock one I had laying around and oil pressure fired straight up. Not sure what the issue was but I'll leave the standard pump on it. After getting the oil pressure sorted I fired it up for the first time and had a little mess about with the dizzy advance and carb settings. Got it running well enough, sounds sweet as a nut. Andy rutte is popping in over weekend to work has magic on it, then I can get it mot and run engine in before I send it off to performance centre for a session. 🙂 brakes still need piping up yet, but I'm getting nearer the end ☺ also got the super Oscar's mounted up, not 100% I'm leaving them on yet, and struggling with wheels. The ones I have just don't look right for the car, and my other ones are too wide, they need to be on a 400 kitted car.
  14. Thanks for the info mate, I wouldn't be surmised if it's already been done, considering the other work it's had, abmnd where it's been for preparation, but I'll have check. Track day meet up sounds good.
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