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  1. https://m.facebook.com/groups/3561815633860881/permalink/4729500930425673/
  2. Not entirely sure yet mate, to be confirmed. I'm just leaving them too it, as to not confuse things. In all honesty this side of things is out of my realm
  3. Now dropped in with Jodie at promech custom for various upgrades Jenvey 45 throttle bodies Custom air box with direct cold air feed Mustang injectors Custom loom Stand alone management Coil pack ignition Rolling road setup Dizzy removal Battery relocate to boot Remote brake servo Murtules 4 branch manifold Cibbie spot brackets extended for better adjustment Steady bars on cibies Lowering rideheight And lots more stuff just cant think of now lol
  4. Bit of stuff blasted today. Breather was plugged, but axles getting stripped and cleaned out anyway and getting a once over.
  5. So as always you think your on the last bit of welding then somthing else pops up. I'd forgotten about this bit. So I can now confirm that this is officially the last patch of welding for E45 SFK 🙌
  6. Just a few pics to update the past few days of progress. Almost ready to go in to our body shop 🙂
  7. Quick update on this as I've not posted about it for a while. Engine rebuild is taking place still in my garage at home it's just a as and when job at the moment. I put the car back on its wheels and rolled it out of the workshop and into dry storage to make way for kevs exclusive restoration ( the first manta) its sat in storage for a while but I pulled it back out today and finished the last little bit of welding. Just some dressing back and tidying to do, and strip out the last remaining bits from the shell and engine bay, then it should be in my body shop in the next 2 weeks for prep and paint 🙂 I'll update with pics tomorrow.
  8. So decided to ditch the carbs on this one as they are proving to much hastle for me, so I bought a set of jenvey 45s to replace them with. I spent a few hours tonight stripping them, scuffing them up, priming, painting, polishing and rebuilding 🙂 the car is booked in at promech custom for them to be fitted, return fuel line fitted, new pump, pressure reg, custom loom, management and mapping. Oh and I've changed the wheels since the last time I posted here, but it still needs lowering. Couple of before and after pics of the bodies 🙂
  9. I had a spare engine knocking around so nabbed the cover of that which was in mint condition. I had new gears, chain, guides ready in stock but I'd also sent the short motor away for rebuild with forged pistons, rods, crank was re-ground, balanced, up rated mains, shells etc.. basically everything was new. It was annoying however as the engine was ment to have just been rebuilt, but it was not done correctly the first time by a previous keeper which caused damaged...
  10. Yep time to replace. I had same issue with my i240 but we cought this during the rebuild so just replaced the whole timing cover and gears.
  11. I did this it blew my oil filter seal out. After a full rebuild and repaint I wasnt best pleased with myself 🤦‍♂️
  12. Few hours on the Ascona today. New inner chassis made, inner bolt sleeve fitted as per original, chassis jig fitted, inner chassis welded in place and everything lines up well 🙂 Think Narla worked a bit too hard too 😀
  13. Quiet day yesterday so got stuck in. Rotten floors and chassis cut out and some strength put back in. Still needs playing infront and behind the floor pans and into kick panel sections, but great progress
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