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  1. I had nothing but issues with twin webbers on both of my cars. C24ne and c20xe. Went in for setup numourous times and was just nothing but hastle. Lumpy or fast idel, cutting out at junctions leaking fuel, and killing me in the cab with fumes. Also had issues with them boiling my brake fluid so had a heat shield made, boiled the fuel from the heat of the engine so exhaust was wrapped and I fitted a cold air feed all of which still didn't make it run right. I gave up and fitted throttle bodies. Theres pics of my carbs in the projects section under i240r build. Ps my carbs are for sale 🤣🤣
  2. No problem at all mate. Used it on all my bills. 8mm micro bore copper pipe. Its nice and soft and easy to manipulate into place/shape. Never had an isdue with contamination. I also used codan R9 injection hose. Well your not far wrong Ian, id have actually made more progress but still in process of moving the business premesis which also involves moving tons upon tons of manta stuff to the new place too, and all the cars 🤣 only this one is left at the old unit now so I'm making as much use of the pit as I can before I'm out of here next week. Its going to be a week or 2 before I've got a ramp in the new manta shed 🙂 the brake flex is a braided one from black diamond
  3. Great bit of kit. I've used a few of these now. Much better seal with the o ring instead of paper gasket. Fantastic seller too.
  4. Another few hours spent on E45 SFK. Rear brakes built up with new cylinders etc... new brake lines ran accross axle and up the length of the car. New hand brake cable fitted, New copper fuel lines fitted.
  5. So I believe mate. Can't remember who told me the story 🤔 Managed to squeeze an hour in on the engine tonight. Timing case built up with new gaskets and seals. New timing chain tensioner sourced and new timing cover bolt kit. Timing set, chain and pulley fitted. New head bolts placed in lightly for transporting and fitting the engine in the car. Once engine is mounted ill then torque the head bolts to the correct settings.
  6. Thanks jess. To time consuming fir me. I believe the i240 kits rally tech have was taken from this car, when Trevor Lewis owned what is now known as rally tech.
  7. Thank you mate, I do enjoy restoring these cars particularly this one. Im not a professional car restorer by any means, but i do my best 🙂 Tom got the panels in primer today. Just one more door to repair, a small bit on the boot lid and then prime those and the wings then they will be ready for primer too.
  8. Thank you mate, I do enjoy restoring these cars particularly this one. Im not a professional car restorer by any means, but i do my best 🙂
  9. Thanks, I'm just trying to get as much done as possible before I have to move it all to the new place. Busy tomorrow so prob wont get any manta time, but we will see what the day brings 😀
  10. Yes mate, soaked in G101 then blasted on the pressure wash from a distance so it doesn't blow it apart or stretch it.
  11. Saving the original doors, and wings. More welding. 🙄 Dash all built back up. Carpet cleaned and put in, front anti roll bar and drop links fitted, front shocks fitted, door seals on, tread plates on, heater box in, fuel pump setup back on. Another load of nuts, bolts, brackets dropped in for zink plating. wings getting prepped
  12. Im not going mad with flatting it, theres just a few bits of dust got in the paint that want nipping out. The joys of having a commercial booth and not a small car one lol.
  13. Couple of hours spent building up the ilet manifold and fuel pump setup. Really enjoying this bit. I had all the original fuel hose clamps re zink plated so I could re use the original ones from the car. 🙂 Tried to save the original infil panal. Tried the heat gun method to get the colour back, then scotch pad, adhesion promoter, plastic sealer and clear laqure. The panel looks a million times better than it did but I'm not sure it'll look right as the red in the irmscher is too pink after years of fading 😏
  14. Flatted back, re masked and painted again. Came out miles better this time around.
  15. Got the shell in paint today, but few runs and just generally not happy with it at all, so we will start all over again tomorrow.
  16. Some pics I forgot to add from the boot prop !
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