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  1. I'll find you some mate don't worry about it.
  2. These 2 400s for sale actually make me think about selling my whole collection to put towards buying one ðŸĪ”
  3. Yeah don't see why not. It can always be positioned out of site underneath too..
  4. I have one but has a small crack in it. I removed it from the GTE wheel along with the boss only yesterday to hang the wheel up in the garage as wall art 🙂
  5. A friend is after one to restore, he was miffed that he missed my goldone I just sold. Could you pass his details on if no of you lads want it ?
  6. Engine dropped in this morning and a few bits put on
  7. Thanks all. Still many of headaches ahead of me yet, I'm sure. But it's coming along well, and I'm enjoying the build 😎
  8. flywheel fitted, nos crank seal, new cluch and release bearing in, engine and box mated and car over the pit ready for the engine to go in tomorrow 😎
  9. Few bits done. Seat belts in, inside boot painted, satin blackaround windows done, brake lines ran in engine bay, bulk head matting fitted
  10. Can get new from TJ Motorsport. They are pretty cheap and fast delivery
  11. In its new home awaiting to come out of its 20 year coma and finally get finished 🙂
  12. Getting plenty over on Facebook too. It's nice to see people appreciate the effort put in 🙂
  13. It's being brought back home tomorrow. Excited is an understatement ðŸĪŠ
  14. Yeah it can be poked more but we wanted it drivable too as you say so it should be plenty quick enough with the torque. I can always prod it a bit more in the future if I wish too 😉
  15. Not a whole bunch more, but a bit more 😂
  16. Thanks mate. I'll try post a vid but reception isn't much good at work VID-20210225-WA0044.mp4 VID-20210225-WA0048.mp4
  17. 188hp at the fly wheel. Just under 200 on the torque 🙂
  18. Defo be a keeper 🙂 I've wanted this car for years and at the current prices id like to think it be worth more than 25k once finished considering what it is and the work that's gone into it. Not to mention the amount I paid for it to rescue it from its rusty death 😂
  19. I'm not sure to be honest jess I just screw the gliders back on in same position on the sliding section upon removal, so they go back in same order
  20. Thanks Herman. Yes I also tape them up when fitting. They are quite difficult to install
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