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  1. It does feel quick on the road just not as quick as it should be be with its spec. It's a bit flat at the lower end but then hits cam and takes off ok. Just disappointing after what I've put into it.
  2. Yes 2.0 big valve head, ported, port matched etc... Kent op254 cam, solid lifters big valve springs. My next move would be to swap out the nead but for now I've given up on it. It runs spot on now after the mapping it's just not giving the power it should so I'll just live with it for now as I'm done with dumping cash into it.
  3. I'm not spending any more on it. I've had to draw the line for now
  4. Hmmmm so here we are again. The engine above didn't end up getting rebuilt as another engine cane up for Sale. I agreed on a price with the chap who I've know for many years and he was into racing dutton kit cars. However a week or so after we had agreed on the sale he suddenly passed away and I've not wanted to approach he's wife about it for obvious reasons. Anyhow just over 2 years later and we made contact and the engine was still there and we honoured the deal. The engine is a great spec, fully rebuild with forged pistons/rods, ARP bolt kit, fully rebuild head, big valves ported, Q420 cams, webber 48s and piper vernior pullies. It also came with a dry sump kit which I'm not going to use so will be sold off. I've stripped it down and began painting and tidying it up ready for dropping into the car. 😎
  5. So had a few hours on this last Saturday first time I've been able to go near it since Dan passed away. I finished off installing the R9 fuel hose up at the rail, finished off installing the loom, fitted the new coil. Couldn't get a spark but figured out a bad connection going to the coil and got that sorted. Filled it with 10 litres of fuel and went for a start up. Ot started and was just cutting straight out. After a lot of head scratching and messing around I finally realised I'd made a massive school boy error !! I hadn't fitted the earth to the back of the manifold 🙈 Made me laugh though as Dan would never have let me live that one down 😂 Car now runs like a dream and will hopfully start to progress with it over the next few weeks after my holiday.
  6. I'm about ready for dropping my 2.4 in the skip and putting an XE in my orange 240. What ball ache it's been and I'm now 12k deep for 140hp ffs 😤
  7. Is the friction plate in backwards ? Been a while since I messed with xe stuff can't remember if it's possible to have the plate in the wrong way around.
  8. Have you tried the temp sensor from the other car ? These can cause all sorts of running issues. Also make sure the ECU plug is properly pushed into the ECU.
  9. Try unplugging stuff one at a time like the Airflow meter, throttle position senor, temp sensor, etc.... see if it makes it continue run.
  10. I may just have to take you up on that 😆 We fitted brand new solid lifters along with the new kent op254 cam
  11. Thanks David for the detailed info but this is way out of my league. I'll keep searching for someone to sort this for me 😀
  12. Thanks again. The cam is brand new and only covered a couple hundred miles. We did check the springs when we fitted the head and they was no coil bound. Mr rutts helped me rebuild the head
  13. Thanks for the info . My valve are 37 and 45. No idea on compression ratio no idea how to work these things out, on compression test it was pumping 240 psi 👀 .... we checked the valve springs was not going coil bound static but I suppose that doesn't mean there are not when under load and running. How can this be assessed? It's doing my head in. Pun intended 🙈
  14. Hi all. Advice please. So had my car on the rollers this weekend for a setup and map. After hours of tinkering we could only get 140hp. Now the car runs better than it ever has and I can't thanks Antonio and Steve @ A&M enough for the time and attention to detail they put into my car last Saturday great set of guys. However after spending so much on this engine and the mods it's had 140hp was quite the disappointment...... Engine specs 2.4 block fully rebuilt with 96mm forged woosner pistons and rods, ground and balanced crank, new shells, new mains, 2.0 big valve head, brand new gs racing valves, up rated valve springs, ported, solid lifters, Kent op254 cam, vernior pully, jenvey 45 throttle bodies, irmscher inlet manifolds 300 injectors, stand alone management, 4 branch manifold into 2 inch back. We can now only assume that the head is the restriction holding it back. So the question now is do I go to a 2.2 or 2.4 head ? I've heard mixed reviews and I'm not sure what to do for the best. Can anyone advice the pros and cons between the 2 heads and which I'd be better using on this lump ? Thanks
  15. Sure does. No additional fees
  16. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/265716724022?mkcid=16&mkevt=1&mkrid=711-127632-2357-0&ssspo=aLLEUvP-TFK&sssrc=2349624&ssuid=aLLEUvP-TFK&var=&widget_ver=artemis&media=COPY
  17. Things will never be the same. Everything manta now seems pointless without him. Completely and utterly devastated. 🥺
  18. Danny has suddenly passed away. I'm devastated. I can't believe it. He's family have now made it public on social media 🥺
  19. This one's going to be for you now Dan. We built it together and we will ride it together. You'll always be riding with us brother 💔
  20. No longer going to be for sale 💔
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