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  1. Some of the pics of my i240 from the CAR SOS shoot that I took on the day of filming. I've now had the go ahead to post pics as the handover has now taken place. Been a great experience to be involved in something like this and I can honestly say what a great bunch of guys Tim, Fuzz and the whole production team are. Looking forward to seeing the show aired next year. 😎
  2. Rods are forged too mate
  3. I think dave is using the same manufacturer as the club so I cant see quality being an issue, and he seems to have made some real nice stuff for the chevette lads. Personally I would have loved to have supported the club on this but its a shame things have taken so long to get moving. I also think dave has beaten the club to the finish line on these and other manta panels and is already taking deposits for the A post closing panels. Either way its great that panel production for the b is under way whomever makes it first just glad that we may finally be able to get the sections most of us need for restoration.
  4. Pop me a pm over on Facebook mate
  5. I've got a few 2.4 heads mate
  6. I'm running forged 96mm short skirt wossener pistons and rods in my 240, with coil pack, big valve head, Kent op254 and Kent vernier pully, with jenvey 45s 300cc injectors and megasquirt management
  7. The mancona 😀 So to finish this thread on a great note. The car chewed up almost 400 miles to sywell and back and we hit some of the heaviest rain I've ever driven in, we couldn't see the end of the bonnet. The car just kept on cruising along never phased it 🙂 We came away with 3 trophies for E45 SFK. Best in show 🏆 Best C 🏆 Top 10 🏆 Was over the moon with the result much more than I ever imagined and was nice to see so many people so glad to see the car and that all the hard work was appreciated. I'm going to keep improving on this car now and keep making it better and better.
  8. Ready for the long drive to sywell for the VBOA national rally. Hope to see some of you there.
  9. Thanks for that. Yes looks like what I'm after
  10. Any joy in the seal by any chance ?
  11. Hi only just seen this. Yes still looking.
  12. Kids love them 🙂 yes can't go anywhere in the without people coming for a chat 😂 What ?
  13. LED bulbs fitted tonight as you can see the difference is amazing. Lots of little bits knocked off the list, thanks to Danny Ormerod for the help tonight.
  14. Trying to get prepped for sywell, having a few teething issues hard work trying to get 2 cars ready 🤯
  15. As above I'm in need of a pair of dark grey door seals in good condition for a manta b
  16. You can't really go wrong with the coil. The spade goes to the spade and the post to post for the tacho. Bolt the coil to inner wing and put the earth to one of the fixing bolts. Looks like the black wire has been cut/damaged a bit of solder and heat shrink should easily cure that. If you need any pics I'll be in the garage for a couple hours soon doing a few littke bits on E45 so can post pics if needed
  17. Went for a nice little drive out in 240 tonight whilst it was dry. Kev had his first drive in it and seen it all back together complete for the first time since its show days in the 90s. 🙂
  18. Think I have a nos one. I'll measure it
  19. There's always something to do on them are they ever finished 🙂 its 99% done few little bits and bobs to do. The exhaust is rattling on the floor so I need to adjust it slightly
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