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  1. It's a lovely little car. The drivers rear arch let's it down but that's reflected in the price. Other than that's it's absolutely solid. I was out for a run in it yesterday. It drives great. If my garage was bigger I'd be tucking it away. Bargain for someone at 4k though.
  2. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/264639527255
  3. Not sure yet mate, due to time frame on getting 3 cars ready for sywell this year. Engine and box back in.
  4. Bit more done and the car has set well 😊
  5. Thanks for the info mate, and there's only me on the welding and mechanical side, but I employ a body man/painter "tom" who paints and preps all our trucks and trailers customer work for my business. He enjoys doing my cars inbetween as it's different for him. He's propper old School and a great chap. In all honesty if I don't blow this thing up I will be very very surprised 😀 I'm building this car to give it some real pain, I'm going to literally drive it's nackers off 🤣🤣
  6. No never heard about that to be honest, but this is a first for me on the 3.5 v8. I'm not massive v8 fan in all honesty but I've enjoyed working on this old lump it's been fun. I'd be intrigued to learn more about that if you can find any info . Cheers
  7. Thanks mate, yes stickers going on same as these
  8. I can't mate, very excited. Need to figure out what way I'm going to go about the rear seat area, as it's got a cage fitted and no rear seat. Not sure if the panel and carpet, or ally sheet it.
  9. All masked up and ready to be hit with paint in the morning. All glass etc.. Is removed only masked up to prevent any dust being blown out of the car. We have had to paint it with the doors on, as I can't use my door pin removal tool with the side skirts on and they are now bonded 😂 Had to make a booth in my booth, as my booth is a commercial one for painting trucks and trailers. It's 60ft long 18 wide and 20ft high, and with it being for trucks and trailers it's gets quite a lot of dust in there, and is hard to keep clean so hopefully this will do. 😊
  10. Engine all built back up after doing the heads, I had a little dilemma. Couldn't get the dam thing to start once it was all built back up. I was testing the live to coil, and I had 12v there but soon as I plugged wires back onto coil it's dropped to 7v, which really confused me for a couple of hours lol. It turned out as I was building it back up I noticed a grub screw missing from cover on the dizzy so I fitted one. Problem was it was too long and had caused a short inside the dizzy. Anyway figured it out in the end, and now runs sweet and much cooler too. Looks are not something I'm after right now so don't pay too much attention to the colour scheme lol. I'm aiming to get this on the track at sywell this year.
  11. No not going down the black alloy route. To me it just makes the alloys look permanently dirty lol, but that's just my opinion. You also can't make out the alloys properly in black. I bought some but they are to wide. Well wrong offset 😐 I was going to paint these a mid grey
  12. Thanks mate. I wanted something different, I had my doubts but I think it'll look great 😊
  13. All body prep is now complete, and the car will be in paint by the end on the week. Got cage painted and will install it before it gets painted, so we don't cause any damage/scratches to the car whilst fitting it.
  14. Engine 90% built back up. Just a few bits left to put back on but ran out of time tonight. Rockers still need painting and fitting. Whilst engine was out I repainted engine bay in stone chip. Not something I'd normally do or something I'm proud of 😂 but it had already been stone chipped and I just don't have the time or funds to start pulling the engine and box and strip/blasting the bay. So it was a quick sand and 're stone chip. Not pretty, but again it's being built to be driven so it will do.
  15. I'm basically building it to destroy it on a track 😂
  16. Not at this stage mate. It runs and pulls well, bare minimum on this at the moment, got to many other project zapping up funds. As long as it's running and driving they can stay as is lol
  17. I know kieran, seems a nice lad. Never seen the car in person, but looks nice apart from the little bits that are missing that he just couldn't source.
  18. Engine stripped, pulled the heads and sent them off to be tested, and rebuilt. Got the call to say they are good so that was a releif. Can start to build it back up now and use the full gasket kit I bought for it. I was going to details the engine, but in all honesty I can't be bothered. It's just a rally car that I'm going to drive hard. So I'll just paint the rocker covers and inlet and put it all back together.
  19. I honestly couldn't tell you mate sorry, I'm not familiar with ratios etc..
  20. If of interested to anyone I can contact the seller if your not on Facebook. 😣
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