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  1. yeti132


    would anyone have a sump, dip stick, and pipe pipe for a 2 ltr Cih engine for sale Please think a 1600 sump mite be the same size
  2. Does anyone have a ignition switch for sale please for a Manta or Ascona B please
  3. Need some advice for a friend he as a Manta A with a 2.4 Cih looking for a exhaust system that would fit any help would be appreciated thanks
  4. Can anyone tell me if the 2.4 or 2.2 inlet would fit a 2.0 ltr engine asking for a friend any advice would be appreciated
  5. Hello mate long time just seen your trotte bodies and thinks that set up looks awesome could you send me some details on them and the Ecu that you are using please 

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    2. 611


      Hi Mate

      Im running the 2.4 CIH engine as well 🙂

      When i originally set mine up the options seemed to be use the original petrol tank as it is, add a swirl pot, pump the fuel into that with a low pressure pump and then run a high pressure pump for the injection.

      or use an injection tank from the B but it would need to go into the boot which i didnt want to do.

      So i used a fiat pump (i also think that SEAT use a similar one) and followed how most new cars do it and cut the top of my tank and inserted it from the top, then ran the inlet and outlet from the top.

      The Fiat has the pump sat in its own plastic swirl pot and picks up right from the bottom, so now issues with running out of fuel or the pump running dry on low fuel with the fuel surge.

      I did wonder if you could get an in-tank pump to fit in where the original outlet is but not sure how you would set it to pick up right from the bottom of the tank?

      I suppose you could use a the high pressure fuel pump, hook it up to the original fuel tank outlet (you probably need to remove the filer from the end of it or it will suck it on!) and then drill another hole and add a fitting for the run back to the tank. The only slight issue i could see is if you were on very low fuel you could run the risk of fuel starvation on the very odd occasion if you were cornering or breaking hard?

      Not sure if any of my ramblings will have helped 🙂

    3. yeti132


      thanks for all the great advice Andy because my Ascona is a i2000 she a B so I have fitted a gte fuel tank so swirl pot should all ready be in tank and hope to be able to use the injection fuel pump which I brought from from edelschmiede with a fuel filter got a dbilas water pump so thinking about getting a set of manifolds to match then get the throttle bodies and Ecu so going to start getting my finger out and get sorted got a 4 branch I had to get adapted done a dry fit and does work with a inlet manifold so will have to find out if it will fit with throttle bodies now 🤔

    4. 611


      Ahh, you should all be sorted with that then. And sounds like you are getting there with things now. If the carbs will go on with the manifold you should be fine with the throttle bodies as most are a bit slimmer than the carbs.

      Any pics of the manifold?as im just making a new one for mine.


      If you get the same ECU as me i will see if i can work out how to export the map as it should be quite close for the standard 2.4.


  6. Great news Andy all the hard work is starting to pay off hopefully just in time for summer to enjoy the many hours hard work driving with a big smile on your face saying to yourself it was worth it enjoy it
  7. Want to build a good 2ltr engine brought a 2.4 Cih head which I was going to use but been told I have done it the wrong way round 🥴 and should of used a 2.4 block with 2 ltr was all so thinking about the unleaded fuel so could anyone give me some advice on building a nice 2ltr to go in a Ascona i2000 please which I am rebuilding at the moment 6 years in 🤔 Got a couple of Kent cams in garage which mite help with the build
  8. Looking for a set for Manta A steering arms only don’t have to be in the best of condition either
  9. A mate of mine said he is coming view it on Sunday so was asking me if I new anything about it said would ask the club crazy world
  10. Hello con anyone help me find some history about a Manta A for sale Reg UWE 771L it’s in black running a 2.2 cih engine a friend is interested in buy it but does not no a lot about mantas I said I would ask the question or is anyone thinking of selling a manta A
  11. I think so Ian you may be better looking for a new look but will check my lock up just in case i took the lock out because that’s the part I needed because the shroud on my Ascona is different mate
  12. Yes Kevin Abbott got some for sale on the Facebook site
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