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  1. tocca

    Standard Diff

    where u based and how much
  2. tocca

    Standard Diff

    After standard diff for my manta so I can see it standard. Anyone got one
  3. Been potching about with it lately, welded up the diff to make it easier to use for drifting. First attempt wasn't all too well and it went bang. Second attempt is holding out well! Also been trying to fix my axle tramp issues. I swapped the front torque tube mounting bracket bushes for polybushes and trial fitted some extra rubber in the poorly designed rubber bush which holds the end of the torque tube as you can see where its been smashing against the top of it. Bushes were a pain to get out, so use my special tool and new bush in:
  4. Seems my welds didnt hold out and it went bang! Ha.. time to try again
  5. Diffs welded up, easy job really. Would have been easier in place but nicer job removing it. Was a mare to get out of my garage as its tight from yard to lane. No way on earth could you drive one daily. Goes sideways a lot easier now. Cant wait to do a drift day now!
  6. Nice car I reckon we have a battle between me, you and josh for fast quarter mile by end of next year
  7. Was gonna do it in place bud ran out of gas. Do I need to set anything up after refit? Any torque settings for the four bolts?
  8. Hey guys, going to be welding my diff up tomorrow, just wondering what the score is with removing. Can I take the half shafts, out rear casing then drop the diff out?
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