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  1. Thank you very much for this I have now ordering the bearing from splendid parts in Germany £52 euros Regards
  2. Does anyone know where i can purchase a rear wheel bearing for 1988 manta GTE , As my garage has told me they are not available thanks
  3. I am looking for a rear wheel bearing for a 1987 Manta B Gte for its Mot, Does anyone have one or know where i can get one thanks
  4. I an looking for a manta B gte 2.0 rear wheel bearing if anyone can help for my MOT thank you
  5. Hi there can anyone help with the correct part number for a rear wheel bearing for a 1987 manta gte as the one my garage ordered is the wrong one thanks
  6. Looking for a windscreen for a opel manta B coupe windscreen as mine has a crack thanks
  7. Hi there can someone advise where the fuel pump relay is on the manta GTE thank you
  8. Can anyone point me in the right direction, i could get a some new number plate holders for my rear bumper as mine are very corroded and rusty thanks
  9. Hi there i was going to touch in a few scratches on the anthracite grey colour on my wheels does anyone know what colour it is or something close match, i could pic up at halfords thanks
  10. Have you got a tel no to discuss as will have to try something to improve as meant to go to painters in just over 2 week or you can get me on 07863 `179 535 thanks halley
  11. Hi All , Can anyone advise on the job to remove a sunroof on manta GTE thanks
  12. Hi to all just to post again, to see if anyone can help I am getting my manta GTE fully painted at the start of next month and the sunroof scrapes when sliding it back and forward and dont want this to happen after it has been painted. Can any advise without removing any headlining, how i can drop the sunroof 1-2 mm lower to give it more clearance when sliding it back. thank you
  13. Hi again, I am gettting the car painted i about 4 weeks and did not want to scratch the sunroof when sliding it back is there anything i can do to make it slide back without touching thanks
  14. Hi just wondered when my slid my sunroof to open and close it rubs on the top part of the sunroof scraping the paint, is there any adjustment so the sunroof slides lower to open and close thanks
  15. thank you yes sill fine and bolted , It was just the two down the side behind panel , Should be all fine now thanks for all the help
  16. Hi Dave, I am in edinburgh the other end of the planet lol . Dont know how much a half decent wing is with postage thanks

  17. Hi all, I am looking for a good second hand drivers side front wing for my E reg manta as think mine is too rusty and beyond repair, If anyone has a spare would be helpful
  18. I have removed most of the nuts/bolt etc to remove the front wing including the top one at rear of the wing near door pillar, but there seem to be another one or two half way down wing near pillar but cannot see these to remove, if anyone can give me advise. I am only removing the drivers side as it seem quite rusty, and will try and find one on here as it prob not worth repairing if anyone has a good drivers side spare for sale. thanks
  19. I tried to open the sunroof on my GTE by pulling the handle down and expected the metal sunroof to drop down and i can slide back. It drops a couple of MM and will not come down any further to be able to slide back. Any advise would be helpful
  20. thanks for all your help hopefully will manage this cheers
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