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  1. Hi Davie there's a few of us in the area with manta's, we have a meeting every couple of months. Text me your details and I'll let you know what's happening. Jim 07590960734
  2. Hello Gordo where in Scotland are you ?
  3. Aye no bother I'll let you no if anything comes up, I've been working on my exc coupe I'm welding in the boot area just now, then start stripping for paint and detailing
  4. Ok Mike/ Stevie one of my manta 16v projects is for sale in drumoak it's on eBay with a buy it now of £2000 be quick lads it's on your door step Phone me if you want any details 07590960734
  5. Mike and stevie do you have any manta's just now ? or are you seriously looking for a good running car or a project ? Let me no And I'll have a sniff about. Jim
  6. Hello lads I'm the lad from Montrose that had the White f exc coupe 2011 I sold it to a lad for £4000 in Creiff then it got sold again and a stupid front end was put on. One thing ive learned over the years with the many manta's I've owned road and track use is to buy from as far south as possible unless your able to do the work your self, Gerry mark rod and I can all do welding etc Gerry and rod both paint there own cars too, if you can't do this work then try buy the best you can, Jim
  7. Aye no bother I'll ask the others and let you no My number is 07590960734 if you need to contact me
  8. Hi stevie I'm from Montrose and have had manta's for 25 years, I'm working on an 88 exc coupe for road use. I've done the 3.0 24v conversion now working on the body. There's another lad called Mark Taylor in Balmeadie he has an 88 exc coupe it's at mine in storage, Gerry mark and I all meet for a meal and manta chat which your welcome to come along to. Jim
  9. Hi I have a full rover 4.2 v8 kit from a manta I had, it came out the car 6 weeks ago it runs perfect no smoke, rattles etc, 4 barrel carb, mounts, 5 speed, propshaft, full twin stainless exhaust, rad and fans, ready to drop on to standard manta mounts £1250, Jim 07590960734
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