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  1. Hi Fin Wonderful exactly what's required can you let me know how you want me to proceed with what i owe you for the item and carrige my mobile number is 07767227478 Fin if you twxt me from a mobile i will send you my email and details over once again many thanks Alan
  2. Hi Andy give ma a call anytime it's no problem phone always turned on or if I am in a bad reception text me and I will return your call Andy I live on a farm so out in fields haymaking as weather has been glorious so its no problem to ring till 9.30 ish Regards Alan
  3. Hi Andy Andy sorry for late reply been out all day and I wanted to have a check so yes it is the correct cable can you get back to me on mobile 07767227478 to sort out price and delivery Many thanks Alan
  4. Hi Moodoo Thanks for that i am quite happy to cover passage and give you a few quid for it let me know when you find it and i will get you some postage details across Regards Alan
  5. Good morning Steve Thanks for reply i have trawled the german opel sites and can see there's quite a fair amount of parts over there as you would expect i just popped the overider on the thread in case there was a spare one lurking out there in the club it's the air filter housing i would like to source and obviously i need the acc cable before i can go anywhere but couple of club guys have now got back to me so hoping i might solve this issue other than that the car is in brilliant shape Regards Alan
  6. Hi Andy Thanks for the reply hopefully you might have the acc/cable Thanks Alan
  7. Hi Andy Yes that would be great other things I am looking for include a correct air filter housing and a rear bumper rubber overrider if you have any of these other parts as well Andy I would be very grateful as I did not realise have difficult it is to get parts for the Manta A Please get back to me with cost and postage and how you require payment Regards Alan
  8. Good morning Manta club Hopefully i should have my Manta A back on the road shortly although i am looking for a new acelarator cable if anybody can help me out I owned a Manta A sr back in the late 70s i could not resist this car when i saw it at auction 3 years ago hoping to have it out for early August Regards Alan
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