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  1. Hello All, Well i cant believe i am even thinking about it but need to. Could people give me an idea what the below parts are worth is i ended up breaking the manta. i have probably missed some items but that is what i could think of. Shell = Subframe = Nos = Wings = Doors = Boot = Bonnet = Steering wheel = Steering Rack = Steering colum = dash = gauges = shifter = seats = Wheels = brake front complete = Windows = windscreen = rear window = Window rubbers =
  2. Hi Graham, The A series is a very very good choice. I believe personally it is the best shape that manta has had. The lines just look amazing and has the muscle car look. I bought mine 2 years ago and wasnt in the best of conditions but the chassis rails where good and to be honest the over condition wasnt that bad. I had Chris from CR classics to come down to check it over for me which i was very grateful for. After he finished looking at it and talking to the guy i ended up parting with it for 2300. It then went to chris for a full body rebuild. I have not added up the money yet but i believe i am very close now to 20 grand. Ones that i have seen on ebay have been fully restored in the price bracket for 10000 - 15000 and they are worth that all day long. I am unfortunately going to be putting mine up for sale in the next month as i need the money to put into my first house and as much as i love my manta and will always miss her when gone a house is something i need more. She will be put up for £15000 and i will see what happens with that but mine is no normal manta she is a street legal drag car running a ford mustang 351 cleveland v8 with NOS and all sorts. lots of toys and well worth to someone that want a lovely looking classic car but can use it for the road and track. She is a real head turner. Good luck on your search they are brilliant looking cars and you will not be disappointed with it but really good ones are not cheap and are well worth the money.
  3. Well at the weekend i went to my mechanics shop where the beast is currently staying to look over the old girl and plan what we are going to do when we have time to get it in and strip down. The gearbox and engine will be coming out to get a full service and check over will need to sand down the chassis rails again and paint plus underseal as when it was kept at the other shop for a year it was on stands and has ripped off most of underseal and paint which i am so not happy about . After that the car is getting a full going over then mot and then she will be once again ready for the road and track couple of weekend pics for you that i took. She has now had a full machine polish all over to get rid of the orange peal and now looks amazing .
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