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  1. Hi guys we need a rh front wing for a manta 400 and a pair of lamps , failing that has anyone got a contact number for Martin that makes the kits thanks
  2. Thanks for the replies guys got sorted ,cheers to the retropower lads for putting me right , centre of my clutch disk was caught on the inside of the slave cylinder , a rub of the grinder sorted it thanks
  3. my head is wrecked on this one lads my car has an omega box fitted to it a .75 master cylinder on the pedal that is getting the full stroke where it is mounted the slave cylinder appears to be going out all the way when i press clutch it has a retropower spacer fitted to it also , it is a flat type flywheel on xe, standard calibra turbo plate disc and uprated pressure plate problem is , the clutch isnt releasing fullly when i presss the pedal , clucth is not stuck to flywheel , slave cylindeer is going out to the last ,has anyone had a similar problem?
  4. dan they are very similar to ford atlas zf type internals but the teeth are definitly different for side gears , i have a complete zf manta diff if u cant get parts for your own that id part with ,
  5. Did u get one Colin I'm breaking a 1.8 hatch in limerick if ur still stuck
  6. i forgot to mention it is for sale
  7. i have an let turbo that has a modified inlet housing that allows for both standard 1.8 mounts to fit the let
  8. Not sure what to use , what are u running mick? , looking at kits on ebay but almost 300 quid by the time the pick up sensor is included but seems an easy option but costly
  9. so what are all u whiz kids with omega gear boxes or similar using to power that speed needle ? -the next job on my list ,list is getting small thankgod lol
  10. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Opel-Manta-B-Ascona-B-hydraulic-clutch-conversion-master-cylinder-bracket-/271608532632?pt=UK_CarsParts_Vehicles_CarParts_SM&hash=item3f3d214e98 looks like a very handy bracket without having to go to the hassle of changing to pedal boxes or melding on mounts to firewall might save people a lot of hassle
  11. I've had these on 3 cars can't fault em
  12. ecotec has 4 holes , i think that the 6 holes only line up in one position so you need to keep turning it until they all line up or am i thinking of a different engine?
  13. paulgsi

    Roll Cage

    how much was the cc cage to buy new you can pm me if u like as im looking for one for my ascona . if yours is available jock id be interested any pics of it fitted by any chance?
  14. doing a nice job you are doing there just wondering are you chassis mounting the engine?
  15. risse motorsport in germany
  16. hi owen if i was u id restore that cr to original on the outside at least - a blue berlinetta is gorgeous and rare - gte mantas are ten a penny u have a very rare car and nice reg , nice to get the old irish plate
  17. ya i could do with a pair or two also
  18. hard ratios to get risse motorsport in germant have a lot listed o there site they are pricey tho
  19. cheers lads they are actually different to the manta the b pillar is 5 times wider than the ascona , might be able to make up something if i cant get anything
  20. Was looking at it again and your right Brian it couldn't possibly work with standard trailing arms and just the top links but it would work ok with a propr 4 link kit plus the two standards spring seats and trail arms and a pan hard rod , I'm going checking out a 2.8 Capri axle during the week hopefully it has a limo , , your car must go like stink with a 4.6 in it , the opel axle is crazy for parts , a set of bearings is nearly 400 quid , LSD is another 700 and very limited in cwps unless you have another 600 or so to spend ,
  21. ya im wondering why all the converted axles use all those commadore arms , why does it not work out with the original manta lower spring seats , ? is there any alternative to the commadore arms as i dont think ill find them to easily !
  22. thinking of changing to an atlas on my own car just for better availability of ratios and lsds, just wondering has anyone on here converted theres and is it just a case of swap over the brackets from manta axle on to atlas and add just two top link boxes , any pictures of it done ? was thinking volvo also but they are thin on the ground where i am and i dont think parts are as readily available as an atlas, what are ye boys using?
  23. looking for rear inner 1/4 panel trims any colour and parcel shelf and also if anyone has a quick rack for a manta b chhers
  24. Hi im going rebuilding a front axle soon just wondering is there anyone making these
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