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  1. Sorry not had chance to go searching... Will go tjenunit next week
  2. Cheers Kev. Yeah definitely donit once and right. It's a big project for me really but working on the theory of a little often nice and steady will get it done.
  3. So yesterday I kovednsomenof the spares that came with the car into another garage to make some room and turned it round to make a start investigating and seeing where we are at . Removed the wings and front bumper got jacked up and unsurprisingly found the Swan necks need some work... Hopefully get back to do some more on Mon so can jack the rear and start getting alist of things I need together.
  4. I'll definitely have one if still needed
  5. I broke a manta rally car that had this gearbox in on the back of an xe...never drove the car tho. What else have you done to get that much out of it?
  6. Cheers mate will likely hold you to that lol.
  7. Cheere Danny. Yep drove up from the nec on Sunday was at Rabs Mon morning then drove for about 8 hours back. It will get done eventually definitely
  8. So this probably won't be a fast project but wanted to post a build thread so i can keep a track myself . A few weeks ago we did the deal so on Mon myself and owain popped to pick up my new purchase and had an obligatory brew butty and natter before the long drive back.... Obviously some of the hard work has already been done. Plan is to build motorsport esq but with some road creature comforts. However this is what I collected and am over the moon have hankered after a 400r for years.
  9. Why would it go on a q now it's been built and on the road 3 years?
  10. Must be an old add definitely not for sale now.
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