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  1. Why would it go on a q now it's been built and on the road 3 years?
  2. Must be an old add definitely not for sale now.
  3. That's a very nice car. Whats happening with it now then?
  4. Just found out they are doing it again 22nd September as the weather was so poor in July that weekend. I may well look at going.....
  5. Hi Peter. I'm in North Wales aswell. Welcome back to the club.
  6. Cracked on there Dan. Will be good to see it back out.
  7. I know a chap in wem with a 400 replica but it's in rothmans colours
  8. Sorry mate had a look haven't got one
  9. No luck so far tho one more place there could be one.
  10. Possibly ill check in the morning
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