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  1. I may know of a r28 omega box that will do the job
  2. 10 quid for the day exhibiting or not
  3. Fair play mate she's coming together... Love the trick bits so far like the lights and wheels ....
  4. Hi Andy sorry only just picked this up. Help and assistance is always welcomed mate. If you have time and would like to get involved thatbwould be amazing thank you.
  5. So for anyone who doesn't know early this year I was voted in as chairman of the club. The club has been going many years (39) and obviously in that time car clubs have changed ... So as part of trying to make a difference I'm just after some feedback . Who is not a full member of the omoc ? If not could you say why and what would help encourage you to join ? If you are a member any feedback to what we could do better or different please let us know. Many thanks.
  6. I'll check on the weekend car is other side of the country lol
  7. I may have one on a knackered engine I'll have to check
  8. I think I have one available mate. Will check when I'm at unit on Sunday
  9. I thought they had sold it a little while back. https://www.nwemail.co.uk/news/18851387.vintage-car-owners-dream-comes-true-finds-1987-opel-manta-lakeland-motor-museum/
  10. Nicks wheels are compomotive mo5 I belive he has another set he may sell.
  11. https://www.facebook.com/Pawl-Burt-Modified-Classic-Wheels-105390225246563/
  12. I will ask him can't remember compomotives of some sort Chap in North Wales. He's got a Facebook page
  13. I'm off to see him on Thurs. I have been to his workshop and seen how they are done. He even did some and gave to a banger racer to test and he couldn't break them. He did these aswell obviously bthe white ones are the finished pic
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