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  1. The red one is home-made archers on
  2. this will do the job Finally the drivetrain is complete Started to connect the wiring to the engine the owner before me pulled some own wiring but i think i will get it working changed the headlight that had broken glass old one to the right, the new one comes from my other Manta where they have painted the inside black so its darker then the other even after i scraped the paint away. Fitted on the car Got some more things fitted on the engine Electric fuel pump, filter and hoses for the fuel was fitted. This is the rearspoiler i bought, the only one in Sweden, which is kinda fun
  3. Well this is my project, bought it in 2011 (when i was 16) and then it's been standing in a barn. I'm from Sweden and no GSi or GT/E was imported here, only 83 hatchback have survived and is still registered in Sweden. Anyway I'm going for a Gt/e look for it because it will be something that sticks out from the rest of the Manta's here in Sweden. When i bought it it was fitted with a 2,0S Cih but now i've put in a 2,2E from a Opel Rekord -85 and a Getrag 240 instead of the 4 gear transmission. Going to fit some GSi sideskirts on at and a rearspoiler that i bought from lepo5 on this forum Here is some picture of it This is summer 2011, it's the grey one. This is how its been standing for the last two years pulled out and ready to be towed to my workshop A 2,2 Cih that is ready to be fitted In the workshop Fixing some rust on the driver's side Getting better Engine + gearbox Found the way in to the car Had to modify the tunnel to get the gearbox in place And some more rust Not so proud of it but it will do the job. Then i had to build my own gearbox holding points
  4. The 2,0e cam will get you more bhp then the 2,2 cam.
  5. I'm also searching for both of these (Dont know the name in english) the plastic behind the side windows that i have marked out in this picture you dont perhaps have these as well?
  6. Okay, do you have a picture of it?
  7. Nice! You can't find one here in Sweden so it's better that it will be Expensive to ship then to not have one at all.
  8. I'am searching for a rearspoiler that is mounted on hatchback GT/E and GSi. We can't find one here in Sweden so i've been searaching in longer distances. If some one have one and will be prepared to ship it would be great!
  9. Hello, my name is Robin and i live in Sweden. I own three mantas, one CC -80 and one CC -79 and the last one is a GSi -86
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