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  1. yes i got mine from Lenk tuning nice guys to deal with. spoiler comes in two parts and the fit is pretty good. Need to do a bit of manipulating to get it spot on and a little bit of extra glass when joining them together stiffens it up. I put it on with small countersunk screws on a butyl type sealant and then tapered the edges and filled and faired to make it blend in. Theres pictures in my wee a series rebuild in the project section
  2. Ok so it's been a while I've just finished rebuilding the mazda so at least I don't have to drive a 1.4 astra anymore as every time I did a little bit of my soul died Been bashing away at the manta the last couple of days it really is amazing what you can do with a jack, a big hammer and lot of aggression. it's back in the ball park now still a long long way to go but at least now I think I'll get there Thanks again shug for the wing! Will get pics up as soon as I remember how
  3. Again thanks mate. When suits and ill come over and get it. Bonnet seems ok and i have à rusty spare one myself
  4. Thats brilliant shug definatley want them. Where abouts are you? Think the settlement is nearly sorted now so be able to start pulling it apart soon. Although the end of the chassis leg is bent down has got me a little worried Ive bought myself a generic silver astral mk 4 1.4as a cheap runaround going to put some Opel badges on it to make me feel better Thanks again shug
  5. Ok so been back in my other car since the smash its à mazda 6 mps and it started misfiring yesterday. Just did a compression test and got zéro on number 4. Not been a good week.
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