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  1. The Rekord is 1968 1.9S CIH. By the looks of it, most people are running them on unleaded until a fault becomes present.
  2. Thanks for clearing that up and the advise! I'm looking at valves as well so i can run purely on unleaded. Looks like it's time to open the wallet Unfortunately the unit i had the cars in is being built on so finding a new place is top priority atm
  3. Found a pic. There are Hair line cracks i guess caused by stress about 3mm in from the edge.
  4. Sorry it's been a while since I stripped the top half If I'm right there's cap that sits on top if the spring followed by a disc (cracked part) and then secured by two half collects. This is going by memory from the beginning of last year so maybe completely wrong.
  5. To be honest the engine isn't in to bad a condition. I broke it down for the experience and a clean up more than anything and thought I might aswell replace parts while I had the chance, time and so that I know where I stand with it when it's on the road The only real damage I remember seeing is the valve plates. Most seem to have cracks in...
  6. Over the summer between jobs i stripped my Rekord Sprint engine (19H). Now I've got time it need rebuiding Here are the parts I think Require replacing or are worth doing whilst its apart Oil Pressure sensor Piston rings Bearings - Crank bearings - Conrod Bearings Gaskets - Sump gasket - Head gasket - Rocker cover Seals - Crank seal - Valve seals? Whats the chances for finding a seal kit for the DFO carbs? is there a setup guide? Is there anything I've missed? Is there a recommended source to buy parts from or placed I should avoid? Thanks Lewis
  7. The color is a big debate and will be fur a long time. The interior is far too good to get rid off so the exterior has to match the light Brown. I want a deep purple out white. Dads thinking dark green but hey were years before paint is a worry
  8. After Dad owning 2 Rekord Coupes roughly 15 years ago its time to for-fill his dream Ill get the story from him at some point. So here she is the day she come home (Nov Last year) The weather made it that day but then it rained for a lifetime To make the bond, much to mums delight, we decided to bring the rocker cover home and work the elbow grease The previous owner said it was turned over when he bought it with help of a direct feed to the carbs but previous to that it hadnt ran in 35 years. But im not taking any chances. The engine is getting a thorough clean out and Ill try to replace as many parts as I can Carbs off and cleaned Intake and Exhaust manifold Off and cleaned Nice weld in the manifold Alternator and starter motor off and cleaned Tomorrow is the big day. Engine out!
  9. Ha well I think mum has kept her opinions to her self so far but this one wasnt going to slip through our fingers. Dad as a small history with Rekords 15 years ago he had 2 that he bought but they werent road worthy, so a lovely neighbor called the council to get them removed. And here we are ready to rock it again. Sorry its been a while Si ive just replied to your PM
  10. That's brilliant news. I look forward to making contract with him
  11. I see there not much in there but at sone point its been played with and cut up in places. There's some lovely air horns that have been fitted cowboy style and from memory it looks like there's a cable missing on the coil pack. I think there was a spade connection on it but no cable in sight. I've not had the opportunity to go through engine properly yet so I'm trying to gather as much info as I can ready for the weekend
  12. Will get on there tomorrow. I've been checking out the German bay and I've seen a few posts pig people going over to Holland to collect parts First things. First I'm looking for an electrical drawing for the 19h engine. Any idea where I'd find them?
  13. Im looking the electrical drawings for a 19H engine, for my '96 Rekord Sprint Could someone point me in the right direction. Would they be hidden in the Paid members section? Cheers Lewis
  14. Hey This is a joint project for me (Lewis) and Dad (Martin) Its a 1969 Rekord Sprint which requires much love and attention Im hoping there will be some info here that i can make use of as Rekord specs are pretty hard to come by Let the games begin! Lewis
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