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  1. Cheers mate, it's the thread on the stud from the cav manifold that needs matching up. It wouldn't start this morning - it may be succinct air in between carb and manifold. Had to take the girlfriend's car to work and leave it! I'll basically take the carb off and wind the stud out when I get a chance. I'll also investigate the dodgy noise and make sure it's all tip top before continuing to use it. Luckily there's a chance my other car will be mot'd this week so I can swap daily duties over to it and the cav can rest until I have time to look at it.
  2. Good call mate - I'll have a go of that. Although it has a new alternator so it shouldn't be that
  3. About 3 weeks ago! And before that about 11 months ago.
  4. Cool. Well I've found a major issue causing problems. One of the nuts wasn't actually touching the base of the carb so one corner will have effectively been loose. I wound it off in order to pour a spacer on it and dropped it. It's gone forever, looked and looked and looked. I've gone through my whole spare nut and bolt collection and not one has the same thread. Does anyone know the thread size ? I'll be driving it held on the 3 nuts now - it's gonna be even better to start! Getting fed up of this car at the moment!
  5. Cheers mate Well I've managed to hook it up. I got a cable and bracket from a capri to do it. It runs brilliantly when warmed up - I was genuinely shocked by the huge torque gain and improvement in response. It goes like a stabbed rat in comparison to how it used to. It's rubbish in the morning though - manual choke appears to not do an awful lot and it misfires badly. It hasn't been setup at all, just lobbed on and used, but I'm sure it should be better than it is. I'm wondering if it's over fueling in the morning hence the misfire, it actually feels electrical but clears up a minute or two up the road so it must be fuel. Got a rattle now too, slightly concerning!
  6. Oh cheers mate, I'll try and do that over the weekend. Can the tensioner be tightened up if it is that? I really hope it is - can't have the motor dying on me at the moment!
  7. No its not just under load is whenever you rev it up. It's hard to détente where the noise is coming from but I'd say it's coming from the front mostly? That's why I'm hoping chain. Is there a way of checking/tightening chain? I didn't think the cih had hydraulic tappets? I did over rev it slightly tother day and thought the tappets sounded louder after
  8. Just noticed that when the revs are rising - somewhere around 3k the engine has started to rattle :/ I'm hoping it's not bearings :/ my experience of bearing failure in other engines is that of a rattle as the revs drop. It's not doing that. Could it be the timing chain slackening?
  9. Well to confirm the issue - carb bolts straight on no worries but the accelerator cable is a no go. It's 180 degree or on the solex and far too short to turn it. I'm trying to find a bracket and cable from a Ford to use instead. My daily is now or if action and I'm back in work on Monday - doh! Runs great though
  10. Easy fix, it'd fallen off the sender and was laying in the manifold! Cheers guys
  11. Cool - I'll have a butchers. However, I wasn't over there so I'm not confident it'll be that. I must have pulled something off under the dash when pulling wires through etc. :/
  12. I was indeed under the bonnet fitting the power cable and fuse for the amp. Where abouts is the temp sender?
  13. Fitted an amp for my speakers yesterday and just seen that as soon as the ignition is on the temp gauge quickly climbs all the way to the right. It's deffo not overheating - anyone know why it might have happened? It's a mk1 cav with manta clocks
  14. 1978 Cav saloon in blue with black bumpers and trim, lowered on minilites
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