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  1. Thank you for the heads up Jim, there looks like there has been a lot of (expensive) work completed on your car and it isn't too far away from being finished either. However, like Mike I have looked at your coupe a few times but it's not what I'm after really. Original spec is high in my wish list like the hundreds of other folks looking for a Manta it seems! I would be happy with an Ascona, Mk1 Cavalier, a Manta Hatch too would be nice - am I allowed to say that as everyone seems to want coupes........ best of luck with your car Jim
  2. Like Mike, I don't have a Manta either just now however I am pretty flexible on any Manta to be honest, Manta A to Exclusive, it's condition that will be the deciding factor for me. The best I can get that I can still use without feeling too guilty about it is the goal. I do like the GTE era but the B coupe/hatch with the black bumpers is probably my favourite era. My ideal Manta would by "smiffy" on here's coupe. Right car, right colour!!
  3. I agree Gerry with your advice on buying the best you can afford. I've learned the hard way by not doing that in the past..... I don't recognise the registration on your red car either, I'm pretty good with reg numbers usually too. I can't think of a silver/black roof Coupe in Peterhead, was this the colour it was when you got it or its original spec?
  4. Hi Jim, thank you for posting up your message i would be delighted to come along the next time you guys meet as long as everyone is ok with that? I do remember an Exclusive in Balmedie at the Aberdeen end a few years ago so might be Mark's one? There may have been two mantas at one time at that same house, might be mistaken though as my memory isn't what it was!
  5. I was brought up in Peterhead Mike, there were quite a few Mantas, Asconas, Cavaliers kicking about, most likely due to the Grange Garage Vauxhall dealer in the town. I lived not too far away from the garage either. If like me you can remember all of the Mantas in particular that used to be around, it seems incredible that all of these cars could be gone doesn't it, maybe a few are stashed away for nice days/future restoration. I do remember two brothers in Peterhead, one brother bought a GTE coupe either new or nearly new on a B Reg in the brown metallic that you also saw on Monzas and the other brother had a green Cavalier Coupe that he put a European bodykit onto in the late 80s/early 90s, can't remember the kits name. I can't remember seeing or hearing about either car coming up for sale so these guys just might still have them. Like you ive been to look at a couple of cars so far but they needed work - the newest car is nearly 30 years old I suppose. Good luck with your search!
  6. Thank you for the pointer Mike. Looks like a few quid has been spent on that car but it's not really what I'm after. Something more original body/interior wise is what I'm looking for, I'm very open to upgrades on running gear though. Hi Gerry, thank you for posting on this thread, it's great to see there is a following up in this area still. I think I remember reading about the car in you avatar in the P&J a while back, would that be right? I live in Aberdeen itself just up the hill from the infamous Haudugan roundabout. I haven't really seen that many cars around at all in recent years, however I did see a lovely grey Exclusive Hatch, an early Cavalier Coupe and a saloon owned by the same guy and a cracking 400 Replica owned by a guy I know from Fife at Grantown MotorMania yesterday. Thanks too for the info on the cars you know of. I'm pretty bad at cosmetic bodywork to be honest so major restoration projects are beyond my capability, although that Ascona does sound intriguing....... Cheers Stevie
  7. Spotted a lovely blue Manta A with Black Vinyl Roof and four-spoke revolutions on it yesterday OSH???N, parked up at the Pre-67 Ford Owners Club show at the Scottish Bus Museum, Lathalmond. It really was lovely, inside looked good too. I will upload some pics later. Does this car belong to anyone on here? It was the only Manta that I saw there, over 300 cars in the show too and this was in the car park! There were some Mk1 Cavaliers there though
  8. Thanks for the welcome! My mistake regarding the Ascona SR, it was an Ascona B I was referring to, I always had assumed the top of the tree was an Ascona SR like the earlier Mantas. Any Ascona would be good they really are a rare car these days.
  9. Hello further to my post in the Welcome section, I would love to own a nice Ascona B or Cavalier GLS Saloon Coupe or Hatch. A Manta would be good too, an 1.8S Berlinetta Coupe would be fantastic! anyone looking to sell or know of one of there cars for sale? Can you drop me a PM if you know of anything? Cheers Stevie
  10. Hello there, I've been on the forum a while as a lurker so it's about time I spoke up. I'm a big Manta/Ascona/Cavalier fan and have almost owned a few over the years. First car was a Chevette GLS hatch and I dreamt of aspiring to an Ascona B, Cavalier GLS or indeed a Manta. I did briefly have a 1981 Ascona 1600 GTG614W that I bought damaged. I did get it back together and then the oil pump then gave up the ghost. Rather than repair it, the car was scrapped, stupid really as it had only been 8 years old at the time. Also during my Chevette ownership, I nearly bought a few Cavaliers including a lovely GLS Saloon and a GLS hatch but I just couldn't quite get the cash together before the cars were sold to someone else. When I did have some cash saved up, I went on the search for a Manta/Ascona/Cavalier and almost bought a black 1.8S Manta Berlinetta coupe that a neighbour had traded in to the local Vauxhall/Opel dealer - BRS456Y. I agreed to take it but I was gazumped again as by the time I got back from the bank with my loan-approval paperwork in my hand the car was gone! I never did see it again. I ended up buying a Capri instead....... A year or two later i did look at a couple of other Mantas in an attempt to redeem my Capri ownership, a gold B Reg GTE Hatch B44DRS which was a shed really and a red GTE Hatch A777DRS that was quite rusty really even though it was only 6 years old at the time. Time for another Capri then, a 2.8 that I went on to own for 15 years. I have been looking off-and-on for an Ascona or Cavalier GLS and Mantas over the years, either I've been too slow making the deal or I've been outbid on eBay. Ideally I would love to have a Cavalier GLS saloon, one like the car I was offered for £450 in 1992 SSA951X I think the reg was) that I remember being new at the same Vauxhall Opel Dealer mentioned above. It was green like "smiffy"' on here's Manta and I turned it down as the ATS wheels were not on it. See, I am a numpty! There were loads of Mantas Asconas Cavaliers up here in the 80s/90s including an Ascona 200/400? on a W Reg, not sure if it was genuine or not. I wonder where they all went. My apologies for the ramblings. I'll put a wanted post up in the section below to see if I can get a nice Ascona SR or Cavalier GLS saloon - well, I can dream eh! Cheers Stevie
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