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  1. I'm sure the car that KG motorsport had in Ireland was one of the 4x4 cars.
  2. spike

    Battery tray

    I've sent you a message on facebook Kevin.
  3. spike

    Battery tray

    Does anyone have a useable battery tray? because my car has been converted to rhd (badly) the tray in the car just now is no good.I want it to look right but fabricating it looks a right pain. Let me know if you have one. Ta
  4. Bit out of date maybe but i have the 400 kit off the Paul Bova manta,i got other bits but its so long ago i cant remember what i had.I was a nice car in its day.
  5. I've been to see this car.I really hoped it wouldn't be to bad but in my opinion its a basket case.The corrosion really is spectacular,the swan necks are nearly gone completely and the rest of the legs a badly corroded.Floors dont look good and the ecu is visable from under the wings.I couldn't turn the engine so it may be siezed,as you would expect the fuel/brake pipes are knackered as is the exhaust.I'm sure theres more but i couldn't get a good look as it was dark.A real shame because it must have been a lovely car when it was parked up.I think it would be better to reshell but even the mechanical bits may be no good.I offered something to take it for wee bits for my car but have not heard anymore. Spike
  6. spike

    Coupe Rear Panel

    Fair enough,I would do the same
  7. spike

    Coupe Rear Panel

    If you want to sell it give me a shout. cheers
  8. spike

    Coupe Rear Panel

    Yeah i spotted that Martin,i would prefer a new panel or a lower panel if possible.Might have to be a second hand or one from Germany. I'm sure mine was sold as a coupe one but i never bothered checking until now.
  9. Due to getting a hatch lower rear valance by mistake! I'm now looking for a new rear panel or repair panel for a coupe.Anybody got one in the garage? Cheers
  10. Is this not the car GMC restored a few years ago? Theres a thread in the project section about it.Gte barn find if i remember
  11. Looks like it will make a nice car.I'm doing a similar job on mine just now.The biggest problem i've had so far has been caused be poor repairs done years ago.Just keep thinking what you'll end up with and that gets you through the bad days. Where did you get the chassis rails from? Thats next on my list. Best of luck with it. Cheers Spike
  12. No it has no sunroof,i love my mantas but i've wished many times they were an escort! Cheers
  13. Does anyone have the lower part of a drivers side A pillar (below bottom hinge) they would sell? Fabricating it is proving to be a pain in the arse! Thanks Spike
  14. You made the right choice Craig.Not cheap but you can pick up the phone and get anything for it,try doing that with a 400 axle. You wont be waiting for the halfshaft to break now. Spike
  15. spike


    I had the same trouble with both my cars,the rear panel kept bending in.I ended up making a brace from the bumper/spit mount to the fuel tank mounting bolts.
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