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  1. Anybody on here know or have any contacts.. I'm looking for some Manta B Ascona B fibre glass panels.
  2. Any one going to Maltons Big Breakfast on Easter sunday?
  3. lol dam it i was trying to hit that guy up to sell it to me for spares! Are well ahah..
  4. Looking for a sump for my C20LET convo... if anyone has please!!! Cold hard cash is awaiting!
  5. My Mantas not leaking oil, She's sweating POWER!!!

  6. Looking for a bonnet to for my 84 coupe! If any one has one knocking about?????? Manscona hopfully here I come! Jonny
  7. Been pondering abit about the front end of my manta.. I like the more stubby front end looks more aggressive to me. Is it just a matter of cutting of the front top nose and replacing it with a new valance???? http://i887.photobucket.com/albums/ac73/jonny_robinson/Mobile%20Uploads/2015-01/Screenshot_2015-01-03-21-08-35.png http://i887.photobucket.com/albums/ac73/jonny_robinson/Mobile%20Uploads/2015-01/Screenshot_2015-01-03-21-05-23.png
  8. Cheers dude. 150ltr and £350 upwards... sweet. Thats awesome just the info I was after.,... Gumtree here I come
  9. Well my crappy old polisher that doubled up as my sander has packed in. So going to buy a compressor. Does any body know what size tank and hp is best for mainly running a orbital sander aand couple of air tools and a spray gun?? Jonny
  10. I got a draper set off flee bay for £11.00 not used them as yet.
  11. Yeah, bloody stone chip. Thats getting media all blasted off... hopefully sooner rather than later. You took a trip to Buckie too?? Long bloody way isnt it... I did there and back in a day.... 7 hours up with power steering, blue tooth steerio, electric pack,... 7 hours down with none of that ahahah
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