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  1. http://www.classiccarsforsale.co.uk/blog/opinion/project-of-the-week-vauxhall-cavalier Same car!!
  2. Done a bit of fiddling, change a few gaskets and ecu's and its going perfect now. Unsure what exactly it was but happy that its going. Get oil in the lsd now and take it out for a wee spin.
  3. As title says , the 2.2 i just put in my manta is revving up and down. Any suggestions on why it would be doing this? Thanks, Owen
  4. Doing up my axle and wondering if anyone has 5 stud hubs for sale before i put back on the 4stud? Owen
  5. Turn up the idle screw and hopefully that may be able to stop the car from getting too low of revs to stall.
  6. Manta78

    400 kit

    Well my cars getting to the stage where im on the lookout for a 400 kit. Have been told about something called a 'martin kit' at being the best? Anyone have one or know about these martin kits? Owen
  7. Good to see another manta on the go in Ireland! Nearly sure theres a man in Dungannon that does 400 kits.
  8. Aye hes dead on. He had the car at a wedding up here and it looked amazing. Sad i didnt get photos of her..
  9. Cant believe I only seen this topic now.. Great looking yock Any chance you bought the car off Neil up here in Donegal?
  10. Manta78

    Lamp pod

    Lamp Pod for the front of a manta needed . Normally on the rally cars . I will be at the NEC for the classic car show in birmingham if it helps. Owen
  11. Manta78


    Hi , Im in need of interior for my manta b . preferably checkered or exclusive interior . Thanks, Owen
  12. Manta78


    Hi , Im in need of interior for my manta b . preferably checkered or exclusive interior . Thanks, Owen
  13. exact same model as mines . unknown of the car but hopefully you find stuff out
  14. Great . thanks for the help
  15. took out the thermostat just to make sure it wasnt that , heater hoses getting warm but i took out the rad and refilled it and it seems to be a whole lot cooler now so there could of just been an airlock in the rad so all good now
  16. Yeah radiators the wrong one..the fan doesnt seem to be strong enough to pull air through the radiator . So could i just take out one of the cooling vents? would this work?
  17. naw not looking at the dash at all the engine but mainly the rad is getting really hot after a short time of running
  18. My car is overheating and could it be that the rad is a 3 core and that the fan isnt powerful enough to pull air through? any ideas?
  19. Ill see if I can get one later!
  20. http://cars.donedeal.ie/vintagecars-for-sale/vintage-car/9032820?offset=15 Nice looking car and solid too
  21. Manta78

    Boot Lid

    Also looking for a boot lid . Im looking for an exclusive boot lid though.
  22. Not many B's around aswell most of them have been turned into 400 replicas or something else!
  23. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1975-OPEL-MANTA-1900-ORANGE-/191553565502?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_3&hash=item2c997b733e Would be a good project for someone I guess..
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