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    mantas,bmw`s,old cars in general & sleeping.dogs and good food and of course having fun!
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  1. Well get ya finger out man. Its a brilliant day out. You’ll love it x
  2. C’mon people. Come to a fabulous day out and a wicked show. Just about to book so please let me know ASAP manythanks wendy x
  3. Hi led. Not sure but I think you might come under south east area group. brian davison is area rep. I'm a member of s,e group so maybe see you at some point. Welcome to the club Wendy x
  4. Yup. I'll see you there. Hopefully with dean and laura but can't guarantee that . Ha. Ha x
  5. Was a fab day with an amazing back drop. Photo opportunity not to be missed. Roll on next year x
  6. Oh no Dom. What a bugger. That van driver needs a slap. And a kick in the danglys!!! Hope to still see you there with or without the car. Yes brian I'll be there,probably late ,ha ha. Defo sounds like a brilliant day out. Looking forward to it x
  7. Hello. Yes I'll be there. See you at 4. Ok ok you can stop laughing now !
  8. Me. Me. Me. Me . Im coming. Hope it's an interesting day and lots of mantas take part . Nope not me sorry. Im going away that day. X
  9. Hi brian. I'll be there. So will dean as far as I know. See you there x
  10. Fab day. Enjoyed myself. Don't think im burnt but I'll let you know. Thankyou brian for organising and the coke. Thankyou karl for the coke. Thankyou Sharon and jim for the food. Thankyou everyone else for the company. most of all Thankyou cows for all the lovely poop all over my sparkly wheels and car !!! See you all next meet x
  11. Is your seats for a coupe brian ? I might be interested?? How much ? X
  12. I can't see why I wouldn't be there so put my name down. I'd assume dean is coming too so theres 2 more for Ya x
  13. Hi brian. Looking forward to this meet. Gonna stuff my face. im always at this carvery. Love it. It may be close to me and dean but that guarantees nothing on arriving on time ! Cheeky !! Anyway it's dean not me. X
  14. Hiya Brian. Yes defo sounds like fun count me in. Look forward to seeing you there x
  15. Yes put me down I'll be in my manta. X
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