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  1. Nice pics thought it was a great turnout this year.
  2. Hi all I have a problem with my Phillips 752 the radio is ok and it plays tapes but there is a loud clicking noise when playing tapes is this normal for this unit or is there a simple fix. Any help or tips on this one? Many thanks in advance martin.
  3. Hi do you have any pictures of the rubber round the lights and how you did this with cycle inner tube many thanks martin.
  4. Hi there a member on here made these an exact copy of the originals . Sorry I can not remember who it was. I suggest you have a look through the various posts on here.cheers Martin.
  5. Hi mate Lucas from a ford Capri mk3. Had many problems with these twin headlamps myself the problem being there are so many different types of fixings . Good luck.
  6. Manta b clock required with yellow hands again this is for young jacks gte hatch?
  7. Hi all I know this is a long shot but does anybody have a working phillips 400 radio cassette player?. It's the one with the old push buttons on the front the one I brought recently is dead. I brought this for young jack he wants to keep his b reg manta as original as possible.
  8. Hi many thanks can you pm me your payment details many thanks martin.
  9. Hi I have managed to get a Phillips 400 push button radio cassette player for young Jack Turner. The only thing is it didn't come with the mounting clips and black mounting panel and just wondered if anybody has these missing bits available ? Jack is very keen on keeping his manta original so any help with these will be greatly appreciated many thanks martin.
  10. Realality check needed!!!! I totally agree with all the comments above and hope this can be saved.
  11. I have always wanted a monoco blue exclusive it's probably a sound original car but at that price I think it might stay under that stardust for a while very sad.!!
  12. Hi spike there's a coupe rear panel on eBay off a green breaker.
  13. This ones got steve prices name on it. I think this is right up his street.?
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