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  1. good passenger door wanted manta 1979 07495763842
  2. manta quad headlights wanted
  3. i need either one or two springs dosent matter how rusty as i need one for specs from a gte please
  4. manta81


    has anyone got a pair of rear springs for a gte , and or rear springs uprated i want to try a few different heights for my manta b project thanks email or text clivemoss@yahoo.com or text 07495763842 clive
  5. has anyone done a manta 3.0 and changed all the springs to get a nice balanced ride height ? i bought two front springs from a well known place and swore the ride height would be 1 inch lower than original its not its too high, i bought also new rear springs from ebay and they are to high and to soft. if you know of a place and part numbers please dont guess i wish to purchase the right ones, gte sits slighly lower but i dont recon it will take the extra weight
  6. can anyone help i need a bare engine 3.0 cih monza mines cracked and one of my head bolt threads has stripped i recon a past poor repair please call text 07495763842
  7. after doing a manta 3.0 upgrade i done the front suspension with very stiff springs but what im looking for is help with the back, has anyone done a upgrade spring on the back and if so what? ie where did you get the spring or have you a part number or dimension of it. i want to keep to around the normal ride height
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