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  1. wamted engine and box consider complete car please 5 speed gearbox, a nice 2.0 cih but would consider a 2.2, 2.4 cih 07533365085
  2. my car gets used, serviced, and its been well maintained , never had a problem before and everything is as it should be inside even no wear, but im convinced its the spring but im making a new insert valve out of metal stainless just to test it. but any imput is helpfull if someone has had issues with high oil pressure , low is normal when worn out parts , high is block or valve not opening
  3. would any one had in the past issues where there oil pump caused high oil pressure by the older plastic type insert stiking? i have reason to believe that they can can see any other reason for it.im going to do some investigation and make some slight alterations to mine so i can still use it without changing the design , adjustable im thinking. the spring could have become stiff over years , but has anyone bought and fitted the new type ive seen?
  4. required, bumpers, all body arch trim, front valance trim, interior, may be looking for some body panels, drivers wing, sills, arches, jacking points, boot floor to rear, wheel well, nice steering wheel, all for early manta. thanks
  5. good passenger door wanted manta 1979 07495763842
  6. manta quad headlights wanted
  7. i need either one or two springs dosent matter how rusty as i need one for specs from a gte please
  8. manta81


    has anyone got a pair of rear springs for a gte , and or rear springs uprated i want to try a few different heights for my manta b project thanks email or text clivemoss@yahoo.com or text 07495763842 clive
  9. has anyone done a manta 3.0 and changed all the springs to get a nice balanced ride height ? i bought two front springs from a well known place and swore the ride height would be 1 inch lower than original its not its too high, i bought also new rear springs from ebay and they are to high and to soft. if you know of a place and part numbers please dont guess i wish to purchase the right ones, gte sits slighly lower but i dont recon it will take the extra weight
  10. can anyone help i need a bare engine 3.0 cih monza mines cracked and one of my head bolt threads has stripped i recon a past poor repair please call text 07495763842
  11. after doing a manta 3.0 upgrade i done the front suspension with very stiff springs but what im looking for is help with the back, has anyone done a upgrade spring on the back and if so what? ie where did you get the spring or have you a part number or dimension of it. i want to keep to around the normal ride height
  12. I have a 1980 gtj I need the grill emblem mines plastic dark grey colour please help as long as its not broke I'm happy with used please call or text 07495763842
  13. manta81


    ive got a 2.0 cih £75
  14. wanted grill badge for a gtj 1980 please I think its dark grey or black fits into a two pin hole
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