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  1. Tried to clean injectors on my GTE. Didn’t work so wondered who you use for cleaning and if anyone has substituted the injectors for another available type and had good results ?
  2. How rusty is it? Completely gone or could it be worked on. My old tank on a B model was rotten in places areas of around an inch or two. So ground back and silver solder. I'm unsure on all the regulations but could you not fabricate a copy in ally or stainless with a water test?
  3. Hi All, just got myself a Gold 86 plate GTE as a project. Engine not running yet, interior shot and loads of welding to do. 😀👍🏻 I had a Gold Berlinetta in 92 as a boy racer and wish I never sold it. Done so much to it There was about 6 of us had Manta's at the time. Some running home fiat twin cam made turbo kits and others Ford EFI home made turbo. All the work was trial and error and loads of fun. Mine however was standard ☹️ This project won't be 😀 Live in Blyth near Newcastle and can weld pretty well and have an eye for detail. Engine knowledge is down to Haynes. 😀 Hope to meet you soon.
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