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  1. was nice to meet you all this evening and also nice to see a few manta's parked together, will have to get cracking on mine. Thanks Pete
  2. another couple of hours done and the inner wing is looking a lot better, I have cut out where visible and let pieces in and cut and plated where not so visible as its a bit quicker. on the plated parts I normally use seam sealer so no water can get behind but got told the other day that it can actually cause it to rust, is that right. Pete
  3. A small amount done tonight trying to get back into it, 1 hole on the inner wing cut out and a new piece put in, didn't get any pictures but has come out nice, also started on another hole, idea is to get the passenger side done first as that was the worst side, got my engine hoist at the ready to lift it out but finding somewhere to put it once out could be a problem as im out of room. Pete
  4. Well with changing jobs recently iv had next to no time to do anything on the car, iv managed to remove the front wings, wire brush with a drill and treat the tin worm to stop it getting much worse, iv decided to start from the front back This is what I have so far. Drivers side passenger side Now I have to decide whether to plate it and have fun or do a proper job cutting out and replacing with new where available, the first option has an appeal as most will not be seen.
  5. the swan neck on my car is a bit on the soft side, are they sided, or is the link below passenger side. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/221442556745?ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1423.l2648 Thanks Pete
  6. it's had a clean. I have made plenty of holes and now need to repair, after speaking to the previous owner he tells me it used to be white but he had it painted Guards red to match his 911.
  7. im all for saving cars, I bought this in pieces, cost £800, now owes me a small fortune, only a phone picture so not the best quality, if I can get the manta as good as this I will be over the moon
  8. well hopefully I haven't bitten of more than I can chew but here it is, needs lots of welding the boot area is the biggest worry. here it is once I got it home. here is the horror of the rest, I can see these are not made of the thickest metal hole near battery tray and inner wing. boot area I have taken the front wings off and it is better than I thought behind there, needs a couple of bits but have seen worse, the boot area is my concern as unsure what panels are available. Im beginning to think I may be mad. Pete
  9. Thanks have joined the club and will have a look around the site. Pete
  10. O.K so my next question is regarding parts for these cars, I also have a V8 rover and parts are readily available but the manta seems a little more difficult to get parts, are chassis rails, body parts available, looking around I may need to learn German as most parts seem to be across the water, how do you guys source parts. Pete
  11. no pictures of the underside at present, boot floor needs work on the seam where it joins the valance, drivers floor pan small hole, seals are good, maybe front swan neck chassis rail as feels a bit soft, under the bonnet it needs welding both sides near battery tray and same on the other side. it has red top, twin 45s, been cam'd, brake bias box, front has been seem welded, was rolling roaded at 190 bhp many years ago, I don't mind the welding under the bonnet as sheet metal is cheap and its just time fabricating the plate.
  12. I have just bought a manta that has been sat in a barn for the last 15 years, it is running a redtop and had quite a bit done to it but will require a full restoration including lots of welding, I don't mind welding and also do a bit of painting so going to try most on my own, here are a couple of pictures of when I first pulled it out from its resting place is it worth saving . Pete
  13. Hello, I have just joined, live in kent and have bought my first manta so will be looking for lots of advise. Will get some pictures up and you can tell me if its worth saving. Thanks Pete
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