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  1. Cool, I'll be up for this, beaulieu is a great day out.
  2. Lol, if it's not to late we're up for it.
  3. One car + 2 people, cant reply to your text as my phones just packed up, will be fixed tomorrow.
  4. Just a idea for sussex/Kent route, maybe from m25 onto a22 south, forest row then the b2026 up through ashdown forest, it's a nice drive with loads of lay-bys for a few pics, ends up in Edenbridge.
  5. Next time will get there in daylight looking forward to the next meet now.
  6. Anyone got any idea what time this meet usually ends ?
  7. Cheers jack, would love to do billing next year.
  8. Cheers fellas, Roy been out a little bit not as much as I would of liked to, dave Deffo hope to make the Sunday meet.
  9. Straight through the mot so well happy with that, unless the engine falls out I'll be there
  10. Cheers, I definitely hope to be there, might even give the old girl a polish
  11. I got a mot to get threw this month (can't see it being to much of a problem) providing everything's good I could make this.
  12. Thanks for the welcomes, here is a picture of mine.
  13. Hi all, was a member a couple of years ago but didn't really get involved to much, hopefully going to change that this time round Anyway I'm the proud owner of a red gte coupe e228 cal, think a couple of members new of the car when I posted pics a couple of years ago, I'll get round to posting a few more when I get time.
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