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  1. Sure, the front looks to be exactly where it needs to be. I bought the springs described as the correct spec for the car.
  2. Hmm, I'm not sure, it might be part of the old petrol pipe? That was all replaced with copper pipes towards the end of putting it all back together. I've put the car up for sale on the owners club website now.
  3. Thank you. You could well be right. I reckon I'm about done spending money on this one.
  4. Thanks guys. It's been a long journey to get it this far. Expensive too as I've paid for all of the work to be done at a garage and a body shop. Getting the genuine parts were interesting, the inner wings being genuine GM parts from Greece!! The brief was to go through the whole car and remove any rust by either replacing the panels or replicate a replacement section. Once welded, each section was covered with a zinc spray to protect it from rusting again. Once it was resprayed the whole underside was pumped full of protective wax. I've included only a small fraction of photos of parts and sections that were replaced. I've ended up with over 600 photos over the whole restoration.
  5. Out and about in Dorset and 900 miles covered, nearly as good as I wanted it. Rear spoiler will need repainting as corners cracking. Rear suspension looks to be about 2" too high, stereo not operational and oil pressure gauge not working. Otherwise, it starts, drives, sounds and looks very, very good. It only took 5 years and £15.000!
  6. And finally back on the road!! She's back on the road at long last!!
  7. It now drives..... at last. Just a few finishing touches. Hopefully not long now!
  8. Hi, good question, I searched for the correct oil based on advice from Ian Virco, a very well established manta owner. It's one of those things. If I don't use it, it's damned sure to go bang and I can hear those immortal words....."I told you so."
  9. As March passes us by, the painfully slow progress with this manta plods along. It'll be 4 years soon since this started. On inspection, the radiator had a small section of brass that had come loose. It was sent over to a radiator specialist for repair and texting before refitting it, Guess what? Upon pressure testing it was found to have a leak, so needed to be recored. Oh well, I was running out of excuses to spend some more money on this project, It is now refitted and looks very smart. With the manifolds fitted, that's another small step........
  10. Hi, thank you. Yes, please let it be completed in 2018!! It always feels like it's getting close to completion. It still needs new fuel pipes to be fitted, the radiator and remaining hoses, the wiring will be examined and replaced if neccessary. It's got a brand new, exact original spec, stainless exhaust pipe to be fitted. The throttle cable housing and injectors, inlet manifold to go back on. All of the fluids and oils to be put back, new spark plugs, leads etc. Finally, the new number plates which have been made with the original supplier's logo on them and a new set of tyres. I expect there's a few other things I've forgotten but not too much left now. It's been a very long process and much more expensive than I'd ever imagined. I've got photos of all the work completed - over 600 so far. The ours that have gone into this are amazing. It'll hopefully be as close to when it first left the factory as we can get it. What are you driving? I guess a monaco blue exclusive?
  11. As the year comes to a close, there has been a little progress with my somewhat dusty hatch. I hope it will have some fuel pipes in the new year as well!
  12. And now with a gearbox and fuel tank fitted. It feels like not too far to go now.....................and then I woke up!!! Jon
  13. Wow, that's looking very good indeed. A red GT/E hatch - my favorite!
  14. Wow, a really smart looking Manta already for relatively little effort. Amazing sun roof for an E reg! Well done guys!
  15. The gearbox came so close to going back in until the mechanic discovered he'd lost the clutch release bearing! Would you believe there are two different ones for the GT/E 5 speed getrag gearbox depending on the chassis number. It depends on whether the chassis number is before or after H6000001. I'm told that although the newer release bearing would most likely fit, it wouldn't last very long. With mine being an earlier model, chassis number E6074912, I began to search. Vauxhall/Opel have no stock in the UK or Germany. LUK have no stock anywhere either. A number of on line searches and calls to car parts suppliers also all came up with nothing. The replacement part number for the newer model release bearing was LUK 500032010, however, I reportedly needed LUK 500 0166 10 (Opel part number 90111364). Finally, I found one at Mister Auto. A full clutch kit would have been a better option but even these seem to be becoming very rare. So the gearbox still waits to be fitted but a bit more work was completed on the rear suspension, handbrake cables etc.
  16. Good afternoon, I spoke to Neil in the parts department at Eden Vauxhall in Poole, Dorset. Thankfully, he knows about Opel Mantas having owned three of them himself. As soon as I said Manta GT/E gearbox, he interjected with "A Getrag 240?" which inspired some confidence. He's been at the dealership since 1984. There's not many like him around now. He swiftly identified the gearbox oil in question and advised buying 2 litres as it requires just over a litre. I it this afternoon. Many thanks for your advice. Much appreciated. Jon
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