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  1. I intent to keep all the original running gear thanks. Jai
  2. Hi can anyone point me in the right direction - I am looking for anyone that has for sale for Manta A 1973 1.9 .... 1. complete door and windscreen rubbers 2. front windscreen 3.Red top engine and 5 speed gear box with the necessary mountings, ecu and wiring for a conversion 4.Brake upgrade kit for the necessary conversion 5. Rear axel bearing kit 6. Normal front and rear rubber bush kit (so not a harsh ride) 7. front subframe bolts and nut ( had to cut of as rusted and they look special) I am restoring a Manta A series 1.9 Berlinetta 1973 still have all original running gear but have been thinking putting the above running gear open for club members thoughts and if you have any of the above for sale. Emails and contact numbers would be appreciated (you can contact me directly on 07841 748 776/jai@acharya.me.uk) Many Thanks Jai
  3. Hi can any one please point me the right direction to buy some Opel Manta A parts at the moment I require subframe bushes and bolts
  4. Hi has anyone got any rear wheel arches and rear outer sill panels for sale or have any idea of where I could buy some. Thanks Jai
  5. Hi I have a Manta A 1.9 1973 I require parts and hope some one can point me in the right direction, Parts required at moment Exhaust system Rear lower outer sill panels Radiator Lights front and back Windscreen rubbers front and back with chromes Thanks Jai
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