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  1. Mantacol

    manta b

    Would anyone have the nut and bolt that shoud go here. I have tried with a bolt that looks like it should go but there is slught play under load so want a proprer one with washers ect manta b gte exclusive .
  2. omg i love this shot one of the best i have seen yet , fantastic
  3. Anyone have a tried and tested setup for a suspention kit on a 400r . I put lowering springs 50mm on the car and it is fantastic on the smooth roads and track , BUT in the real world in the roads on Anglesy its sooooo hard and not nice to drive, I would like shocks and springs for the vehicle that still keep a nice drive feel on a normal road . Thanks all
  4. I say this laughing but that does happen on on the duel carriageway too.
  5. Out for a quick spin today some silly shots the wife took.
  6. It's raspy. Yes sportex system excluding manifold. As I'm still running engine in only reved to 3000 and it's on the button not too loud. However it is loud enough that people loak on in discussed then realise it's a classic and not a boy racer 1.1 ans smile give thumbs up ect .
  7. Went out with kev Abbott for a quick spin tonight ..good fun VID-20180803-WA0002.mp4
  8. Welcome to the club . Lovely looking car a credit to you. Thanks for supporting the club i hope you find it helpful and informative. You may well have done but you can link and log in from your phone our tablet in settings on the page and set notification for all posts you may find of interest also follow posts that you wish to prioritise or like to follow. Makes log in easy and finding things you like quicker. Also check out the members only section now you have full access.🍻
  9. He'll yeah .after the long build nightmare lol😂 Thanks be nice to put my foot dowe a bit next week once the engine is run in.
  10. I still have to have this done but they said I have a few weeks to sort that and the guy said from what he knows about 400r the price was about right if not a little under 👍happy days
  11. Sorted £190 fully comp. Bit buy back and 400r mods listed. Well happy. 😊
  12. Thank you been out for small drives every night this week and living it.😊
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