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  1. I don't have a facebook account, what do they ask for it? See something like a tripmaster and fire extinguisher, floorpans are rusty but looks like someone gave this car some love & attention.
  2. I like it, has got attitude. Love the way how the front bumper is fitted on the front mask. Give it 8x15 Ronals (yet 5x15) and it looks unbeatable.
  3. Got a few friends that has done the rebuild. Power is compareble as the "400" head. Is still a tough project to do, one of the headbolts of the 24V has got another lokation than the 4 cilinder block. This is an example of such a shortened 24 head, the owner wanted to copy a "400" engine and did even copy the front-covers of the camshafts and the valve-cover: He build an exact copy of the original Kadett-400
  4. Looking great, nice mancave. Miss the fridge.
  5. H-400

    New swan neck

    Hey Evo, thought first it was a part of my old Datsun Silvia. But I saw it on an Opel website so I checked in the parts catalogue but never finded out where it belongs to.
  6. H-400

    New swan neck

    Where does this fit? Found out it has got something to do with the clutch. (Cable?):
  7. Hello David, your Manta looks stil in good condition! About the rear axle rebuild to 5-stud this is what I'm going to do: I'm going to use half-shafts of an Opel Commodore. The strange thing about the Commo shafts: They are thinner than the Manta shafts! So I let someone make tubes on a lathe machine that fit on the Commo-shafts and outside diameter that fits on the Manta bearings. The Commo-shafts are longer than the Manta ones so I'm going to use a thikker plate to close the axle tube. Maybe this plate can be used to install brake discs/ calipers but in Belgium we are not allowed to upgrade our brake system. If you want to keep the rear drums no problem cause Commodore used the same diameter of brake drums with 5-stud. This is an example of a reinforced torque shaft: Succes, Herman
  8. H-400

    New swan neck

    @Wayne & Chris: Thanks for the suggestion. At the barracks we have a company of paracommando's, they use those inflatable attack boats with two heavy engines. I see those cables that command those engines hanging to run oil in them. The salt of the water makes a lot of problems. I will give that info to them, what ammount (%)of petrol do you mix with the oil?
  9. Again nice done Andy. Know that feeling when working on the GSI, sometimes things have to be done before you do the next stage. @Jess: think those inserts are difficult to find, done some looking at different websites. Maybe copying them with plastic tube? Will keep my eyes open for them.
  10. H-400

    New swan neck

    No big changes on the car, but you all love pics. Went yesterday with my son & the Missus to Brussels to visit the Motor show. Well saw a lot of those electro-cars, seems we petrol heads are a breed that will be dead in a few years. Had today a few ours over so I did some work: The car was already lifted up on stands so I can work under the car laying on a piece of plastic and when I have to work in the engine-bay I don't have to bend too deep so my back feels better: Noticed the clutch cable looses some plastic that surrounds the inner steel cable, so I poured some fine oil (wifes sewing machine 😁) into the hose of the cable: Engine bay with some more components: To fit the clutch cable I always remove the switch on the pedalbox. Gives you a bit more place to fit the cable on the hook. The electrical loom needed some repairs cause the tape was losing grip on it. Noticed also next time I have to fit first the accelerator-cable before the brake-booster. Fiddeling with the rubber grommet😬: Have a nice Sundayevening!
  11. Those spot welds were hand made in production (those days) , so you have the benefit you have a lot of drilled out holes that you can weld into fresh metal. Succes!
  12. I would drill out the spot welds out of your bad roof (as that friendly lad did with the piece you got) and weld (the good part) back into the same place.
  13. https://www.2dehands.be/l/auto-s/q/manta/ https://www.marktplaats.nl/l/auto-s/q/manta/ https://www.marktplaats.nl/l/auto-s/#q:monza Hope those links work, grts!
  14. Well if I count everything together what I'v done on the GSI, buying the car, all the body panels, chassis repair parts and interior parts and the paintjob (this all not included in my topic"Swan neck") and yet all the work you can see in my topic. Will be at least 15.000€, without counting the hours of work. So Sid, the car is not cheap, but it's worth it...
  15. These are the ones of Reinz: As you can see they have that spring also. I use a piece of plastic foil and oil so the seal is not damaged cause of the sharp edges.
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