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  1. Thanks Buz, doctor said it is a rather big rip so it was necesarry. Asked if I could run again after healing but he said only on soft ground... So the pain is better than yesterday but didn't sleep a lot. And on the couch! Worst is I can't do anything on my cars, that special piece to fit the sunshade in the roof of my truck arrived so I'v got work to do. When my wife arrives back from work I'm gonna lay down on the couch and moan so she will serve me whole evening😁🍺
  2. Hey Charlie, am back from the hospital. Thought I would be more mobil but know why the said to fix crutches. Try to buy your medication (painkillers & bandage) before the operation, will make everything easier😕
  3. PS autoteile sels a copy rockercover gasket in rubber, I used it but start leaking also. But I used it with the alu GT rocker cover not with the steel original one: http://www.ps-autoteile.de/de/opel/ascona-a/ascona-b/motor-und-kupplung-104/gummi-ventildeckeldichtung-8mm-kadett-b-ab-bj-1971-600.html
  4. We (on the other side of the water) have to go to a firm that is legally authorised to evaluate damage on cars and is also authorised to tax (valuate) our oldtimers. About two years ago we had a accident in our own club, two friends drove in each other car. It hapened in Holland, one car was German and the other one from Luxembourgh. So because it was an international accident we had to call the police. And they had automaticly called the fire brigade... So those fire brigade guys were so "Gung -Ho " they wanted to cut one of our cars open with their hydraulic scissors! After that incident I went directly to a firm to renew my valuation report, as Big Stu wrote above: Do it and hope you never have to use it!
  5. H-400

    "400" repair

    Well I finally had time to take the "400" for a testdrive. The electronical ignition works fine, but I noticed the engine doesn't start as easy and when I provoke "pinging" it does... So I set the ignition some degrees later and it doesn't "ping" anymore😊. And I got to get used with the noise the engine makes. Was half a year ago I gave full throttle with that car and above 5000rpm's they don't make a civilised noise. The valve tappets are mecanical and the exhaust bigger, an idle of 1300rpm's so even on the stoplight I felt guilty. The Insignia sounds like a butterfly if you compare. When I start the engine short after killing it starts easy, but when I pump the underpressure away of the brakebooster it starts difficult, so that's a sign the second underpressure connection on the original dizzy is important. When the engine is cold I'm gonna have a look at the static point of the ignition, my GSI with 2.4 engine has got a standard GSI ignition and runs fine but that engine has got a lower compression. Took some pics today of both Manta's together: If you don't look at the rims the GSI has got more "400" looks as the original "400"😁: Grts, Herman
  6. Welcome on this forum Stu, happy Big Stu's Manta found a good home.
  7. Hi Andy,I am happy you bought it . Think this car will have a future, will follow this too.
  8. This for sale topic may not yet available be for your usergroup
  9. H-400

    "400" repair

    Ignition is "strobe't" on 20° @ 2500 rpm's but the testdrive will be for later. My Son is welding his Sunny's exhaust and today it is car-free sunday in Belgium. Took this pic cause I learned my Son something I can share here: What does that tube do in that hole of the plug?? Well on modern engine's it is difficult to look for marks on the pulley/flywheel or camshaft. So sometimes we know when the mark is on "OT" (top dead point 0°) but we just don't know if it is end compression or tumbling valves (end exhaust/begin inlet). On our Manta's and Cavaliers we can check the rotor of the dizzy but on modern engines there is no dizzy. And sometimes we are a bit in a hurry or we don't have a new rockercovergasket... Just fit a tube tight in the hole of the sparkplug and try to blow air in it. When you don't feel a lot of resistance the valves are open so tumbling. If you feel you can't get air in it the cilinder is at end compression... Have a nice Sunday
  10. She looks great Ian, enjoy her. When the weather is dry I take her also out, also together with my Son. Quality time...
  11. H-400

    "400" repair

    The "400" had some things to do after months of staying in the oldtimer storage. Looked as the AFM had some problems but before solving that problem I wanted to be sure the electronical ignition is ok. This ignition was used in the early eighties but I always thought there was a problem with the distributor. The idle was not stabil so I opened the dizzy: The original distributor of a "400" has got two vacuum conections, so hard to find... I wanted to use an original eighties electronical dizzy with that electronical box but it is hard to find. So after years I found one of a kadett ralley and looked ok. Wanted my car stayed original eighties parts but I noticed the idle was not stabil. Opened the dizzy and saw the springs of the timing were worn; so I used the the original "400" dizzy to rebuild it to electronical: As you can see the pressure-box has got two connections. Cause of the high compression engine the second connection pulls the ignition later so the engine starts easier, look also at the rotor of the ignition that is difficult to find. So I rebuilded the original "400" dizzy from contact points to electronical and today the engine did his succesfull test: If someone needs the wiring diagram: Start-up of the engine but it needs some checking timing, those engines needs to set on higher rounds to be sure the ignition doesn't hurt the engine: Next thing to do is checking the AFM, after a testdrive...
  12. Hey Charlie, I am waiting for the same operation. After 36 years of running- jumping- doing things in the army my right knee needs also meniscus operation. And I'm only 56 years young... Monday they are going to check me for corona and thursday under the knife. So I know what you feel and hope the best for you. The old girl will wait for you, grts Herman
  13. H-400

    New swan neck

    Took the Manta out for testing, on small roads but also on the highway specially on exits where I used a lot of torque in the curves. Looks everything is ok, noticed also while I start the engine it is quieter. There was something as a knock but seems to be ok after fitting the other engine mount. Done some work on the "400" but will start another topic. Have a nice weekend all!
  14. Nice work 👍, you must have big plans when I see that mudwing in the back of the car 😁
  15. H-400

    New swan neck

    Yes, they are used for that also
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