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  1. Hatch is indeed more suitable to load, but I was always creative with my coupé's:
  2. Congratulations Wayne, you earn this. Looking nice, I always was a fan of Monaco bleu, looks great on a Manta👍
  3. H-400

    "400" repair

    Looked around for info about those long oil pump gears and they seem to like to "dance" in the oil pump house, checked also the clearance between the gears and the bottom plate. They had too much play so it had probably some effect on the condition the gears are at this moment. After some measuring I'm going to replace 5 shims, not sure I'm going to order them @ Risse or looking for a local shop that can grind them perfectly. If the surface is not 100% flat it will push the cam follower out of the centre in the aluminium head. A pic of checking the clearance of the cranckshaft, Nasa proved technology: And some parts of Edelschmiede arrived: Have a nice Sunday
  4. H-400

    "400" repair

    Some time ago I posted something on this topic. Didn't do that much but more thinking & improvising...First problem: The oil pump gears! Opened the Risse Oil Pump and noticed the gears are not in a good condition. Never had any problems with the oil pressure but you can see why I was surprised: They look worn and the clearance was also a bit too much. I am not a fan of those big oil pumps cause a standard pump gives enough oil as long it is in good condition. I have another set of gears but looking for new ones... Fitted the chain guides on the engine block and also a new oil seal in the timing house: The engine ready to fit the timing house: Timing house & water pump fitted: Looks like a normal CIH: Hmm, think not: With the head on the engine I checked the valve clearance again, and I had a lot of work to set them. Had to mix a lot of measurments (and shims) to end that I have three valves that are too tiny so those shims need to be replaced... Did this some time ago with the head before fitting on the engine...Think I replaced those cams 6 times, why not! Last Friday I bitten my dental filling in pieces so after more than a week I can visit my dentist next tuesday. The pain is killing me but now I'm going to drink a beer! Have all a nice weekend and stay safe!
  5. Thanks for letting us know, we all drive with basic the same cars so after years we have all the same issues on them.
  6. Rear axle was still standard. But then we go to the Manta i300: In those years Irmscher needed a lot of engines for their bussines so they bought some original Manta-400's. They had those cars without engine/gearbox in their firm and decided to fit the 6 in line in those rolling shells. And the Manta i300 was born. They builded 27 of those cars so this i300 has got the 4 link rear axle and disc brakes cause it was original a "400"...
  7. Yes, the i240C had 5 stud rims and body kit of a "400":
  8. Hi Richard, nice to see some progress. About the rims: They are better than cast. "Geschmiedet" means forged👍
  9. I use also Hylomar blue, feul resistant and it doesn't dry complete, so ideal for parts that vibrate or need to open regulary👍. Used it a lot on tanks and armoured vehicles.
  10. They are from the Capri Mk 3, but if you look at a pic of the prototype of the wide body I'm happy they choose the Ford indicators: They took the Capri headrest too😁
  11. Had a look at a German website and they have both the same order number.
  12. Hi Andy, looked on that website to the gasket and it could be a match. Googled the porsche partnr. but no dimensions found.
  13. Also rubber: https://www.o-t-r.de/shop/ascona-manta-a/dichtung-fuer-tankmessgeraet-6/
  14. I had those on my first Manta in the eighties. 100% sure they were Irmscher, but I bought them in Germany while I was stationed over there: This is from an Irmscher catalogue that I had from an Opel dealer in Germany: As you can see there were two sizes of those round arches, but later catalogues didn't show that much Manta parts in favor to the Calibra
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