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  1. Great job, if I had those some time ago... Remember the ones of the GSI just by stripping the doors they "desintegrated". Needed them so I bought them from reprotec (Had to give my right arm for the set). A few years later the ones of the "400" began to leave a black greasy residu on the windows, despite that car doesn't see the sunlight that much😕?
  2. Think windshield sealer (not the glue that is used on modern cars) is suitable. Google sikaflex, we use it also.
  3. H-400

    New swan neck

    No new pictures, started the engine without spark-plugs to check if the oil pressure is ok. Did this also before I fitted the engine in the car but got to be sure... Then I asked my son to fit the ignition on the engine and we started the engine without feul but with "start-pilot" just to be sure the ignition is doing his work. The engine came alive so we are happy the engine runs. So tomorrow feul in the tank, activating the pump (on the fuses) to check all the new feul lines for leaks. The exhaust is fitted (hate those rubbers on the midle section) so we can start that engine tomorrow. Am proud of my son, he is 19 and in those Corona-days he takes his responsibilities. He has got to miss his friends and doesn't hang around so that is something I respect. I helped him to fit some Manta things on his 20 year old Opel Corsa, will take pics! Stay healthy, Herman
  4. H-400

    New swan neck

    Bolted all the nuts and bolts of the rear axle on their torque, a job still had to do. Same time I checked the chassis on forgotten spots (stonechip) to be sure I can fit the exhaust line. The engine bay is looking ready to start the engine: Don't know what to do with the HT leads, they look just thrown on the engine. Some old engines have a tube where they are fitted in, or something like a rail on the Omega2.4: The centre part of the exhaust never fitted on the first part so I used a universal joint but after years it was too rusty to use again. The Corona-lockup forced me to create a better solution cause my car-parts shop is closed. So I welded a tube on that part and gave it a fresh paint: And my Son prepared a valve-cover to set the hydraulic valves: The old one was ruined cause I drove over it... Have a nice weekend and stay healthy, Herman
  5. Yes, it is a 228mm (230) 9 inch kit. You need a big flywheel (2.2 carlton or old 6 cyl CIH).Got this combination on my 2.4CIH, the original Manta G/TE clutch couldn't handle the torque of the 2.4 but this clutch no problemo.
  6. H-400

    New swan neck

    Was together with my son a bit ill so had to stay home, took this week free (had some days leave to take) to be sure I made nobody sick at the Barracks but I saw a member of my platoon in the village. While we kept necessary distance he said my unit sended everybody home till 3th of April, just to be sure there are healthy troopers if Belgium would go in a total lock-down. I went 7 times overseas to Africa, Somalia, middle east and closer to Kosovo, Bosnia and so on. But yet we have to fight something that is invisible, and it takes a lot of discipline to beat it. I phoned my company sergeant major to inform I'm going in retirement on the first of April... He had to inform my Company-commander about this and called me again. So I have to stay home, no goodbye. Gives me an awkward feeling, 38 years of service... When this corona thing is beaten I will throw the party I had to cancell! Did some work on the Manta, fitting the injection manifold, cleaning and retaping the injection loom and some minor things: Keep save & healthy, Herman
  7. Just for peace of mind: Opened once a 1.9 Manta A engine that runs on LPG. Rebuilded the head so I could fit stemseals. The valve seats were still good and after lapping the valves no damage found. After rebuilding the engine I checked the exhaust and noticed the LPG setting was too lean and tuned it a bit till it was rich enough. Those old cast iron heads are not that fragile, by the way: nice looking chassis.
  8. It's gonna be a though job to restore this car, wish you succes! I remember the first time I saw a "400", begin eighties. Wanted that car so much. So I understand you bought this one, make your dream alive.
  9. H-400

    New swan neck

    When I resprayed the first part of the exhaust it was wet and cold... So under the carport and stole the hairdryer of the Missus: Don't tell it further... But the metal was nice warm and spraying the paint was no problemo😊 When I went under the car to fit the exhaust my eye felt on a spot with rust! Just behind where the front axle is bolted on the chassis-rail😬. So had to remove the upper wishbone-, the shockabsorber and the caliper together with the disc& hub and steering knuckle. Grinded the rust out and welded a small piece into the hole. Painted everything with hammerite but when I wanted to spray it with stonechip everything wrinkled... So again paint of, degreasing and paint again, it was one of those days. Cleaning the injectors: Did this outside cause the fumes are not healthy. Fitted some silicone lines on the injectors and filled it with some carb cleaner. Gave it 2bar airpressure to check if they closed nice and activated the injectors with a selfmade cable. Used the batterypower of the Insignia: After opening and testing the injectors I let them so the cleaner could do its work and later I sprayed them again. Fitting the injectors again with new rubbers and feul lines&clamps: This is the Gates tube ethanol proof: Have a nice Sunday-evening, Herman
  10. H-400

    New swan neck

    The GM2.4 engine is the same block as my Insignia 2.0Turbo, lets throw the washing machines's engine on it! Hi Andy, the heat shield is the cleaned original one. Looks nice after sanding and respraying with the rattle can. (Heat resistant paint)
  11. H-400

    New swan neck

    The starterengine gives an extra 1.5Hp, F1 technology😁
  12. H-400

    New swan neck

    @Exclusive: The bearings look after 30 years ok, bought that car with low mileage from a +70 year old first owner. Had to clean the axle of the butterfly with a toothbrush to get it out... @Andy: Am using this starter engine for more than 10 years, yes it turns the engine a lot easyer as normal. Do we have a hybride car?
  13. H-400

    New swan neck

    Hi Alex, happy I can help you. I use "Gates Barricade fuel injection" fuel lines. I'm going to make some pics how to clean injectors and so on...It is not that difficult, grts, Herman
  14. Looks nice, bootlid is a bit naked without spoiler but as you wrote the plastifier in the paint is needed. Grts!
  15. H-400

    New swan neck

    Hi All, been a while I posted something on my own topic. Been busy at the barracks, teaching someone how to do my job so at the end of the day tired. Try to explain something to a boy that is more than 30 years younger and never seen action. But did some things on the Manta, not that much... The heat shield, looks nice but had to drill a hole in my floorpan cause one of the studs broke. So the carpet & insulation again out: Did some work in the engine-bay, some loom back on its place and the sharp eye can see my starter engine is smaller than an original. Cause it is one of a Omega A 3.0-24V. The starter has got more power but is smaller😁! Did this cause the original starter had problems to get the engine around, thought first I had a weak battery: Disassamble the inlet manifold and cleaning all the parts. The throttle house was filled with black residu so I disassambled the butterfly. Also the injectors and feul lines: The injectors in different stages how to remove the old feul lines. Used a sharp knife and a sharp small flat screwdriver to cut the lines, pull them of with a pair of plyers and the metal ring comes of without problems: You will find a micro-feul filter in the inlet of the injector, use a screw to pull it out: They look pretty clean after more than 30 years, so I hope the rest of the injector will be the same: Another pic of one of the injectors with old tube and filter: The new filters, and an injector with on the nose a not usable rubber O-ring: The same time I ordered some new O-rings and gaskets at the webshop of Thomes (Edelschmiede) and they arrived after some days: So I wanted to buy some more ethanol-proof feul lines but my supplier tolled me there was a problem. Out of stock and they had to order 4 sets of each 4,6meter. So I was happy with one box of 4,6meter but the other 3 boxes would eat dust till the end of time. Looking on the "WWW-internet" but one day driving back from the barracks I saw an Escort Mk2 (Yes a Ford) stopping on a gas-station. Got to check this out and parked my Insignia next to this classic car. Had some small talk with the owner and we came on that subject of those ethanol-proof feul lines. That guy works as a salesman in a carparts shop, he was able to order one box of those feul lines and Thursday it was delivered at my place. So this is an example how classic car owners can help each other, some ones have other sources and knowledge... More about cleaning the injectors later, Grts, Herman
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