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  1. Good Morning Herman.

                                                       I'm being completely ignored with this club, so after eleven uears I am calling it a day, and want the money I paid them two months ago refunded.  So I was wondering if you would send me your email address, so that when I want some advice I can contact you?  My address is jack@bestbite.co.uk.

     Cheers Mate.


  2. Nice pics, like the Ascona-B! Just wondering why they put a zetec in a GT???
  3. Looks very well, confirms my opinion the B1 models are robuster than the younger B2's.
  4. Just checked the original Opel parts catalogue, but no dimensions found. So went to the internet with those partnumbers and sorry no info. The one on the outside of the cilinder is a normal O-ring, but the one on the plastic part has got a lip to keep the oil in. Still available at this site: https://www.edelschmiede.com/shop/Seal-set-speedo-drive-transmission-Getrag-4-speed-automatic-Opel-cih-OHC
  5. If you look at this pic you don't have to be afraid about weight behind the axle: The dry-sump tank is in the trunk, also the battery and the screen washer tank. And those Grp B cars had an engine that was 6 cm replaced to the rear for weight distribution:
  6. Hi Bob, welcome. I am not from the neighbourhoud (Belgium) but some years on this forum. So for any advice you'r on the right spot. Yes we love pics of your car! Grts, Herman
  7. Hi Julian, the cable is connected on your gearbox on something that looks like a cilinder: if you pull it out of your gearbox you can pull out the plastic sprocket and find this: the only thing you need to do is fit new O-rings. These O-rings are the same for 4-speed, 5-speed and autoboxes. The colour of that plastic part can be different, cause of the type rear axle/engine. Think the administrator will fix your "old" profile, grts Herman
  8. Just checked the patnrs. and those parts are identical 1.6/1.9/2.0. The filter is actually a screen, it's that square metal "sump-lookalike" thing at the front-side of the box. https://www.ebay.de/itm/221129285608 Keep up the great work!
  9. My radiator will be re-cored and costs me with the thick core of 53mm 180€ (inc. vat) and the normal core 140€. Always had the impression the prices in the UK were cheaper so I would recore it. I fitted an electrical fan from the scrap-yard with some hand-made brackets and no problems in the tropical sun (traffic-jam) of the south of France.
  10. Sundaymorning (@the Nürburgring) I woke up and I noticed two men looking at my "400". Lets say I was pretty tired after a night with our friends of the club, beer was one of the reasons. After a few seconds I recognized the first owner of my "400"... Well let us tell this story from the start: When I bought the "400" in 2005 there was also that little yellow maintenance book with it. The last page has got the name and city of the first owner. Also his profession. So I knew his name was Roland (cause of privacy will not give all info). The second day the "400" was in Belgium I looked at the Swiss internet to search for someone that fits the profile. So I found someone with the same name and he was a staff member of a firm that fits his former profession. And that firm was 20k's from the city that I found in that yellow book. So I mailed him "Are you Ronald ....the first owner of a original Manta-400 from the village ..." The same evening I had an answer "Yes I am!" So I informed him about the car, and he was happy the car still excists in good condition. He mailed me a lot of info about the car and I mailed him all those years about what we did with the car. And one meeting we were in the neighbourhood of Switserland and we had a appointment. So after more than 25 years he saw his car again in 2013: And last weekend he was at the Nürburgring with a friend to look for his old "400", and he was again happy the car is still in very good condition... Not me after that night...
  11. Sorry Andy, just forget what I wrote. Didn't know about the EFI, so think you are doing the best to let them do the first start-up. Checked their website and it doesn't look as a normal Opel dealer garage. Succes with the start-up!
  12. https://risse-motorsport.de/ I was stationed for eight years in Germany, four of them in the neighbourhood of this firm. They are very well known in the Opel-scene, not only in Germany. This winter I'v got to open my "400" engine cause the stemseals are worn, gonna order them by Risse. They have a lot of nice stuff but not cheap. But if you need it... Hey Andy, are you sure those mecs at your dealer have more skills than you? Just make sure you fill up the oil filter and the oil pump and drive the pump with a long screwdriver and an electrical handdrill till you see the oil comming up in the head. Just crank it up!
  13. Hi Andy, love the old CSI. But want to try the other two also! A few pics from other sources, as you all can see it was raining the first day: But later we had the opportunity to take some nice pics: And to stay dry we still have the clubtent:
  14. Hi All, as usually we had our meeting on the "Ring". The first day (friday) was pretty wet but from saturday on it was better. Enjoy the pics: This one is looking for a new owner: This is the first part, got some pics of the smart-phones to download. So more to come. Grts, Herman
  15. Hi DeeBob, welcome on this forum. The right place for advice and help! Waiting for pics, grts Herman
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