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  1. Again well done, another step to perfection 👍
  2. My son made this for me, had the same problem as you so I tolled him to make the opening smaller: I used some tape to close the gap in the middle, I still used some rags to keep the engine bay clean but it was not necessary:
  3. Great looking car, think this combination with the 6 cilinder (with the lighter aluminium 24V head) is awesome to drive. Succes with the sale.
  4. H-400

    Getrag help

    This is done to keep the gearstick on its original position, so the looks of the car stays the same as factory made if you use again the 4-speed gearstick. And ofcourse you don't have to change the centre console.
  5. When I look at the wiring plan of the Manta B1 there is no relay. The original fog light switch has got three connections. One goes to an earth, the other one to fuse nr. 2 that gets 12V from the main light switch and the third goes ofcourse to the fog lamp at the rear. Fuse nr. 2 feeds also numberplatelight and left front parking light. Think the LHD version will work thesame as the RHD cars. Succes!
  6. H-400

    Getrag help

    I'v got a Getrag 240 off a Monza, the plate and horizontal lever is some cm's longer. The Manta prop fitted without any problem, if I look at the pic of Beedz I can see a weld bead and the gearstick holder (how do I name it in English?) is screwed on the plate while original it is spotwelded. So somethings are already changed to fit in a Manta.
  7. H-400

    Getrag help

    Did this Getrag fit bolt on, on a CIH engine or a 1.8 ohv engine? If the flange comes of, you got to see this:
  8. Hi Billy, look at my topic "Swan neck" page 2, thats how I did this. Succes!
  9. H-400

    New swan neck

    Thanks Andy, but then the Belgian government comes peeping behind your back. If you buy a new car or a second hand one you order your numberplates at your insurance office. Takes thanks the internet 2 days to get those plates. (For the ones that doesn't know "our way": In Belgium you the numberplates stay by the owner, not on the car) The other possibility: You leave your car at the garage and buy another one than you fit the plates on the other one. But when you MOT a car as an old-timer you have to fill in the forms yourself and wait 3 weeks till the friendly postman brings the "oldtimer plate"...😬 So Opeling will have to wait,😢 And if it is not enough over three weeks I'm still in France and the postman will send them back cause I don't open the door when he rings. Such things can make me tired, Belgium is not a country for petrol heads.
  10. H-400

    New swan neck

    Done the last things on the car, fitting the grills in the hood: Made something like a oil catch tank, an empty small metal can that fitted nice if you all can find it: Tolled my son this is NASA-technology😉, he said it looked more like "road kill"🤣 Cleaned the boot, lost somewhere the original carpet so bought a doormat that layed itself nice on the bottom of the boot: Cleaned the interieur, need to buy new floormats: Went Tuesday to that other workshop, they tested the brakes and shocks on a testbank, setted the lights all for 20€! They used to be an Opel workshop so they were happy to see my Manta. Today I passed the MOT, without any advisors. Happy me 😀. Grts, Herman
  11. @Mick: Picture was just to show where to be, Stu did explain it nice.
  12. Did some years ago a overhaul of a 1.9CIH Manta A head, was original no stemseal head but milled it so stemseals did fit. Pulled that pipe out a 2.0 head and it looked as a sheet of metal that whas wrapped. So it gave some tension in the hole where it belongs, you can find it when you open that cover on the back of the head:
  13. Hi Ivan, some webshops: www.edelschmiede.de Dr-manta.de O-t-r.de Leidinger-tuning.de The webshops are made in different chapters of parts; engine, bodywork, suspension etc... Grts, Herman
  14. I love the Alfa guillia, the Jag, The Landy... Even the Mk2😁
  15. Hello Ryan, welcom. Just fire away, we all are waiting for the pics of your Cav.
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