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  1. I can do the same, when my son is behind the wheel 😁: I had several Manta's with the ariel on that spot
  2. Thanks for the comments! I bought those rails from Dr.Manta (www.dr-manta.de) and yet they go 146 € for one side. With the inner section 314 €. Don't think you will need that, it is easy repaired or reinforced as I did. Another web-shop: www.leidinger-tuning.de They got an Ebay webshop. The same rail goes for 149 €. Just check those two webshops, a lot of parts to find! Don't mix those rails with other repair sections in different parts, those are thinner. And the German that makes them is Eckhard Schneider, he sells them also. They will be scheaper ofcourse. I found a shop via facebook: "ESHandel" One rail goes 110 € . There are L & R versions ofcourse. And if you Google "Längsträger Manta B" you will find more pics. Hope I could help you with this, Herman
  3. Hi David, those 6 bolts are ordinary 8mm ones, won't be that difficult to find. The ones that bolt the exh. manifold on the head are M9x1.25 and Edelschmiede has got them. Grts, Herman
  4. H-400

    New swan neck

    Hi Ian, looks as it was planned. The things with the GSI were looking good but want this car running to take it to GB for summerholiday. So I hope time is on my side... The Insignia will be no problem, I will order the parts tomorrowmorning. Got some days over to take free cause I am 11 months from retirement. Maybe it's time to take them...
  5. H-400

    New swan neck

    Hmm, lets say the Insignia had some influence on my plans: The right rear brake caliper got stuck on the highway and heated up the whole disc/caliper/bearing. So I had to take everything apart: The discs and the pads were not completely worn, the electric handbrake does his job so after resetting the cilinder of the caliper with that special tool I will check everything. The whole system was filled with a lot of debris and rust, maybe that was the problem? So no Manta-update.
  6. H-400

    New swan neck

    Thank you all, will tell the Missus. She went shopping with our doughter so I installed the L & R top wishbones on the frontaxle with the new goodies from Thomas (Edelschmiede). We are having an apéritif at this moment and ready to go to that table!
  7. H-400

    New swan neck

    Today we are 29 years married, ordered a table at a local restaurant, so no updates. Not gonna push my luck...
  8. H-400

    Mike's Manta.

    This car is going to be better than original, keep up the good work!
  9. Hey Ian, got to respect your patience. Sanding is not my thing. The sun: I'm enjoying it with a beer in the garden on my terracce. That same sun says the top pic is later than the bottom one.😁 Enjoy the weekend!
  10. H-400

    New swan neck

    Hi Evo, nice I could help you with this. Sprayed them with penetrating oil and gonna press them tuesday at the barracks. Some pics I made today, the fresh painted hood: Happy me! No more sanding. Then they said sanding with a block and "400" untill all the minor faults are gone. Then sanding with the air-tool with "600" and then again with "800". Arrgh... Better news: The bearings arrived today: Pict them up when I came back from the hospital, yeah going 56 and still want to follow those young lads without warming up... A big muscle strain in the upper leg.
  11. H-400

    New swan neck

    Did a lot of sanding this week, but yes they started painting! The first part was the bonnet, first in primer and then the inside with mattalic silver so we coold check the paint with the rest of the car. And today there was a package from DHL: The pistons landed! With rings and shafts. So we (my son also) threw the naked engine in the back of the Insignia together with the pistons and went to the engine reconditioning firm. They said end of next week the job will be done. Next thing to do: New bushes in the lower arms (suspension) I went to the barracks to press them hydraulic out and went rather good with the first two. Then I looked to the last two and thought this needs a special way, just look: It has got to go out, but the collar is in our way, the left side is smaller so it has got to go out to the right. To be sure there is something like a special "Opel tool" I checked the Tech. Manual and thats the answer: "Saw in the border and hammer the border to the inside" I Gonna do it "My Way" as Franky said, gonna grind the border away, will be faster: So very carefully and with a lot of smoke (rubber) I done it. Took some time, but well done. So I thought gonna do it the Opel way with the other arm, took the cutting blade in the grinder and "sawed" in different places as Opel wanted: Than hammered the edge to the inside and look: Think the "Opel Way" is the better option, and yet the penetrating oil will work better. Sorry Franky, love "My way" but sometimes you got to do it another way...
  12. The normal places, this was my floor looked the same: All those parts (jacking points- floor pannels, arches etc.)are new availeble so don't worry. Noticed you are doing late hours? Must be midnight when you posted that last pic.
  13. Hello Ian, nice to seen you are busy again. Had also a bummer monday. Went back to the body-shop and nothing happened with the car. Told the boss of the workshop if he had a some time left he could work on the GSI cause I'm more busy with mecanical problems. So I am sanding and keep on sanding... Hope they paint it soon, so the rebuils at my place can begin.
  14. Hi Chris, a 2.4 is a great engine to have in a Manta, lot of torque and don't need those high revs. Got them in both my Manta's. Seems we had the same ex-girlfriend in the past, never thought she would move to Canada, it is rather far away. But "C" (Canada) is on the alphabet just behind "B"(Belgium), so she tought maybe not that far away? Those girls have a special mind on their own, but we can't miss them 😁...
  15. I expected also those shear bolts. A Manta B has got even one where the column is bolted to the fire-wall. This A had an normal bolt. If you notice the steering-lock has got also a shear-bolt it will be easyer to built the column out and drill the bolt out when your collumn is in a vise. Don't remember I had diffuculties whit taking the elek. parts out of the collmn, but I remember I tryed when everything was apart if the new bearing slided easy over the shaft, and I used the outside shell of the old bearing to fit the new bearing. Normal there is a Opel-tool but who has got that tool?? The plastic bearing on the bottom side was still in good condition, I remember there was something with a spring... First make sure you find a new top bearing. I looked for the partnr. and Opel still uses those bearings on a lot of modern cars, even Camaro (GM) has got the same one. But at Opel they were out of stock so I ordered one at Dr. Manta in Germany. Succes with the replacement!
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