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  1. Thank you all for the nice comments about my brother. Normally we don't post our privat family stuff on this forum but this is important. My brother has got cancer, prostate cancer. He is at the end of all treatments there is possible. He was stabil for some time with an expensive experimental medication but the cancer has spread to other parts of his body. The doctors want to give him another chemo to extend his life for some months but he refused that cause he wants to enjoy his last time without being sick. He made the papers also for authanasia. Why do I post this: My brother was too late to consult his doctor. He had already some time problems with his "plumbing"so when he consulted his doctor it was allready too late. After we heard about his condition we (My father and my other three brothers) checked ourself at our doctor and my father 's got it also. But after operation he is stabil also because of his age. He is 86 so the cancer grows slow. I'm also tested with scans etc. and every 6 months they test my blood for PSA levels. So to all male readers: From 50 and older, go to your doctor and test yourself. Do this for your wife, kids and parents. For your friends and yourself. My parents are both 86 and they have to bury their son. I hope my brother can live as long as possible, had him some minutes ago on the phone and we are going to visit him and my wife will cook for him and we'll have some beers and have a nice day. As some wrote: This Sunday I'm going with my son with our Manta's to an oldtimer-meeting to enjoy those shining fenders, eating a hamburger and enjoying the smell of petrol and oil... Still got to post those pics of the "400 meeting" in Holland. Grts, Herman
  2. Hi everybody, been some time I posted something. Got some issues in my family, one of my brothers is very ill. So he needs my help. Done a meeting for rally cars, used to be a rally from the '70ths till the 90ths but yet it is a memorial rallycar meeting, some pics: Thats my car, not looking "Rally"... Some more pics: Some other Opels lile this nice Kadett Coupé: The white Ascona 400 is not a replica, an original grp 4 rallycar: Some friends of us, this car is a replica but the owner builded this car identical as a real "400", respect! A Capri in front of my car: Kadett E Sedan rallycar: And if you thought you'v seen it all, a Kadett E sedan rallycar with wide body on the front: Some more pics of the nice "400 replica": Some pics I found of us before we started for the tour: And at night: Grts, Herman
  3. Well they did only their paperwork, the mates of my son returned the bike & helmet 👍 Thanks all for your nice comments. Sean is recovering well, think he'll be back on his bike when he is able. Just want him to buy a decent jacket.
  4. Thanks for the nice comments, and my apologises for this late reaction. A few days ago one of our Sons best friends came into my garage and tried to say my son was evacuated with an ambulance after an accident with his motorcycle. As a father I can say that was a moment my heart stopped for a split second. Used to drive those things when I was younger and I almost lost one brother cause of it. Our son didn't answer on his smartphone so I called the hospitals in the neighbourhood of his accident and was informed he was stabil. To make it short: His collar bone is broken and dislocated (ugly bump above his heart) and he is already been in surgery so he is fine yet. Why I write this: He was with some friends cruising with their bikes when this happened, they called the ambulance after his accident. They kept him comfortable and stayed with him. Tolled the police officer what happened while our son was in the ambulance. After that they pulled his motorcycle out of the dirt and brought it back home to me but first they cleaned it on those "self car wash" things cause the bike was dirty. Later that evening someone brought his helmet... Just want to say my trust in the youth is reborn, yes I know I'm the one that can complain cause their smartphone sticks in their hands also cause I'v got some years in the army behind me but what those guys did to help my son was great. They are all around 20 years young but did what needed to be done. Grts, Herman
  5. https://www.facebook.com/sylvain.vaucanson/videos/1439418163109857/
  6. Hi everybody. Well I'm back after three weeks in the south of France, the French Pyrenees. We did this with the GSI, so no airco, ABS or power steering. This while we 'v got an Insignia Sports Tourer full option standing in the garage 😁. The 1140km to our destination was without any problems, was as usually confronted those candle lights of the Manta are not the same as the AFL xenon beams of the Insignia. At one of our first local trips we crossed an Astra GSI that flashed to us, and a few minutes later he was pushing in my back;flashing his high beams while his indicator was blinking. So we stopped and had a nice talk. The guy is one of the chairmans of the Retr'Opel Club Du Sud. Some pics: He asked if he could take some pics to put them on their Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/rocs.club Scroll down and on the 14th of juli you'll find them. The GSI with a French old timer, the Citroén Ami based on the 2CV: And on another trip with a Renault 4: Driving into the mountains: And together with some friends with their bikes, in the hairpin curves they couldn't follow the Manta but when the road was straight they catched up: Some pics my wife took on our location: Again on a trip: Our last day in the morning while I was packing the car with luggage, it was raining: The journey home also without problems, in a 2 hour traffic jam the engine stayed cool thanks the special radiator I fitted and never had to use the electrical fan. We did 3500km's with the Manta, noticed a drip of oil on the valve cover but never had to top up the engine oil. The high torque of the 2.4 is nice to drive in the mountains but noticed (before also) the 2.4 needs some more feul in the high revs. So gonna fit a B1 GT/E feul pressure regulator and fiddle a bit with the spring of the AFM. The consumption on the highway was 7,8 liter/100km while I was pushing 130Km/h crono where possible. Found after an inspection a drip of oil on the cover of the rear axle. We had a lot of nice comments while parking the car with shopping etc. and some French men asked me what car this is. The Manta was solled in France but never as popular as in our countries. Enjoy the pics, grts Herman
  7. They are very hard to find, even in Germany. And "new old stock" will cost you your right arm. The only thing that worns out is the inside of the oil pump, to solve that problem you need oversize gears that fit in a bigger milled oilpump house. But untill now I'v never heard about that solution.
  8. H-400

    New swan neck

    Yesterday I had a postpackage of Edelschmiede: I noticed when I drove 120km/h on my navy the speedometer showed 135km/h. Got a red plastic gear in my getrag240 and thought that type was standard. So did some calculating thanks Thomas his website and ordered the bleu one. After fitting this gear I tried the car again with the navy and when I drive 80km/h on the speedometer the navy gives 78km/h. When I drive 120km/h on the navy the speedometer gives approx. 123km/h. Rather important cause the French "Gendarmerie National" hides themself with speedoguns to check tourists. And the leak at my camcover looks to be repaired. Some other news came in: The GSI is valued at 23.000€, most important is that my car won't be totall loss after a minor incident. So Friday we leave with the Manta to the French Pyrenees, so what do I take with me: That black box where you can keep stuf so it doesn't fly around in your boot. Spare bulbs, spare belt, module (ecu ignition), tie wraps, clutch cable, found a used but good feul relay, torque wrench, spare head gasket set, tool box with tipical Manta/CIH tools, multimeter, rotor, some HT leads, gasket sealer, rubber feul line etc... We are only with two so room enough in the car.
  9. Hi Steve, to be sure you'v got to check how far the gears stick out of the oil pump house. Pré '85 engines need a gasket and the gears stick out 0mm-0,1mm. Engies from '85 need only sealing compound and stick out 0mm-0,65mm. So the gears of both timing houses are the same, it is the depth that is a bit different. To check: Fig 1.18 Very rare: Some timing houses have a 02 stamped into the pump house Fig 1.20 but they need gears with oversize dimensions. In more than 35 years I never saw such a timing house.
  10. Thanks Pete, we all have those plastic containers with screws and bolts etc. I have one with O-rings... O-rings of cars, engines, washing machines and plumbing. So thanks your info I found the one that fits in our CIH engines.
  11. H-400

    New swan neck

    New feul relay is fitted and the engine does what it supposed to do, happy me. But the valve cover still leaks on one hole where it is screwed on the head. Makes me mad, want a dry clean engine and noticed cause of the "400" lookalike bonnet I need to dust of regulary the engine bay. The oil comes out through the bracket that holds the heating hose of the interieur heater, so closed/welded the 8mm hole and drilled it again to 6mm and going to use a rubber gasket when I fit it again: When I started this topic I found out an alu rocker cover of a GT (as I have) needs another kork gasket, not the same kork gasket as a CIH with the classic metal rocker cover. The holes in the gasket of a GT rocker cover are 6mm. After some searching noticed our friend Thomas (Edelschmiede) has got them: https://www.edelschmiede.com/shop/Opel-GT-aluminum-rocker-cover-cork-gasket
  12. @Paul: Nice gesture👍 @Snowy: Maybe the time to consider buying a starter of a 2.4/3.0 , fits also but more power. Have this on my GSI.
  13. H-400

    New swan neck

    Took the GSI out for his valuation report. Want to be sure the car won't be totall loss after a minor accident. Drove to the other side of Antwerp and showed the guy the pics on this forum. When I drove home after a few km's the engine stalled. While I started the engine I listened and no click and no humming of the feul pump. So I tried the 2 cent trick and the car fired up: New feul relay is ordered at my carparts shop, happy this didn't happen on the highway
  14. I did 1000km's with the GSI so hope everything keeps Ok when I drive it next week to the French Pyrenees... As usually will take my toolbox with me.
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