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  1. I had with both my engines the same problem, fitted on the GSI with 2.4 engine the starter of a Omega 2.4/3.0 24v (they are the same on both engines) problem solved. Later after some updates of my "400" engine I cleaned the copper collector and the starter did his work better. But after the latest overhaul of the engine (higher compression etc.) the starter failed again so fitted also a starter of an Omega. Noticed also as Cam in head wrote above the timing (too advanced) had big influence.
  2. I took one of my original radiators to a shop that repairs them, asked to fit a thicker core with more cooling ribs. Was no problem, costed me 180€.
  3. Hi Chris, so the problem of the pivot points will be solved when you fit those Eckhard rails. The metal that is used is a lot thicker, but they are not plug & play. I used them also on my GSI but after some grinding and welding they fit nice. Have a look at my topic "New swan neck". Grts, Herman
  4. Hi Chris, so you had no welding work on those "swan-necks"? The B1 Manta's were always better than their B2 brothers. Into the swan neck there is another chassis rail with a tube. You can see it on next picture when I restored my swan neck: If there was no tube in it we would deform the rail while turning the big bolt. When I look at your pic it is the left side that points a little up (or forward?). I think this little anomaly won't have an influence but as you I would wanted also to be straight. Before welding I fitted also a long bar in both pivot points and checked the measurements with the other side and the ones you can find on this plan: If the measurements are ok as you wrote above the angle of that tube in the chassis rail will be a little bended (in production?), do you find any signs of a collision?
  5. Hi Jamie, had the same rust problems with my vinyl roof. Pulled all the vinyl of but the residu of the glue was hard to remove. When I wanted to clean some carbs I layed a rag with petrol on the roof and the glue melted away. This was in the eighties so I hope modern feul can help you also.
  6. Brightness of car lights is measured in "candela", and there are rules about that.
  7. I got one laying in my garage, eating dust...
  8. Some states in the US required the cars kept undamaged after a collision at low speed, some bumpers had something as hidden shocks in the chassisrails and some cars had a nosecone that was flexible. Like the Chevrolet Monza I thought. And some states required you could jack up the car with the jack under the bumper...
  9. Update: Had just a call from one of my sources: found a frame for 40€.
  10. I can live with the cape, as long as I don't have to fit my underwear over my trousers😁. @John "Manta hatch": Egbert De Boer has got one, just asked him if he can ship it to the UK. I asked him also for a feul pressure regulator (I need one) and he mailed me for the FPR and the frame together 100€ without shipping. So got to figure out what each costs...
  11. Sorry Wayne, too long ago to remember. I googled the partnr. and must be something around 11€.
  12. Found these ones, but only collect: https://www.2dehands.be/v/auto-onderdelen/interieur-en-bekleding/m1772831660-zetelsteunen-gsi-manta-b-ascona-b-kadett-c-en-d Mailed a text message to someone that has got a lot of spares and mailed some other sources, including Egbert De Boer (sells a lot of parts but in the north of Holland)
  13. I will have a look at our web sites, will keep you posted
  14. Hella 2KA 001.378-041 I ordered them some years ago for my GSI
  15. Merry Christmas to all, Last week we had a few dry & sunny days in Belgium and I took the GSI out👍
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