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  1. Forgot this: The bearing of the second gear-shaft is also something that can fall of, when you lower the gears into the house fit first this bearing in the house so the conical shaft will easy slide into the bearing.
  2. Glad I could help you, on top of the gears you will see a lever with a pin, it fits in the "sliding bars" but if you turn the gears upside-down it will fall out: you can see it on this pic above when dismantled. Grts!
  3. Some pages of the workshop manual, they are in German so if you need some translation just ask: This were all the pages you need to change the bearing, some pages show more cause they are a part of complete overhaul. I took some pics of my work: Screwdriver points to the bolt of the rear drive axle, unscrew this bolt complete: Tube of the clutch release bearing; 6 small bolts and out. You can change the oil seal: Springclip that holds the input shaft bearing, release it with a special pair of plyers, not circlips! Contact of rear drive lights and plunjer with spring. If you put it back make sure the wheel is horizontal: If the seem of the two parts of the body has got no gasket, close it again without gasket. Otherwise you need to compensate the thickness of the gasket with shims in the gearbox. Succes!
  4. The lift has got 4 arms that can be turned with rubber blocks. You can lift the car both ways, depends where you fit them. It is a hydraulic lift, the oilpressure is given by a unit with an air pump feed by a normal aircompressor. Yes and the temperatures: Getting cold so I use an electronical petrol stove with a CO safety, the gas-line to the garage is not ready yet to connect on a gas heating stove that is suitable for small rooms.
  5. Well I'm jealous of that garage, I rent another one 10 yards from my home just to store my stuff.
  6. I have a electronical dehumidifier, with sensor so naked steel can't rust. But if I open the garage the dry air is blown away and that device starts working. I put the car on a car lift so the tyres stay round. This pic shows the identical car lift I'v got, because of town regulations I was not allowed to build a big garage so this lift doesn't need a lot of space: I open the rear quarter windows and the trunk so the inside of the sills and interieur is ventilated via the trunk. The battery is on a charger, but keep checking the level of the acid. A car battery that is allive uses acid. Make sure your tank is filled, modern fuel has got bio-ethanol. Even the super fuel (98) has got 10% of this stuff, Europeens regulations. So the lower the fuel in your tank makes it more moisture cause of condens. And you don't want to know what water does with bio-ethanol! Use the time in the winter to check your feul lines. The pressure lines of a G/TE don't like bio-ethanol so if they feel spongy change them with new lines that are made for bio ethanol.
  7. Sometimes you have to let someone else do the job. Same as you I don't have the possibility to do the paintjob myself, so you got to trust someone else... Keep us posted about that Saab engine!
  8. H-400

    New swan neck

    Another update: The "400" is back alive! I reinstalled the old 'contact ignition' so had to search for that resistor wire and so on. When I installed that nice 'Eighties' electronic ignition I made the loom so it looked factory made. Had to cut all those wires out without damaging the original ones. Refitting the original coil and rewiring the original cables. And the engine didn't start... Checked the voltage of the resistor wire, voltage on the green wire with mass and without to be sure😵. So I was thinking what I did just before the problems: I cleaned all the mass cables of the engine, the big + cables on the starter-engine. I cleaned them all, but the inside screw-threads were cleaned with contact cleaner. So I took a thread tap to clean those and some minutes later the engine started and runs as new 😮. So I changed that ignition set too fast, but yeah got to check that dizzy cause I think the springs are too weak...And what have we learned: Contact cleaner can leave a residu, very strange: the engine turns when starting, but no ignition. So I had a better look and a "400" has got an extra loom on that mass cable of the battery. Enjoy your Sunday-evening, Herman
  9. H-400

    New swan neck

    Hi Andy, sorry for the late response. Was late yesterday, opening of the new building of our athletic club. Bar is tested and proven as good! The only thing I can imagine is the pressure plate is a bit higher? The 11mm difference on the top of the lever will be maybe 5mm on the release bearing so as cam in head wrote I think also it won't hurt your clutch. My clutch has got that plastic ring also but the "400" not, so I have to adjust them both identical but one without plastic ring... Think a lot of 9" clutch owners set their clutch to the standard 8,5" setting cause they just never heard about that difference.
  10. H-400

    New swan neck

    Hey Andy, thanks for info. I saw it also so it is hanging in my garage ready to use ! So it has been a while I posted something, an update: The radiator is delivered and looks very nice. 50mm thick core with 43 cooling channels. Costed me with mailing 180€. Last week I took the decision the "400" has got to go...😥 To the winter storage in company of a lot of other old-timers😊. Need also the space to work on the GSI. So the day I wanted to drive to that location the car didn't start. Like the car knew it had to leave my garage. Checked some basic things and I had no ignition! The low voltage circuit was ok, also the resistors and the coil also. So got to check the wires that come from the "hall-sensor": Problem is this distributor is rather rare, got to check if the hall-sensor of a GSI is the same and so on... I will keep you all posted... Grts, Herman
  11. Those seats are Manta Exclusive ones, on the mainland the LHD Exclusives had those. On this forum I noticed exclusives were longer available in the UK but with some different details.
  12. H-400

    rubber stop

  13. https://www.o-t-r.de/shop/ascona-manta-b/zierleistenhalter-seitenwand-ascona-manta-b-bis-fg-nr-c6067585/
  14. H-400

    Drivers Wing

    That explains a lot and I'm from the mainland😂
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