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  1. Hi Andy, this is a pic of a original 4-speed support of a Manta-A: And this is a original support of a 5-speed Manta-B: Looks yours is the same as the "B" with extra holes in it.
  2. H-400

    New swan neck

    Thanks Ian, did some work in the car so the dash is back where it belongs: Gonna be realistic with the work the car needs, think our visit to the UK will be with the Insignia. The Manta needs a lot of work to be done so I have peace with that thought. Started with changing the new swan neck but there were more isseus with my car. But one day I will visit the UK with that car, did it already with the "400" and that was a great expierence. Because of the heat last days I fitted shades in our veranda. Assambled some rails in the top of the glass roof and I looked to the other side of our garden: She is waiting : Pic is zoomed in and going to make sure the car will be on its wheels to move it to a garage.
  3. Hi Ian, congratulations with the birthday of your son. End of this month our son has his birthday also, he will be 19 then. Time goes fast... You are doing just great with the Cav, Grts, Herman
  4. H-400

    New swan neck

    Cleaned up the bottom dash in the bath-tub, the missus is used of those situations. Sometimes I put something in the oven to heat up or she finds an axle shaft in the freezer. First I removed the sigarette lighter ofcourse: Noticed there was a plastic pin broken behind the glove-compartment, it fits in a bracket with a rubber on the bulkhead. Did some drilling and putted a screw in the rubber of the bracket: So the missus can load the glove-compartment with heavy stuff to stay beautiful 😁. In the afternoon I went to the bodyshop to get the last piece: The front bumper: The steering rack on it's place: Cleaned up the gearbox and sprayed it with metal varnish: Some more pieces cleaned up: Cleaned up the heater box and began with some brake parts. I am wondering how to make that insulation stuff back beautiful black again. Shoe polish? Or that liquid to make tyres black again?: And the heater box back in the car: Grts, Herman
  5. The injection engine doesn't need that hole, thats why it is blocked with debris and concentrated rests of anti-freez. This is a carb engine, you can see the different look of the thermostatic-house:
  6. It goes to that hole with the O-ring in your head-gasket and up in your head to the round hole in front of the square hole of the thermostatic house. The carburettor versions this hole goes to the tube of the thermo-house to your heater matrix.
  7. H-400

    Steady does it!

    We will take the ferry on the 11th of juli in Holland, from there to Newcastle. So I don't want to throw the car together, want everything to be nice and tidy. The way you fitted the engine/subframe in your Manta is I think the best. The stabilisation-bar is a piece of the suspension and is always in the way when you drop the engine/gearbox in the car. The "B" has got the stabilisation-bar at the front so that's easyer. Saw once a topic of a "A" owner that changed his front suspension to "B" specs.
  8. H-400

    Steady does it!

    Hi Andy, hope I can get the car ready for the visit to the UK, if not I'll have to take the Insignia. Lost a lot of time cause of the body workshop, I am also giving my son driving-lessons but last week he passed the tests and is a proud owner of a drivers license. But that was a father-son thing, am also proud of my new Manta-driver. Need to install the heater/ventilation box, brake system, engine & gearbox, bottom dashboard, wings and bumpers, lights and so on... The MOT and insurance also. Have a lot of work at the barracks, the troops just arrived back from Estland where they used some tanks. Taking free is at this moment difficult.
  9. H-400

    Steady does it!

    Great to see the progress!
  10. H-400

    New swan neck

    Thanks Evo, at that time I will be as young as my dad so it must be possible! About the exhaust: The two silencers looked pretty good but I couldn't separate them without hammering them into the scrap-yard. So cause the rear axle was out it was not necessary, but I didn't want that they broke in two so I welded a nice tube around the connection. If you all look at the picture above you can see the new metal... This morning my son wanted to help me and I said to remove the surface-rust and yes he sanded a hole into the last silencer. All the work for nothing so took the grinder to separate the two silencers. Have a new one, 35 years old and original Opel, looks as new: These are the rear shocks, they have an air chamber to lift the car to normal position with extra load. Always great when going on holiday with top box and extra bikes on the back: Did this also with 4 bikes, the Manta can handle it. And the rear axle is back on it's place: Grts, Herman
  11. H-400

    New swan neck

    Wrapped up the front axle so no stone-chip protection on the fresh painted parts: Did some welding on the exhaust, more about that tomorrow. Hope I can put the rear axle on its place tomorrow! Have all a nice weekend.
  12. Hi Andy, forgot to mention this: Because there are a lot of Opel minded visitors on the "400meet" the parking of their cars is also a "Opel meeting": So you are always welcome!
  13. H-400

    New swan neck

    Sprayed the whole chassis with stone-chip protection, makes the car look as new 😊: Cleaned the springs, roll bar and also the steering rack. New rubbers and grease, a bit paint and looks factory fresh:
  14. 6 October 2019 in the south of Holland: 400 meeting for original and replica's. Special guest this year: Kadett C GT/E
  15. Well lets say its getting in and out of the car is yet a problem. And using the clutch, feels like a truck. My work repairing tanks is not the best thing to do for your spine...Thanks for the comments about the Missus's pics she took. And yes she can drive the "400", she had to learn it cause I have a heart problem and in case of emergency... I remember years ago she said: "At the crossroad the back of the Manta wanted to overtake the front but I steered the car to the other side and everything went well"
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