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  1. This is a German Website, hope it can help you. Check the menu on the left side "Technik" Grts from Belgium, Herman http://www.manta-a-online.de/
  2. Sorry Julian, I just translated it and looks to be a flower. But think you mean something else... Got an excuse, I am Flemisch­čśü
  3. Hi Jess, if you scroll a few pics up you will see the engine-bay of that car photographed from the other side. Than you can see there is a air mass meter (?) of the later version with that heat wire. Don't know how they name it in English but we make a difference between the old type (L& LE) with that alu house and that flap that turns inside... So it looks factory made. I'v got the same idea as you, I want to make a conversion on my "400" cause that old L-jetronic keeps some horses away. Want to keep the old look and install a programmable ECU with Map-sensor, wide band lamba, triggerwheel etc. But keeping a dummy house of that air-flow meter (without insides) and distributor. Saw that once in a Kadett-C rally, love oldscool­čśü
  4. Nevertheless my spine is very bad I went to the meeting with my "400", I promised the organiser of the event I would go. Ofcourse there was some minor work on the car. When I drove the car out his garage I noticed a trail of feul. The feul line on the filter leaked but after tighting the hoseclamps (all could have some) the problem was solved. I remember those feul-lines are rather new so would it be cause of the ethanol?? Some pics of the event: If you a need 5-bolt rebuild set, brake conversion or overhaul a rear axle, the place to be: The whole day all the cars were valuated by a jury, and I was happy to get the third price. The second was the great looking silver Manta, the owner showed me the pics of the restoration of the car and he earned that price. The first was the Ascona 400R that came just back from the body-shop, the owner uses that car for rally so we hope next time it will look as nice as last weekend: Grts, Herman
  5. Nice "How-to", pics say more than a thousand words.
  6. H-400

    Manta 400r

    Be carefully, I am send home by our military doc cause of my spine and it frustrates me that my GSI is waiting to get finished. So let somebody else do the lifting!
  7. H-400

    New swan neck

    Thanks Ian, she's got the same color as yours... @ Bandid: Still happy my wife gave me her blessing to buy that car!
  8. H-400

    New swan neck

    Happy I could help you. the only thing I done today that has to do with the GSI is buying gearbox-oil. Bought enough cause the "400" needs also new oil: The rest of the day I was washing the "400", cleaning the engine-bay and yes, repairing a feul leak. Been a month back to the MOT and from there a trip to the N├╝rburgring and suddenly I noticed a wet trail in my garage after driving the car outside. Later my wife came back from shopping and she said "The car was looking great again". Tomorrow we are going to that "400-meeting" in Holland, just on the other side of the border. She loves to go out with me so she can meet again some other girls of piston heads. You all love pics so this one of my engine-bay: Will take some pics tomorrow!
  9. H-400

    New swan neck

    That's it as you wrote: At Opel they have a special tool for it, sorry it is in German. This is tool KM-330 and the large side is 9" clutch (120mm). The smaller side is for the other ones(109mm):
  10. H-400

    New swan neck

    Hi Andy, I think the relaese bearing touches the fingers. If the bearing is worn you can hear it "singin" while the engines runs. Think also the weight of the clutch-pedal will push the release-bearing against the fingers. The special thing about the 9" clutch is the setting of the clutch fork. All the CIH's must be setted 109mm but the 9" 120mm. grts, Herman
  11. Remember that when I lowered the first time my Manta (-40mm) in the eighties the manual that came with the springs mentioned to cut that lowest "ball" of the bumpstops. A lot of years later when I just buyed my "400" I noticed one of the yellow koni-shocks had a lot of play and I took the both shocks to a repair-shop. On older man with a lot of experience tested the broken shock in a testdevice and the first thing he asked if I had shortened the bumpstops. This was also done by the former owner of the "400" so I confirmed that. He explained that if the bumpstops are too short the insides of the shocks take that function over and will be damaged, what happened with my yellow koni... That explanation looked very clear to me, so I install the shock completely pressed together (without spring)and push the lower wishbone up to be sure the rubber bumpstop does his work. My "400" has got also -40mm springs but I installed new bumpstops.
  12. H-400

    New swan neck

    Been a while I posted something, military doc sended me home cause my back is killing me. Needed a chair to get my legs into my overall...Yet I am watching Wheeler-Dealers and Car-SOS, checking this forum sometimes and looking for parts on internet... So I ordered two sets of ignition leads (Magnecor) on a Ebay shop. Those leads are hard to find in Belgium and a mate needed them. When ordering those two sets I noticed they charged two times the shipping price to Belgium while it was possible to send it as one parcel. So I sended a message and they replied very fast to order those sets and they will refund the extra shipping price. So I ordered those sets (with paypall/master card) yesterdayevening and this morning I recieved a message the extra shipping-cost was already refunded! Thats service! The shop: Race Spec Performance Ltd. Some pics a a few days back: New seal on the front: New release bearing, still available in our carparts shop. Some copper past on the ball and on the shaft: New rubber of Edelschmiede: Grts, Herman
  13. Looks as new again, MOT can't complain about that!
  14. Thats a luck! Wanted to do the same with the original Ronal 6X14 of my "400". Was looking for the diameters of those "rim-tubes" if they would fit. Keep us posted!
  15. Those 5 -stud Ronals are back in production, but you have to give your right arm for it. https://www.viadanny.nl/c-4427670/velgen/ In Germany they sell the hearts/centers in different sizes and you have to bolt the other parts (tubes) on it from (I think) BBS. So you can make a 16" or 17" rim with "400"look.
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