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  1. The pulley is going to Belgium, gonna use it to fit an airco in the GSI. @Exclusive Opel: Thanks! He gave me also the track & trace code to follow the parcel.
  2. Hi Ian, just checked the partnumbers and Ascona-B is not the same as Manta-B. There are also differences classic bulbs or halogen; and ofcourse left-right handed cars. Grts, Herman.
  3. Hey Snowy, sorry if we hurted your feelings. Your car looks to be something rare, but the 1975 date gives the info the car is made in Antwerp. So if you PM me your VIN I can try to find more about your car. And yes, the ascona rails do fit on a Manta/Cavalier. Grts, Herman.
  4. In Belgium still available, from Bosch and Brembo. Partnr. Bosch: 0 986 478 082 Brembo: 08.2953.20 Maybe this info can help you.
  5. The B1 was also made in Antwerp, but that is only informative. @Snowy: Did you ever done some restoration work on the car? I am doing some on my GSI and suddenly I found the signs that the body had repairs that came up after stripping completely the paint. It was well hidden but I noticed this when I changed one of the major chassis rails. @Evo03: You wrote seeing a date stamped in your car, hear more of this info also in Germany but never had time to check it out. Where do we find those stamped numbers? The whole car is stamped with numbers, on a lot of chassis and body parts.
  6. Yeah the fuse-box, totally forgot you guy's have that and the steering-column in the way. The loom of the injection looks long enough to replace it on another spot, probably the green wires must be extend. I have no front speakers in the "400", but I don't want to cut in the doorcards and also in not the kick-panels. So I bought a set of these: they are rather small, have a bracket but still have to figure out where to hide them under the dash. Time-time-time...
  7. Done this with the GSI some years ago, but got only pics of the right side (your drivers side): The speakers are fitted on a ring (normaly you can find those things in the car audio shop) so they fit not to deep. Also moved the ECU of the injection to a dryer place, also cause I don't know if the magnet of the speaker could disturb the electronica of the ECU. For RH drivers is this a solution to have more room for your feet... @Ian: You have the carb engine so no ECU, don't remember the other side (your passenger side) was different.
  8. H-400

    New swan neck

    The wishbone left is the left side of the car, ofcourse the right one belongs on the right side of the car, the brackets of the shocks are out of the centre. To make it us easy, if you look at the wishbone and the bracket is more to the right side of the wishbone it is the right-side upper wishbone.
  9. The side-strips were glued on the car, had fun to remove them. When I bought this "400" they gave me the original14" Ronals with it, together with the original exhaust. The "400" has got an Irmscher exhaust that is rather rare, the one with the oval pipe with "Irmscher" on it... Front to tail. @Evo: Yes I thought on it to revert it back to original, would be an eye catcher on a meeting. Because this "400" was builded in 1981 (one of 23) I had a lot of trouble to get it on the street in Belgium. This would be worth another topic.
  10. H-400

    New swan neck

    Hi Snowy, never seen this before so thats why I posted it. And it is also the first time I cleaned those wishbones that firm. But if you look at the wishbones you can see there are some parts out of the centre, but to be sure I wil have a look at it tomorrow and take some pics of them. The other wishbone had also a "L" stamped in it, can always check it on my other Manta... Will keep you posted.
  11. H-400

    New swan neck

    Some work has done at the workshop, must take some pics of it. At home I cleaned up the front axle, degreasing and used rust converter before painting with hammerite: Some nice things arrived from Germany, thanks @ Thomas from Edelschmiede: First I wanted to clean up the bolts and let them passivate them, but later I noticed the whole set was cheaper to buy then passivate the old stuff and transport it to the firm, buy new self-locking nuts and so on... Sometimes the easy way is cheaper. Noticed this on the upper wishbones, never too old to learn: Usually I check the rubber bushes to check what side the wishbone fits, but with cleaning I saw R and L. Wanted to share this. Grts, Herman
  12. This is a pic of my "400" with my son behind the wheel, as you can see it is a B1 single slot: The second owner changed the looks of the car to a more B2 look, but look at this pic that the first owner send to me, the car looks as a G/TE with those original black bumpers: Some more differences between B1 and B2 are the ribbed doorhandles (B1) red framed taillights (B1) and ofcourse the 5-speed. The differences between "400" B1 and B2 is ofcourse the same as the normal production Manta's, but the nice thing is that a B1 has got identical the same interieur of the Ascona-400. This means the old model Recaro with the round backrest and black simili leather. The console has got no casette-rack (but yes a Getrag 262 box) and the roof-lining and doorcards are black: About that famous "400": Doesn't supprise me, some builders used standard shells to build a "400". Sometimes a "400" is total-loss during a rally, the team takes the spare "400" with the VIN of the totall-loss and 30 years later someone finds the totall-loss wreck and a "400" is born... Can tell you story's about that...
  13. It is the elbow in metal instead of rubber to the airflow meter. The car was in that workshop to repair the injection. And yes a strut brace, useless on a Manta/Ascona. The suspension is in the front axle and not in the turrets of the shocks, but yes a nice optic attribute
  14. The white rim is a remade, 3-part rim. They are some years available in Germany and this firm (Holland)sels them also, They don't look like 3-part but also nice: https://www.viadanny.nl/a-52327740/velgen/opel-400-velg-8jx15-et23-5x120-per-stuk-zonder-band/ The other pics look like widened, there is a firm in Germany that is allowed to do that with MOT (Tüv prufung), I've seen in Holland a GTE with rims like the bottom pic, looks great: I would prefer another color...
  15. Thanks Paul, gonna need it this summer. Holiday @ GB with the Manta... To Ian: Work since begin 80's on these cars and as Snowy wrote: Never seen it before.
  16. If you want a pic of the 2.0E throttle body:
  17. Think it is a part of a letterbox (don't know how to say that in English), that thing in your door... Dimensions seem to fit.
  18. Some info: All 400's came from the production line with those square headlights. Mine had original the wipers/washer set installed but the second owner changed the headlamps to the 4 round ones. Still have the big square water bottle and the wires/tubes in the car. And my A-pillar has got no cloth on it, because it is a B1 I think. The B2 400's in the club have the cloth on the A-pillar. There are some more differences between B1 and B2 400's.
  19. HaHa! You repair a whole car and don't fix a simple dishwasher? Think we both have the same priorities... And again a nice job done, grts Herman
  20. H-400

    New swan neck

    Made in 1994 this bonnet, cutted the frame and welded a lot of threaded studs on the inside of the skin. Gleud and bolted the air-intakes, made everything nice with filler on the outside. But after some years the filler began to crack on several places, because the skin vibrated to much... The bonnet went on the attic of the garage. 20 years later, the Belgian MOT doesn't allow a fiber bonnet without CE-marking, so I took the bonnet back down: You can see the air intakes and also the missing parts af the frame, took those parts of another donor bonnet and welded them in: Yet the skin of the bonnet is again supported so I hope the new filler won't crack again. All this work and I have this waiting in my garage: A fiber bonnet... not allowed...
  21. H-400

    New swan neck

    Thanks Ian, I am working on the home-made 400 bonnet and than they can paint everything. Gonna take some pics of this "Bonnet-project". Grts, Herman
  22. H-400

    New swan neck

    Made some progress, the bumper was cracked twice on one side: So I made a metal plate with the shape of the inside, bending and welding, drilling to give the gleu a strong grip: This is how the car looks, the engine bay and the rear right side need repainting Waterproof chassisrails: Some work was done on the back: Again rustfree: Original battery-tray, looks after all the years pretty good:
  23. @Shaun: Great looking car, enjoy it! Those vents look normal, look at this pic: I had to make a "home-made" bonnet cause the Belgian MOT wants a "CE" marking in fiber bonnets. My vents are more back because the standart frame is under the skin and are more optical less cooling : (old pic) About the other vets: As Evo wrote there main reason is to provide the clearance to the Gp B shocks, look at this pic: (try to zoom in) You can see the top of the shock mounts in the vents.
  24. Maybe you can bend them with a pair of pliers.
  25. LOL: Was working together with my son on his Corsa, and noticed this: Group B arms, reinforced! Must be to cope with the massive power of the 3 cilinder 56hp machine!😁
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