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  1. Looks great, with those light pods it reminds me to the prototype of the "400" showed in 1981:
  2. H-400

    "400" repair

    @Pounsett: And she came back from working out, so she was warmed up😁... Sometimes I put parts in the kitchen oven before welding or she finds something in the freezer before I want to fit a bearing etc. She is used to those situations, think thats why we don't have a dishwasher. I would clean my carb's in that!
  3. Not in the neighbourhood: https://www.chargertech.nl/31-silicone-slangen-opel
  4. H-400

    "400" repair

    Thanks Ian, cleaned also eight of the 16 valves.
  5. H-400

    "400" repair

    After two months there is some news to tell. The set of pistons was not complete cause they lend one out to copy them. And thanks to covid we are not allowed to cross the German border but this week I had a mail from Risse Motorsport they have a set of pistons for me. They are going to send them to me, insured,together wit some other parts. So I'm motivated to start again. My wife came home from the athletic club but she couldn't shower, err Honey there something in the bath-tub... I needed hot water to degrease something: Ofcourse I cleaned up all the mess😄. And the firm that makes aluminium profiles contacted me also, the parts for my little truck are approved for production. Hold your horses, not all together!
  6. I would go for the cream. My first Manta (1978 model) had the same headliner with the black "roll-cage". I remember my friends noticed it too and I came up with the story the Manta was designed for rallysport so it had an integraded rollcage😂. To check the colour: try to clean a part, if it hurts doesn't harm caus you'll fit a new one.
  7. Some links, one problem: they all want an old clutch-set in return https://www.altopelhilfe.de/product_info.php?info=p3618_kupplungskit-8-zoll-cih-1-5-2-0--premium--im-at-.html https://www.o-t-r.de/shop/ascona-manta-a/kupplungssatz-16-19/ http://dr-manta-shop.de/epages/0859c4be-b99b-4b88-8216-6a78b07dc4b5.sf/de_DE/?ObjectPath=/Shops/0859c4be-b99b-4b88-8216-6a78b07dc4b5/Products/01210002
  8. Danny helped me and the gaskets are ordered, confirmation recieved with an émail, Thanks Danny🍺
  9. I'm from Belgium and hope someone can post me a few of those gaskets. Not the Europeen types you all find on Ebay but the UK ones for Rhd Manta's. The Rhd cars have gaskets of 140mm X 75mm and they fit on my M-400. Found this pic on this forum that shows the Lhd gasket on top and the UK gasket below. Pic was posted by Lepo5 (Thanks) Want to thank KAA for the info he gave me about this part👍
  10. Checked the parts catalogue to be sure and looks the same, Lhd and Rhd also😂
  11. Looking nice, be carefull when you install the sliding roof. I taped the fresh paint to protect it.
  12. I'm for vinyl, how about vinyl with carbon look? Golden rims look nice on that bleu:
  13. Wanted to look in the parts-catalogue, but just that page is unreadable😟. But got a new one laying in front of me and it is a SKF one. Partnr. 6205-2RS1/3. It is an ordinary bouble side closed bearing and I think the measurments are 25x52x15 mm. When I'm back from the kinésist (knee) I can check it with a micrometer. And I checked the bearing with the micrometer, measurments as written above
  14. Projects we can only dream of in Belgium, we are not allowed to fit another engine that has got more power. 😢 Keep up the good work 👍
  15. Those body panels are normally very expensive, hope you didn't had to grab too deep in your pockets. Succes with the restoration.
  16. Never seen it on a Manta, looks like a bracket you can weld on a roll-cage/chassis
  17. Got them also, same problem as Rutts... They are eating dust somewhere in the basement.
  18. Found the pics, was on a meeting on the circuit of Assen North of Holland in 2009. The car was transported on a truck with Dutch plates: But the car has got UK plates, not sure the owner fitted those plates for originality?
  19. Hi Richard, a very special and rare car you'v got. Succes with the restaration. Thought there is a Broadspeed Turbo somewhere in Holland, got to check old pics.
  20. If you are not sure about the history of that engine,think most important is the fitting a new timing belt. Think all 1.8OHC's in Manta's are all the same, and it's a nice engine. The Varajet carb is also good but some don't like them cause they need to tuned by someone that has got some experience.
  21. Hi Simon, welcome on this forum, succes with the hunt for an "A"👍
  22. There must be a loom in that spot, with a spade connection. I pull it apart so the light doesn't work when the boot is open.
  23. Behind your spare-wheel there is a vertical pillar, follow it up and where the inge of the bootlid goes into a construction of brackets you will find it. The switch is activated by the hinge.
  24. H-400

    24v head

    Yes I was looking for "400" forged pistons. Found a set at Risse (Omega ones) but had them yesterday on the phone. I contacted them cause today (the 26th) is the last day we are allowed to cross the German border to go after the set of pistons. They were very embarrased cause when opening the box they noticed one piston was missing. Till one of the guys said they lended the piston out to let it measured to copy them. Hmm lets say I was not amused, luckily I phoned them before driving to them. About the engine of Buzz, it all depends of what you are going to do with the car. The original "400" Mahle pistons have no "half moon" shaped notches. Only the ones with high compression. The plate designed top of a C24NE is even deeper then the "400" one: So technical the C24NE ones would fit in a "400"... Not sure what the valve lift of a shortened 24V head is? But if you are going to use the car on track days I would go for forged pistons. Had also an offer from "Flatlander", Wiseco forged pistons 855€ C.R 11/1 without taxes. Noticed Wiseco makes pistons for 2.4 CIH with rebuilded 24-16V head, will look for the info. Grts, Herman
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