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  1. H-400

    "400" repair

    Think what we measure alive on the car is what counts. Fitted both AFM's without black cover on the car. Outcomming signal to the ECU (can we call that thing an ECU? is more an update of a clay tablet😁) is with the original "400" AFM 1,48 to 6,42 Volt, checked it progressive and works fine. The bigger BMW AFM gives 1,51 to 6,62 Volt and also working nice & progressive. So those values are comparable. Before I assambled the BMW AFM I cleaned the contacts and rubbed the black strip with a piece of paper from a newspaper, no agressive sandpaper. Tip: If someone wants to check the feulpump with an old L-jetronic (grey injectors), just switch the contact "on" and push the airflap of the AFM, you will hear the pump even when the engine is not running. Easy to check the feulpressure . So next thing to do is checking the feulpressure, I will keep you posted. Have a nice Sunday all.
  2. H-400

    "400" repair

    Hi Jess, not that the car runs bad. But the GSI with the 2.4CIH runs on lower revs better. More torque but the "400" explodes at 4000rpm's. Hunted an AC Cobra on the German highway at 200km/h (real speed) and the driver was looking surprised a Manta went over him. We gave both our "thumbs up" but above 210km/h the engine went too hot, so think it is too lean at very high revs. Think with the info I found last days the eighties tuning is not that professional... Tomorrow more.
  3. H-400

    "400" repair

    Done some checking with small weights and the tension of the flap of the BMW AFM is weaker than normal. Did also some measurments on the original "400"AFM and that gives less resistance and keeps in the data of the repair manual of the "400". The BMW AFM looks to give too much resistance so the outcomming signal to the ECU can be too low. Wanted to fit the circuit board of the original AFM but when I unscrewed the BMW circuit board the first screw broke: You can see the red stuff so they are sealed with something. The BMW AFM has got also that extra wire on the arm to give a good connection. Tomorrow gonna fit both AFM's on the car to check the voltage to the ECU, what benefit gives the bigger AFM if you have less feul... Maybe that's the reason of the Mercedes FPregulator? Have a nice evening.
  4. H-400

    "400" repair

    Hi Jess, been thinking the same as you in the past. An EFI with an empty fake AFM and MAP&MAF. Triggerwheel and sensor on the oilpump and wideband lambda. Asked around and it would be something around a 1000€. This is the ECU, the loom,sensors (Lambda, airtemp, Map,...) . Without a knocksensor, thats an extra kost. Maybe it lays under the tree? 🎄 Edited: Another option is changing the old AFM with a new type AFM (heat wire sensor) but than you need a small ECU to convert the signal to something usable for the old L-jetronic ECU...
  5. H-400

    "400" repair

    Done some work on the "400", cause my knee is still not 100% I do some easy things. But things we need to pay attention. The injection of a "400" is the old L-jetronic with the grey injectors. Even when the smaller brother (GT/E) went to LE-jetronic the "400" stayed by the older type. The second owner tuned the car at Delta-Motor in Switserland, in the eighties... What did they do? They fitted a 70mm throttle body of a 6 in line, the original inlet manifold was nice milled to the bigger size and there was a 70mm AFM fitted of a BMW 635. Together with a Mercedes FPRegulator it gave the engine some more power and the exhaust is a bigger Irmscher one. Checked the AFM with the multimeter and noticed some failures: So this is the BMW AFM: What is that stuff on the top of the AFM? The whole set together with filter-house touches the bonnet, so the second owner glued it to protect the bonnet... The next picture is together with the original "400" AFM. You can see the difference in size: Some info: The AFM of a "400"is the same size of a GT/E (l-jetronic) but not the same, later more about that. Because the inlet of the BMW AFM is bigger they adjusted the filter house also, left is the original size and the right one is the bigger one: I own this car since 2005 but never noticed this: The size of the inlet from the filter is the same as the original one, so why upgrading the AFM and throttle when this square inlet stays the same? Think it is better the air flows into the engine from a bigger size, got to fix that! I have onother AFM (also BMW635 but LE) with a nice inlet that guides the air into the AFM, will try that piece in the filter house but want also something to fit something on that to be sure the air is nicely guided into the AFM: The cover of the AFM was glued so I think they the tension of the flap was changed, noticed I needed less pressure but got to check it with weights. This pic is the opened AFM with the "airguide" of the other BMW AFM: Sharp eyes can see the contact that triggers the feul pump, one of the major differences with the AFM of the LE-jetronic. Later more, have a nice evening.
  6. Well be happy you live in the US of A, I was stationed for 8 years in Germany and drove a Manta B, and indeed this film came out: And the same time, it was not enough, this happened: So all the Germans had fun with my car, but the army moved me to another place, barracks in the neighbourhood of Antwerp. Me happy but after some time a Belgian (Flemish) show came on television: Don't try to understand it, it's Flemish... Remember I was watching this on tele and said to my wife " Got to drive tomorrow to the barracks with the Manta, man they gonna have fun"... After some time this show was ended but in Holland they came up with another movie: And this movie was a hit in Holland, Belgium and Germany (for the youth) So I think I'v got to emigrate to the UK... About the jokes: Do you know when a Manta Driver parked his car in the garage? Cause he has a blood on his elbow. How do you recognize a Manta driver in the winter? He has got a icicle on his elbow.
  7. I mentioned a few times that guy in the north of Holland, Egbert de Boer. He 's got loads of stuff but it is 300km's from my home. Got to make a shopping list to visit him...😦
  8. https://www.opel-sonntag.de/katalog-typen/andere-opel-hecktriebler/66-karosserie-blech-und-zierteile.html One problem: You'v got to phone him, tried also but never answers the phone. He is known in the Opel scene as an Ash*l* and doesn't want email etc. Not sure he speeks English? The ones for Kadett C are easy to order, not exactly the same shape but if you are handy with the mig: https://www.altopelhilfe.de/product_info.php?info=p2761_laengstraeger-mit-federteller-kadett-c-rechts.html
  9. Well I'v got to confess, got also one laying around. Had to take it together with a few doors, hood and a rear panel. Think the previous owner was also ashamed😁. It's for free!!!
  10. Hi Andy, welcome here. The place to be for Manta/Ascona owners. Waiting to see pictures of your rebuild, succes!
  11. Thanks Stuart, the registration plate is a military one. I was a member of the occupying forces in Germany, my UK colleagues had also those black plates. I was stationed near the old East German border. @Evo: Was a nice car, fitted later a 2liter engine and a 5speed gearbox. The vinyl was black, had to remove it cause there was rust under it.
  12. She looks great, Big Stu took care of her. And she reminds me of my first Manta: Time goes fast... Enjoy her!
  13. I'v got some doors in stock, will have a look
  14. Hi Maddog, the Kügelfisher injection has got a plunjer pump, comparable with the old diesel pumps. So you need to make a timing belt between the engine and pump. And the feul injected into your engine must be spot on. Think the best choice is one of a BMW2002Tii and maybe you can play with the feul pressure. Think as Jess wrote the LE-jetronic is the easier way
  15. I had the same with both my Manta's. Suddenly they just fall in pieces... Those black "things" guide your window, I bought new ones from internet, those sets of 30 quid you mentioned. Edelschmiede sells them: https://www.edelschmiede.com/shop/navi.php?a=1405&lang=eng But I think if someone has got a 3d printer they can replicate them a lot cheaper...There is also a topic somewhere on this forum about those parts.
  16. @cam.in.head: Thanks for the explanation, I never had a CC so just wonderin about that hole. The car looks fine, worth the money.
  17. Why did someone cut out a square piece out the bootfloor?
  18. Thanks Buz, doctor said it is a rather big rip so it was necesarry. Asked if I could run again after healing but he said only on soft ground... So the pain is better than yesterday but didn't sleep a lot. And on the couch! Worst is I can't do anything on my cars, that special piece to fit the sunshade in the roof of my truck arrived so I'v got work to do. When my wife arrives back from work I'm gonna lay down on the couch and moan so she will serve me whole evening😁🍺
  19. Hey Charlie, am back from the hospital. Thought I would be more mobil but know why the said to fix crutches. Try to buy your medication (painkillers & bandage) before the operation, will make everything easier😕
  20. PS autoteile sels a copy rockercover gasket in rubber, I used it but start leaking also. But I used it with the alu GT rocker cover not with the steel original one: http://www.ps-autoteile.de/de/opel/ascona-a/ascona-b/motor-und-kupplung-104/gummi-ventildeckeldichtung-8mm-kadett-b-ab-bj-1971-600.html
  21. We (on the other side of the water) have to go to a firm that is legally authorised to evaluate damage on cars and is also authorised to tax (valuate) our oldtimers. About two years ago we had a accident in our own club, two friends drove in each other car. It hapened in Holland, one car was German and the other one from Luxembourgh. So because it was an international accident we had to call the police. And they had automaticly called the fire brigade... So those fire brigade guys were so "Gung -Ho " they wanted to cut one of our cars open with their hydraulic scissors! After that incident I went directly to a firm to renew my valuation report, as Big Stu wrote above: Do it and hope you never have to use it!
  22. H-400

    "400" repair

    Well I finally had time to take the "400" for a testdrive. The electronical ignition works fine, but I noticed the engine doesn't start as easy and when I provoke "pinging" it does... So I set the ignition some degrees later and it doesn't "ping" anymore😊. And I got to get used with the noise the engine makes. Was half a year ago I gave full throttle with that car and above 5000rpm's they don't make a civilised noise. The valve tappets are mecanical and the exhaust bigger, an idle of 1300rpm's so even on the stoplight I felt guilty. The Insignia sounds like a butterfly if you compare. When I start the engine short after killing it starts easy, but when I pump the underpressure away of the brakebooster it starts difficult, so that's a sign the second underpressure connection on the original dizzy is important. When the engine is cold I'm gonna have a look at the static point of the ignition, my GSI with 2.4 engine has got a standard GSI ignition and runs fine but that engine has got a lower compression. Took some pics today of both Manta's together: If you don't look at the rims the GSI has got more "400" looks as the original "400"😁: Grts, Herman
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