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  1. Hi everyone, I'm still on the hunt for a rear window louvre for my mantaB coupe. I could one on Manta dany's web site and emailed him but unfortunately he won't post said item to Scotland. Fragile and size I'm presuming, does anyone have one hiding away somewhere and willing to part with it. Thank you.
  2. hi everyone, I'm back pestering you all to see if there is anyone that knows where I could source and purchase a rear window louver. I'm desperate to find 1 and its not been happening for me so far. Thanks in advance.
  3. Looking for an ascona B front skinny plastic bumper. Thank you.
  4. Looking for an Ascona B front plastic skinny bumper, anyone help me out! Cash waiting. Thanks.
  5. Looking for an Ascona B front plastic skinny bumper. Thank you.
  6. You must have some sort of idea on how much you'd take to let it go! Give me a ball park figure mate.
  7. Hi people, wanting to see if anyone has a rear window louvre for sale or know of anyone selling one. Thanks.
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