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  1. I'm definitely going to have to upgrade the prop as it's away too thin to take the torque of the Saab engine plus the welds are poor at the flanges so I'll see how you get on first with the rx8 one. I might upgrade to the same setup as yourself if it's easy enough.
  2. Tidy looking car. I think I seen this car at a rally at Ingilston in Edinburgh about 3 years ago. Think it was a 3.0 that was in it. Could be wrong.
  3. Be good to see how easily the rx8 box and prop work. Wouldn't mind a 6 speed upgrade for mine. I've got the omega box fitted now and it sits further back as well. Am I right in saying it's a carbon prop on rx8?
  4. Bonga

    Manta Hatch

    Yeah I looked at that. It's a 10 piece set for both sides? I was thinking about it then all parts are there if required. What you don't use you could keep or sell on eBay or something
  5. Bonga

    Manta Hatch

    Has anyone ever used the panels off off eBay from this fella? https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.de%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F362461798133 Was going to get a floor pan, jack point and chassis leg. Seems a decent price for the panels.
  6. Tidy looking car. Read the build thread a few times as it's similar to my own hatch xe engine and 400 kit. As said above I could just buy the shell and stick my hatch engine on it and have a car on the road really quick but I've already got 2 cars sitting unfinished. Be a good one for somebody.
  7. I was going to try and match the white on my hatch as I don't know the exact code. Could end up doing loads of work for a poor result. it's gave me the urge and now I think I'm going to change the colour. After seeing the retropower chevette im thinking of a nice metallic grey.
  8. Always a chance that the paint doesn't match perfect. At least you've had a bit of practice now. Hopefully be spot on next time 👍
  9. Mines is the same. The roof has been played over. Would like to get a manta section and weld it in. Do you know if it has to be a section from a coupe or can a hatch section be used as well?
  10. Bonga

    Track Manta

    Jamie I've seen a few of your post when I was looking through the suspension content on the form. Did you get yours to handle the way you wanted. Did I read something about disconnecting the rear anti roll bar encourages overseer rather than understeer. Have you tried that? What suspension set up do you use?
  11. Bonga

    Track Manta

    I like the look of that! The support from the cage will keep it all solid. Spoke to Tim at TJM today and he's looking into a custom set up with the springs. Probably be better for track use than a set of lowering springs. I want it to be quite stiff but I also don't want it too low. Maybe only 30mm drop so I can keep plenty of travel for hitting bumps on the road. I was thinking avo springs initially after reading good things on here
  12. Bonga

    Track Manta

    Sounds a good set up Jason. Did you do the coil overs yourself. I would imagine you would need addition strength and larger turrets. Same idea to what people do in escorts. Do you ever use it on the road. If so do you find it ok?
  13. Bonga

    Track Manta

    I'm going to fit a new set of springs as the front and rear of this car doesn't sit right. It's Gas dampers fitted so leaving them for now The front springs are very meaty red ones which has the front wheel hitting the arch nearly and the rears look standard black ones. Was looking through the forum and avo springs seem to be recommended previously. Where would be the best place to get them. Had a look on TJM but didn't have them on there. What are other track day mantas running suspension wise?
  14. You must be gutted after the time you were looking for a car then the work you done on it. Was good watching you work through it. Hope things work out. All the best.
  15. Bonga

    Track Manta

    Going to change the calibra brakes from my hatch as well as the axles and discs and hubs. Going to try and put the ap brakes on the hatch but if I can't get the wheels to sit right ill need to change the lot including the axels as someone has drilled the threads out the mount (the threads are on the ap caliper).
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