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  1. This for sale topic may not yet available be for your usergroup
  2. Bonga

    Track Manta

    It's the fear of rust creeping in. I don't want to leave it over the winter then have to do loads of welding for the next mot or are they not that bad?
  3. Bonga

    Track Manta

    Thinking of selling the Saab powered Manta. I've lost my storage and it's sitting outside with a cover over it currently. Only used it once in the last year, the Covid situation hasn't helped. I don't want to leave it like this outside over the coming winter. Does anyone else store their pride and joy outside and is it really as bad as I think it will be.
  4. Tidy looking car that! GLWS
  5. Bonga

    Manta Hatch

    Got a few hours in over the weekend and managed to get the last of the bushes removed from the front suspension arms. They were a c#*t. Thanks for the tips from other members on this. Got the top wishbones prepped up and painted black. Need to get some more paint and before I can get the subframe painted. Looking forward to getting the new polybushes in and finishing the front end off now. Pictures to follow next time.
  6. Thanks guys spent more than an hour tonight getting one of four of the little feckers out. Bush fits nice now. Just another 3 to go 😮
  7. I know this is an old thread but how did you resolve this Scott. I'm having the same difficulties with mine. Strong flex bushes also.
  8. Suits those wheel mate. Looks tidy.
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