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  1. I've seen that one before. Is there a build thread somewhere for it?
  2. I can 2nd that. I've got an mx5 and the gearbox feels really good. Similar feel to ep3 civic type r I used to have . Tight with short throws. Mine is the 6 speed one and the ratios nice.
  3. Just looking at doing the exact same job next, with cutting away all the rot then finishing it for 400 arches. I'll keep an eye out see how you do yours 👍
  4. Bonga

    400R build.

    Another wee repair done and that finishes that area off now. Onto wheel arches next. I'm fitting a 400 kit so not too bothered about how they look. Was thinking of cutting the old arch back so all the rot was gone, then just expending the old inner arch out to meet the lip of the fibreglass 400 arch. Anyone did this before. Looking for a simple solution.
  5. Bonga

    400R build.

    Finally got it up on the spit. I managed to get the inner sill on the passenger's side done. I thought this was quite a tricky piece to build back up but it's all hidden so didn't bother too much with how it looks as long as the strength was there. Here are some before and afters.
  6. That car is stunning mate.
  7. Bonga

    400R build.

    Thanks guys. Its an early cavalier MK1 shell. I think it's pre 1980. I just changed the nosecone over as I prefer the manta look and the nosecone was rotten anyway. Side project happening just now with a wee mx5 I use for autotesting is taking my time just now. Get back to the manta in a few weeks.
  8. Bonga

    400R build.

    No updated for a while but I've been getting stuff done. Got the front end stripped and painted. I used bonda primer as on it 1st. It's a epoxy based paint with added zinc but doesn't use an activator so there's no waste if you put too much in the gun. You can also paint it with a bush, Ideal for inner sills etc. Sounds like decent stuff and it sprayed on easy. Next I coated it with 2 part high build primer then knocked it back with a block and some 120 or 180 grit wet n dry. I decided to got for polar white 2 pack paint. The spaying didn't go as well as I'd hoped. I did have an orange peel effect (I am a beginner). After some research and some messing around it looks like the air pressure was too low. I knocked it back with 1500 then polished it and it looks decent now I made a start with the passenger side sill area. I did the inner part from the rear seat area. It's nice to compare this are to what I started with
  9. I use both FB and the forum. I feel the forum information is a lot more in depth. Some threads are like As close as you'll get to a manual on how to restore a manta. Im cracking on with mine now and tbh couldn't have done it without looking through some of the build threads in this forum. Myself and others appreciate the time it takes to post pictures and write all the tasks out. Car looks amazing Andrew. It's a credit to the work that you've put in.
  10. This is looking good pal. This is exactly same route I'm want to go with mine. Track car but could take it out on a nice Sunday night if you felt the need 👍 Did you keep the back seats in it Jamie?
  11. Bonga

    400R build.

    Tried a poly strip disc last night. Big difference. Took about half the time I'd say so definitely better. Going to get a pack now. Thanks for the info, great to get advice from more expeianced guys who have done this many a time 👍
  12. Bonga

    400R build.

    I was initially going to go as you said Jess but don't want to end up doing double the work if the pain takes a reaction. No other way than the hard way then. Better get stocked up on wire cups and discs. Well pleased Jamie. Nearly got the welding out the way. Project is moving along nicely Learned as I've went along. It's far from perfect but it looks strong enough and much better than it was.
  13. Bonga

    400R build.

    Going to paint under the bonnet soon when the shell is stripped. Thought I would make a start at getting the paint off. Tried it with the wire cup and it took me about half an hour to do about a quarter of of the area. Painfully slow and burned my wire wheel out. Is there a better way to get all the paint off? I did think of leaving it and just giving it a run up with some 240 grit but thought it'd be a better job stripped back to bare. What do yous think guys?
  14. Bonga

    400R build.

    Thanks Ian. I've been reading through your cavy build, its epic. I've had some of the same repairs and it's been good to see how someone else got through it. It's good you took the time to update it and put loads of pictures. Helped me out a few times anyway 👍
  15. Bonga

    400R build.

    Sorry Jess. I think you've picked me up wrong. When I said they were off the Saab turbo I had, I meant the Saab turboed manta.
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