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  1. Bonga

    400R build.

    Tried a poly strip disc last night. Big difference. Took about half the time I'd say so definitely better. Going to get a pack now. Thanks for the info, great to get advice from more expeianced guys who have done this many a time 👍
  2. Bonga

    400R build.

    I was initially going to go as you said Jess but don't want to end up doing double the work if the pain takes a reaction. No other way than the hard way then. Better get stocked up on wire cups and discs. Well pleased Jamie. Nearly got the welding out the way. Project is moving along nicely Learned as I've went along. It's far from perfect but it looks strong enough and much better than it was.
  3. Bonga

    400R build.

    Going to paint under the bonnet soon when the shell is stripped. Thought I would make a start at getting the paint off. Tried it with the wire cup and it took me about half an hour to do about a quarter of of the area. Painfully slow and burned my wire wheel out. Is there a better way to get all the paint off? I did think of leaving it and just giving it a run up with some 240 grit but thought it'd be a better job stripped back to bare. What do yous think guys?
  4. Bonga

    400R build.

    Thanks Ian. I've been reading through your cavy build, its epic. I've had some of the same repairs and it's been good to see how someone else got through it. It's good you took the time to update it and put loads of pictures. Helped me out a few times anyway 👍
  5. Bonga

    400R build.

    Sorry Jess. I think you've picked me up wrong. When I said they were off the Saab turbo I had, I meant the Saab turboed manta.
  6. Bonga

    400R build.

    The steering knuckle/ hub which the brake caliper and wheel attaches to.
  7. Bonga

    400R build.

    Well spotted Herman. These knuckles are off the Saab turbo car originally. They were modded for ap 4 pot calipers but when I tried to run them with my 8" revolutions the caliper was fouling the wheel. So I fitted a 25mm wheel spacer. Then the wheels were rubbing the arches as it was narrow bodied. I swapped this for the calibra caliper and sat this set up to the side. It's ideal for this project as I'm got the 400 kit for this one. Ill get some nice red paint for the calipers before fitting.
  8. Bonga

    400R build.

    Not updated my thread for a bit but progress has beeing coming along well. Driver's side inner and outer sill Inner wheel arch repair Finished the bit next to where the master cylinder is Behind master cylinder repair Changed the complete nosecone Few small patches here and there Plus built up the front subframe
  9. Bonga

    400R build.

    HubStarted on a major bit of corrosion on the LHS next to the brake servo area. Probably take a few nights to complete due to the shapes in this area. In the meantime I bought a wee mx5 to get me out on the track till this is ready. Here's s wee Clip from the weekend. VID_20200902_123914.mp4
  10. Bonga

    400R build.

    Here we go again manta no.3 still not seen one through yet. This is the one this time. I've gathered all the parts I need to build the car I want. XE powered manta coupe with full 400 kit. Got this shell through Andy when I sold him the Saab Turbo manta. So thanks again for that. I kept all my bits from my hatch I had. XE bike carbs nodiz polybushed front and rear axles prop gearbox the lot even down to the seatbelts there was nothing left of the shell and I scrapped it. It wasnt worth saving. Anyway here we go with the new one. Trying to learn to weld as I go but think I'm getting the hang of it now. Started with a few small patches to get me going. Got loads to do but start small and work my way up. Also prepped and painted the front sub frame so can assemble it all back together.
  11. Looks great Ian. Unbelievable the amount of work you have put in to this. Nice to see the end result.
  12. Bonga

    Mike's Manta.

    Car looks awesome mike.
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