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  1. You must be gutted after the time you were looking for a car then the work you done on it. Was good watching you work through it. Hope things work out. All the best.
  2. Bonga

    Track Manta

    Going to change the calibra brakes from my hatch as well as the axles and discs and hubs. Going to try and put the ap brakes on the hatch but if I can't get the wheels to sit right ill need to change the lot including the axels as someone has drilled the threads out the mount (the threads are on the ap caliper).
  3. Bonga

    Track Manta

    Took both axels/steering knuckles off today. They have had spacers welded on for the caliper to sit right and the threads drilled out. Seriously considering just ebaying the ap brakes and getting calibra turbo brakes so the wheel sits at the right offset to the caliper.
  4. Bonga

    Track Manta

    Yeah 8 inch revs. It had Borbet As but I don't really like them. The revs were on my other car. Tried to fit the calibra brakes today. Didn't happen. The axle/steering knuckle has been modified to suit the ap calipers. What I did notice was that the ap disc is fitted on top of the hub not behind it like others I've seen. To fit the disc behind I'll need to have the centre hole made bigger. Once it's fitted like this I'll need to adjust the caliper position by shaving off the exact amount from the mounting position. Bought 25mm hubcentric spacers which are surplus to requirements if anyone wants a set £50 plus postage. I'll stick them on the for sale as well. And just to add was out on my Motocross bike earlier a quick blast. Conrod ended up through the side of the cylinder so not the best day I've had. Also took the front springs off there very beefy, probably a bit too stiff and definitely too low. Evo I've been on the case. Google is a great tool. What did people do before. Yeah I think that's what it is. It could be down to the boost 1 5 bar seems a lot. But I can't see a boost controller so think it'd done through the ECU? I don't know it's a job for another day
  5. Bonga

    Track Manta

    Have this car at my brother's from before Christmas. Saab b204 engine. Loads of goodies. But it's a bit rough. Needs a proper tidying up. The intention was finishing the hatch before I even looked at this but the hatch needs a power of welding so thought I'd hit this one and try and get a few track days this summer the way it is. I basically had a quick look at it and then took it to the testing station. It obviously failed. Wheel bearing, wee bit of welding, water in scoosher bottle, wheels catching brake Flexi when turning and a number plate. Few advisories brake pipes to be clipped, tyres stretched on rims. All done, road legal now. Took it out a spin but something isn't right with the engine. Revs fine stationary but under load it sounds like a rev limiter at around 3000rpm. I think the ECU is limiting it for some reason. Although it's getting full boost up to this point 1.5 bar. Needing loads done to get it the way I want it but it's a start. 1st I need to sort the brake set up. It's got ap racing brakes but it has to run 25mm wheel spacers to stop the wheels hitting the caliper. Which then makes the wheel hit the arch when on lock. Would be ok with 400 arches. Might swap them with my other car(calibra turbo/Audi discs) or sell them. Next the suspension at the back is excessively high and the front is too low. Seems random. Here it is.
  6. Good on you mate. Looks like a decent car.
  7. Bonga

    Manta Hatch

    Cheers. Had a look at Herman's. That's what made me think it's best just to get the engine out and do it right. Yeah I'll do both legs as I suspect the other side to be the same. I'll get some photos next week. From what I can see the wheel studs are too short and it's got a hydraulic handbrake no mechanical. Get a better look when I get more time.
  8. Bonga

    Manta Hatch

    After my findings of rot on the chassis legs and floor I've decided to revaluate my situation . I was initially hoping to have the car ready soon but I know it's not going to be ready any time soon. To do a proper job I need the engine out and I'm thinking now of a full strip down and putting it on a spit to make life easier welding the underside and painting. In the mean time I gutted out the garage, tidied it and a run to the recycle centre today to make space for the big strip down. Im putting this on the back burner for now. I've got this other manta I got before Christmas. It's the Saab engined track car that's been for sale a few time over the last few years. I don't really want to have both at the same time. My plan was finish and sell one before I start the other. But at this rate it's going to be another summer and winter without a run in my car, it's kinda peeing me off Anyway It's stored been away since I got it off the trailer but I went for a quick look on Friday and it's in useable condition as it sits. Next weekend maybe get it out see what it need for MOT and a run down the road 😆😆
  9. Bonga

    Manta Hatch

    That looks a proper beefed up job. To do this job right I think the engine is going to have to come out. I don't know if you noticed but the inner and outer sills are also goosed as well on the side I'm working on. This complicates things even more as the car has got the side skirts fitted.
  10. Bonga

    Manta Hatch

    Got a few hours today and cut out all the rot on the driver's floor. Going to replace the jacking point, main rail and the bottom rail corner where the bottom arm attaches as it's been bodged previously as well. I see there's metal parts on eBay from Germany now. Anyone ever used them? I can buy all 3 parts needed for 90 plus 17 delivery which seems really reasonable.
  11. Bonga

    Manta Hatch

    Few hours in the garage last night and got my metal bending brake done. Could have done a bit better started to rush it at the end as it was getting late. But it does the job, quite happy with the end product tbh. Did a small sample of the chassis shape but can make up to about 500mn long lengths
  12. Bonga

    Manta Hatch

    I've seen photos of this car when googling but that's the 1st time I've seen the build thread. That looks a mint wee car. Really nicely done. What happened to it?
  13. Bonga

    Manta Hatch

    I need to get one one of them wee 90 degree corners for the cable as well. Is yours set up Gary. Does it run well.
  14. Bonga

    Manta Hatch

    Gary did you put something in place to stop the tension on the cable as even at full screwed out the screw on the pedal doesn't hit the floor when on full throttle. I actually think the 400 kit looks pretty good on it as well. It's weird you always want a coupe but when you see the hatch beefed up it looks good as well. Was hoping to get a night this week to make a metal bending brake (videos on youtube) to help make the sections of the chassis legs and outriggers I need. Got the metal yesterday. The car starts and runs but I've never drove it. I think they'll need proper setting up along with the nodiz ECU. It does seem to take a few turns to start. This could be because it's needing a run. This would probably suit me better as it's only really fwd car that I've drove hard. I do like my cars to feel nimble but I've always wanted to learn how to drive rwd properly. This has got bilsteins and heavier springs as well so hoping it'll be good fun when I get out with it.
  15. This is quality work mate. Great to see what you can do when you know how to.
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