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  1. If you fit a system don’t use the live side of the wiring use the earth side of the wiring as most scum will look on the live side as above quoted .on my last Manta wire a kill switch to the injection system earth side or a quick release steering wheel
  2. On my Manta a good few years back l had a system on that was made up from relays and one touch switches can not remember how is was done as a spark carried out the system,but it cut the fuel and spark from the engine, if you find a good auto spark they will build a system for you ,I might have a switch kicking around somewhere if l can find it will get a photo of it
  3. Every time l try to renew it what’s to pay for someone else,does not come up with my name
  4. When l did my oil change l used 10 w 40 oil ,as the Manta was only used in the summer time the oil did not have to be 20w 50 Replace the engine oil after about 500 miles as the my be bits of crude in the engine l am correct in thinking that the engine has not run for some time
  5. Before you start any engine work check that it has oil ,anit freeze in the engine Remove all spark plugs,put a bit of diesel in each clylinder crank engine BY HAND with a spanner on the crank bolt level overnight if the engine turns easy,crank the engine with the key to blow out the xs diesel carry out a compression test,Also check that the oil light goes out If all ok replaced all fluids,filters,spark plugs,check timing Dont forget to replace the brake fluid
  6. I work with new cars that ae a nightmare,and the owners are.The world falls apart went it’s not fix on the same day
  7. It will only take about 1/2 a hour to remove the exhaust manifold (if the bolts come out)
  8. The price of any car goes and down,l sold my Manta last year (should have never sold it) for very good money at the present time l have a VW Corrado 2.0 16 v in excellent condition,which I am selling (so l can get a Manta) But can’t sell it at this time for what l think is worth,so l will keep it .this is the Manta l soldep it
  9. No worries.just know basics of computers ,no stress trying to learn a bit about computers lf I can help you at any time let me know
  10. Have tried to do the computer thing l can’t work it out
  11. I don’t know what a DM is l can post on Facebook if that helps,(not much good with this kink of stuff)
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