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  1. All sorted, now cant find where I left the bloody bolts, anybody know what thread size I need please?
  2. The badges on the bootlid...are they original the ones on it? At the speed I work it probably won't be ready until spring anyways lol
  3. Yeah it was such a waste as I can see in 2011 it was pretty good! I paid £870 from ebay so quite strong money I guess. Couldn't find anything else to compare it to though only a very good one up North for £2750...I have now sourced a downpipe gasket, just need new bolts. I have got all 4 shock absorbers as they are soft. Oil, oil filter, Plugs, Alt belt, got the original Vauxhall chrome letters for the back just need the upper badges but hard to source...once I get her mot'd I will be looking for about £1750 ish which I dont think is too bad...as you say there is microblistering about on the panels. Also the headlights were corroded inside and the reflectors knackered so used some chrome paint to sort that. Front tyres are still good but the rears are peeling themselves apart so also got 2 new ones for that...
  4. The pictures actually don't make it look too bad but it is worse in the flesh!
  5. Ok my oversight I can now clearly see the bigger one is in as separate pack and has the part numbers Thanks Mickfrad should be able to get one armed with that info!
  6. Still having trouble getting the right one, I have now ended up with 2 that are too small, like the small one in Mickfrads post up a bit but need the bigger one he has pictured! Is that the part number for the bigger gasket Mickfrad or are they both in the pack? Dog312fish that's one of the gaskets I now have but its too small...
  7. Yes yes yes that's the one pictured! I think I have found a suitable gasket now. No wonder I wasn't getting anywhere, thanks for the help! Is that a good upgrade its got then?
  8. Ok yeah I do remember now, will get them uploaded during the week, just waiting on a load of bits for it at the minute including new shocks all round..
  9. Anyone know where I could get one, the ones that keep coming up have the offset 4 holes? Whereas mine is rectangular with 6...Any help appreciated...
  10. I saw these pics yeah and I think you would be rather upset at the minute lol, carpets were actually dry but yes the paint has gone really flat, headlights filled with water and other general problems with it being sat in a garden for years. Can not undestand why it had been left like it....I cant work out how to add pics from my phone onto here at the moment...
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