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  1. God thats a nice coupe ,,, hope it makes good money !
  2. After reading the article in the may 2005 total vauxhall mag , over ten years ago , i said some day id get this hatch ...... !!! and in a round about way .... it came to me Ian Hills old hatch ..loved it from the time i seen it ... its a bit worse for wear at the moment , but will restore handie enough ... two sills are gone at the joins and chassis legs will need doing plus a good tidy inside should sort here out ! but im a happy bunny !!!!
  3. info needed on this manta coupe ,blue with black vinyl roof 1.9 auto reg BLK 167S currently in the west of ireland .. anyone know it or knew of it ?
  4. jim nolan


    ohhh god thats nice !!! good colour combo on it ,and the daytona check finishes it off nicely ...
  5. sounds a great project ,, looking forward to pics
  6. nice work on this !!! thats a decent manta and you are getting on well with the repairs ! gonna be a good solid coupe when your finished !
  7. nice work !!! good to see a 4 door getting some love !
  8. both are coming to me in the new year for rebuilds
  9. this A was belong to a leslie hilton ash from Brighton .. and was featured in 1996 Retro Car mag ( anybody remember it ??? ) this is the second A thats sitting there ... none are for sale !!!
  10. I had the same problem a few weeks ago on an 85 GTE ..only by putting my hand on the plenum did I find out what was wrong .. bolt missing and 2 others loose on plenum to engine ... so it do,s sound like your drawing air somewhere ..
  11. found 2 A series mantas in a fellas garage here near me ... been in them for years .. one of them is an orange A that was a cover car on retro magazine in 1996 ,with a big senator conversion .. the other is a yellow A with a 16v in it ,,im pricing the restoration on them at the moment ,will get a few pics during the week and see if any of ye know them .. there still on there uk plates too
  12. this is in my workshop ,so anyone looking for more info/pics ,feel free to email me and ill send on details
  13. Got a call from the owner of this coupe telling me he was about to crush this and asked me if I could look at it first to see if I could save it .. after a 3 hour round trip .its gonna be saved looks bad ,but surprisingly its very saveable , chassis legs are bloody perfect ,needs 2 doors ,bootlid ,bonnet and complete front nosecone , nice owner history on it ,so be nice to see it rebuilt and back to its family . 1981 - 2.0 litre s coupe in Bernstein gold with a light beige interior only 60,000 odd thousand miles ,origanel spec as came from main opel dealer . will post up more pics when it arrives up to me ! anyone got a pic of a coupe in this colour ,to show the owner how it will look finished ?
  14. Nice project ,( dunno how I aint seen this thread till now ) very very hard to get an original irish manta ,especialy a coupe !!! if it was me id keep her standard ,as said before berlinettas and sr mantas are getting scarce ,,theres a huge tendancy to turn a manta here in Ireland to a 400 rep . if you need any help or a even a chat ,you can contact me any time ,only to glad to help in any way I can .. cheers jim
  15. Heard about this coupe lying up in a place ..and just had to go see it was on its way to the scrapper !! needs work ,but well worth saving , battery tray area is non exsistant ! needs complte nose cone , and inner wings . chassis legs are 95 % good !!! it had its 1.8 removed and a 2.0 litre fitted ( badly ) but well worth restoring to its original spec ... original irish car and not one of these original irish number plated ones !!! whats the chances of me finding a good and complete 1.8 engine for it ??? hope to have it home by the weekend !
  16. theres 2 commodore coupes here .that's just the same as your reckord coupe ..contact peter (atlantean ) on here and you can compare some of the wiring and bits maybe !
  17. yep ..their given to cars over 30 years of age here ,, you have two options ,,zv or you can do the year like my green SR manta in the pics ,,78-ww-567
  18. We had our first run of the year yesterday in the wicklow hills , good turn out and the weather held out for us as well ! few piccies for ye ! more piccies on site !
  19. brilliant ,,,thanks Alf and cheers Andy great link
  20. sorry ,internets been crap !!!! want to keep the tank where it is and not give up any boot space . so ill go down the route of putting a return pipe on the tank ! any place in particular the return pipe should be located ? or would any where on the top lip of the tank do ?
  21. theirs two litte pipes allready sticking out of the tank ,can i use one of those for the return ?
  22. Manta A series fuel tank question !!! can anyone tell me if the standard A series fuel tank will do for a B series gte engine upgrade ? or do i need to modify the A series tank in anyway ? ( fitting the gte engine in to A series manta )
  23. nice purchase well ware,and the chrome back on will make it look better .it looks a solid car !
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