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  1. I've messaged the guy. Fingers crossed 🤞
  2. That does look nice, any members in Northern Ireland on here?
  3. Hi thanks for the link but I'm after a solid car that needs only regular maintenance and occasional repairs as and when needed.
  4. Hi, I'm looking for a early Manta B or Cav sports hatch/coupe I've posted in the wanted section but haven't had anything yet. I can't seem to post on that thread now to show I'm still looking?
  5. 1 : Ideally MOT'd depending on age of course and in good condition I don't want to be have to compete in a major weldathon straight away. 2 : I am in Manchester/UK 3 : I would like a manual gearbox 4 : Number of owners / mileage is unimportant as is any repairs it has had so long as it is in good condition and the repairs are of a good standard. 5 : Please contact me with anything you have or know of that I might be interested in. Thanks!
  6. Hi those are the same pictures he sent to me, he did mention the seller would accept £6250 to me also. Maybe I'm being paranoid but something seems a little off to me everything seems a bit vague, maybe because he's selling it for someone else or maybe he is the worlds most reluctant car dealer 😂
  7. The seller got back to me pretty quickly to be fair, although didn't show any pictures of the actual rust areas just nice shiny paint. He said he'll get his technician to look at it to give me a rough idea of an estimate towards cost of fixing it but obviously an impartial inspection would be desirable.
  8. I've enquired about this car and asked for an estimate for the repairs as to be honest I don't know what I'm supposed to be looking at. I don't suppose anyone knowledgeable is local to this car and wouldn't mind taking a look? I'd pay for their time obviously. Failing that does anyone know of a specialist that would be able to look at it for me. Thanks.
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