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  1. That would be me. Just had a ride out and a quick look round. Was some nice motors there.
  2. Thanks. From carnforth now live in heysham
  3. After lurking on this forum for the last four years. I though it was time to post some progress of my manta. I first picked up C143sgu for Kent nearly four years ago. As I young boy I walked past a rusty red hatch on my way to school and always lusted after a red manta. There was just some thing diffrent about that manta compared to the mundane cars of the time. Being a builder and having a young, family it stopped me from getting a manta, but a change of job and not having to use a car for work. It was my chance to own the car I always wanted. It was used Dailey for a couple of years, and doing jobs as they preseanted them selfs. witch was a few. After tearing out the sound proofing and finding it soaking the first job was to have the floor pans welded. First of i ain't no mechanic but I will have a go at most jobs, the body work is some think I need to get better at. The mechanic I take it to is really good so he does any jobs on the bodywork. After a couple of years the paint was looking tired and the bonnet, passenger side door, and rear quarter were diffrent shades of red, the roof and bonnet also had micro blistering. It was like polishing a ____ , so I decided it needed a new paint job. After having the sills welded, and the roof bonnet and front and rear valance cut back to bare metal. it was ready for new paint. I won't go in to every job what has been done, but I think the end result is really good. It now sits in a garage and only comes out in the dry. There is one thing I have had some fun it it. Sorry about the spelling and punctuation I'm dyslexia and using spell cheak, it still doesn't look rite to me. Cheers rob
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