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  1. Was a nice meet this morning, managed to pop over with my daughter for a nice burger and hot chocolate. The cars and the company were also a nice touch. Here are a few pics courtesy of my daughter, Sorry for the finger Thank you to the organisers for a very comfortable meet.
  2. It definitely needs more investigating.
  3. Hi Paul, I noticed it to, I've not seen any other with this. Can anyone shed any light on why they would do this? I was thinking it may have something to do with the Tow Bar.
  4. No bath with bubbles yet, but here are a few interior pics in a dark garage,
  5. Thanks Guy's, I'm looking forward to getting started. And can I just say, a big well done to you all for all the great work you have already done on your A's. You have all given me inspiration for getting on with mine, and I feel more confident knowing the amount of knowledge that is within this forum. Keep up the good work.
  6. Thank you guys, All of the suggestions have been noted and I will look into them further. Robah, the GTE engine was one of my original thoughts till I got the car home. With the car only being 53k from new and with original engine, I am thinking to keep this engine but have the crank and flywheel lightened and balanced and maybe do something with the head or fit a later head if easy enough. I'm trying to think of which Carb set up to go for Webber 32/36 or single Webber/Dellorto 40/45. I am shying away from twin carbs as I really can't be bothered to be tuning them all the time after all the work to get this back on the road.
  7. Cheers Shug, I'll keep reminding you that Julian, these are kind of the "Before I left to go home with the car" and the "After I got back with the car" pics. We literally had to roll it of the truck, push it into the garage, and lock up to get somewhere else. I've not touched it or even washed it since then, just been on the web trying to plan and get ideas for what to do to the car. Its so original, I feel it needs to stay this way, but with mods that make it better than when it was new. With the hope of bringing it upto the 21st century (famous last words) Any mods recommended, that would suit this car?
  8. Thank you very much guy's, I think the first thing I need to do is get paid membership for this forum. That way I can see all the pictures everyone's putting up along with the other benefits. I'm also in need of a key for the car. I have no keys but was wondering if its possible to get a key cut to suit the existing locks and barrel? Cheers, Erol
  9. Hi guy's, I have also started a post in the Projects section. I thought it best before I get moved across. See you there
  10. Hi guy's, I thought it best to start a project page for my Manta A restoration. Here are a few pics to get started with, Any help or advise is greatly appreciated.
  11. One thing I do need to sort out on this sooner rather than latter, is a Key. Is there a way to get a key cut for the existing locks and barrel?
  12. So I guess some photos are in order... How do I load up pictures on these posts?
  13. LOL Julian, that is one resto I would not get into. Thank you very much guys for the welcome. I myself live in Winchester, but I'm using my fathers garage for the car who is based in Enfield, London. So if anyone is local and could help out, that would be greatly appreciated. At the moment I have another car to prep and sell in order to finance this build. So it may take me a little time to get started or even give the Manta a wash, which it greatly deserves
  14. Hi all, I have just managed to purchase a Manta A which is in need of restoration with my father. It came up for sale just at the right time so we went for it. The car is a 1972 1900 model in a Bronze colour with Vinyl roof. The car is one family owned and has 53,000 miles from new with full service history. The car has been sitting on a drive for the past 14 years which has lead to the dreaded rust and it seems like the moss found the body work very habitable. Our intention with the car is to fully restore the car to better than original whilst keeping it as original as possible ( I hope that makes sense). This is personally my first Manta of any sort, but my dad had a few back in the 70's and he has had most of the Opel and Vauxhall cars during the 80's and 90's like the Ascona, Cavalier's, Monza's, Senator's, Royal's, Commodore's, Astra's, Chevette's, etc... As I am new to these, I will have a lot of questions for everything to do with Manta A's and what would be the best direction to take each mod. So if anyone has some Mint bits for sale, or advice to restore mine to mint or time to say, please drop me a PM. Thank you for reading, and Ill try and get some pics up soon. Cheers, Erol
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